Selena Gomez

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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.


I don't understand Selena. She's on and off with Justin. If you don't want him, then just back off and go find someone else. But not only that, when Justin wrote a whole entire album just for Selena, nobody cares. But all the sudden when poor Selena makes ONE song about Justin how she's "hurt" everybody hates on Justin. It makes no sense. Not only that, but she goes out with a BIG smile on her face when Justin got arrested and took the blame for something SHE DID. Not only that, but she is disgusting to Beliebers. There is a video of her saying to Beliebers "your idols an idiot" and she's laughing. AND, she uses people. She used nick Jonas. But then she figured that he wasn't rich and famous enough so she moved on to Justin. She uses Justin for his money and for publicity. And in conclusion, she is just not a good person.

Why is she popular? With no talent and no appeal? I'll tell you why: Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber (at the height of his fame no less). And then the guys she crushes on (and some she purposely just links to herself): Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Logan Lerman, Jaden Smith, Shia Labeauf, Josh Hutcherson (when he got cast as peeta). The common denominator being: They are popular at the moment or about to be.

And yeah... It applies to her friendships as well, like the comments below say.I.E. Taylor Swift (grammy winner instant stardom), Demi Lovato (new movie camp rock)

Before you say anything... Let me ask you... Who is she being linked to now? Austin Mahone.

First of I don't even know how Selena got famous, like she has no talent to be honest. I'm not trying to be a hater or anything but this is the honest truth; she auto-tunes all her songs, She can't even sing decently live. She can act only a little but from there she took the advantage of singing? Like what the hell. She's pretty and everything but she's talentless. What does she for the world? Nothing. plus she keeps on going after The. ass of Justin after all? No just No I don't like Selena - brievegas05

I just don't understand what the big deal about her is. I would be lying if I said she were ugly because she is very gorgeous but her singing is average. When I go on her vevo page and I see like 100,000,000 views on each of her music videos just why? Her voice isn't even that good and not all of her songs are either. And her acting isn't that good either. I feel like she is so overrated. Sure she seems like a nice girl but seriously there are way more better artists...

Sel Gomez sings bad like a cat laugh out loud. And Vic Justice does too... But she's a little better but sings like a dying elephant still...

If she hadn't the talent ( like most of the people think ) then she would never have accomplished at such a young age everything she's doing. You can for some reasons dislike her but saying that she is talentless is ridiculous.
I believe that she is singing very well ( even if that kind of music she's performing is really not my style ) and as for her acting career, she's still learning ( and I think that's normal ). The few movies I saw where she's playing were not bad at all. So, the most awful, I don't think so, and if she's annoying ( I don't know her personally ), I doubt it. She certainly don't deserve to be insulted!

I am going to get hate for this. Selena is just a girl who was on "Wizards OF Waverly Place", or some crap like that. She can't sing, all of her performances are auto-tuned, lip-syncing garbage. Selena fans don't know what real music is. (I'm not trying to be mean, but have you ever heard one of her performances live?! )

She has no talent for music at all. She is 0% involved in the making of her albums and just doesn't know how to sing or how to compose a song. Her singing career is basically a mediocre Disney actress' tantrum to get more famous.

She should stop her singing career ( awful music and really annoying to hear ). On the other hand I think she's talented as an actress. She still has a lot to learn in acting ( she's still young ) but she certainly doesn't need to stop her acting because she has a real future in movies.

Oh. There's people dying out there & people that need help, & and all you care about & hate in Selena is a relationship that you're not even involved in? Grow up. This is so immature. Selena can love whoever she wants. At least she's there for her fans & those people that need help.

Selena Gomez is a copycat, she can't sing, and she's so fake by trying to make people believe that she's an angel from the sky

She is dating Justin Bieber just to gain publicity ^^ her new music video for I Love You Like A Love Song makes her look like she is trying to be Lady Gaga

I don't know why she is popular her face is shaped like a cereal box and she reminds me of SpongeBob...with that said people are being really unfair by putting Miley down when Selena is a copyright

Selena is not bad I love her she just needs to get over Justin I mean like who wants a man that Is on crack and drugs Selena is not a bad person in fact she is better than Miley a lot better and if she is reading this I love you Selena I love you so much

Selena doesn't belong on this list! She is one of the best singers ever and she has an amazing style! I'm not really a fan of her acting though...

I hate her not shes just so annoying she thinks shes cute but looks like a little idiot her height her hairstyle each and everything about her suck I hate her just trying to think she makes Justin beiber jealous in my opinion he thinks she sucks and is just making herself jealous her annoying voice she suck big time from the bottm of my heart I hate her

Fake, pretentious and incredibly immature. As for her talent - oh hang on, she ain't got any. Why is she famous? Oh, right, for dating famous boyfriends.

I think Selena Gomez is only famous cause she's really pretty to be honest she can't sing for her life and she isn't really a good actress

SO SICK AND TIRED OF HER VOICE! She was never a good actress, and never will be! And even less of a singer...

I hate Selena what a witch she is... She sings like a 96 years old grandma who has 7 grandchildren

Selena just. Can't. Stay away from Justin Bieber she is always writing songs about. Him

We'll see how she handles all of her fame and talent. My bet is that she some day, after probably going through some rough patches (naturally, didn't we all? ) come out smelling like a rose.

She used to be good when she made songs like Come And Get It. Ever since she released her newest album that came in 2015, she got worse. Now her music is boring.

No she is hot and she is one of the best singers and actress and who cares who aver she goes out with.

Selena and Justin NEED each other. they're both losers that we all hate, so they BELONG together :) May they LOVE each other. - maddyparrot22