Robin Thicke

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Seriously I don't think most men should act like he does at any age but when you get to be the age he is, it's really just sad and pathetic. He's like that old, lame guy at the club you used to go to that would try to hit on anything that moved, and tried to have this wannabe swag. Massive wake up call Robin, it isn't cute, sexy or becoming... You're that old creepy, perverted dude that thinks is one big joke.

I hate this guy! He treats women as if they are decorative sex objects. He is a pure PIG! There is a photo of him with his hand up a fans dress while posing for a photo in front of a reflective background.. It was there for all to see and that happened while he was still with his wife! Shes better off without him..

I listened to the song "Blurred Lines" and I'm like "well, the world is coming to an end if this is the kind of trash that counts as "music"".

Paula Patton made the right decision by leaving him - RickyReeves

I don't understand why he isn't number one on this list. Yes the other people are just as annoying but none of them made a song perpetuating rape.

I hate the fact that he is constantly objectifying women and portraying them as sex objects.

Robin Thicke stop talking about your dick

I don't know what else to say his hairline is really messed up

I wish I could vomit on his stupid face. Ugh. I hate how he act like a big shot of a man.

Disgusting man. way to grind up on Miley and blame her for his marriage failing

I have one thing to say. I can't believe he actually has fans.

And to be honest, his nose look like an ass with that line. :-)

He thinks he's 20 when he's like 40, he is obnoxious and gross.

He has annoying songs about rape and sex.

His songs are gross and they have no meaning whatsoever

He's a LOSER and has no talent.. I don't even know how or why he's famous.. He's awful.. - shhann77

Annoying no talent famous I don't know why

Ugly muskrat face. Well over his prime...

Woah he got this far from number one

Another girly douche bag singer.

Still better than Ariana "cock-eyed no-talent" Hose Beast

"This typical white-man is the epitome of sexism, misogynism, sadism and a probable rapist. Logically, anyone who had the mind to go on about how they would have sex with a female should report that to the police and have them insitutionalized under the law."

I don't think either of the people or annoy some. People or hatters - torridiva

Complete arsehole. Misogyny is not cool, man. He must have missed that memo, still living in the 5th century.

I only saw the video Blurred Lines and I instantly hated this douchebag. - Popsicles