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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


What makes me hate on Taylor Swift is her (annoying) fans! I mean, come on not everyone likes her! Stop forcing me to like her or listen to her songs because there's something on her attitude that is so arrogant and I dislike her for that! I hate the way she behaves and speaks and I don't like her for a lot of other reasons! I don't listen to her songs. There's a lot of other country singers that are better role models than Taylor. I don't want to mention them. This is my opinion so don't bother saying I am jealous because I am not! My aunt doesn't like her either...

I've hated her since Love Story. I remember I once liked a guy-not a full blown crush but just a fancy and when he told me that he likes Taylor Swift I lost all interest in him.
I've never liked those girls that think puppy love is forever. You know the lovey dovey part you go through at the beginning of a relationship. Instead I prefer a singer like Pink-she sings about it as it is. Yeah love is forever but it's not going to be like how Taylor sings about it. Also, get some new material. I've never believed in broadcasting your relationship to any and everyone and her singing about hers in the way that she does is almost obscene in my book. Some things are private.

I hate her even more on her Shake It Off song and music video! The reason why many people hate her (including me) is that she's so arrogant and there's something about her attitude I really don't like. I don't know why she's popular and I was shocked that she has a lot of likes on Facebook and followers as well. I wished she didn't made that Shake It Off song. People hate her for a reason. I wished she didn't became an artist or so popular. I prefer other country artists than her... This is just my opinion and it's a matter of preference and I don't listen to every pop or country artist. I listen to only a few artists I like.

I hate her so much she's so annoying, she is a terrible song writer I mean 'we are never ever ever getting back together' is not exactly what I call good lyrics to a song. Plus the fact she writes songs and lunches them right after every single time she breaks up with her boyfriend aka 274583927465 times is way too stupid, and the way she disses every single one of her previous partners is rude and childish, grow up. Oh yeah friendly reminder that she still hasn't gotten over harry styles after what? 3 years? And is still going out with other men. She makes me sick.

I find her to be a whiny and very immature. I found out a while ago that she was twenty-two and I was shocked. She always plays victim and puts her exes down. She has a decent voice but she should stop being called country, there are so many talented real country singers that deserve praise and awards but they're missing out because of Taylor.

Really irritating! Like really, is a song necessary for every guy that turns up in, your life and then dumps you. Obviously she is the problem if she can make so many hits over guys dumping her. Seriously irritating. Also thinks way to much of herself, like do you see how desperate she is at award shows, always thinking she gonna win. And the scowl when she doesn't, PRICELESS!

Really, to call her "a decent singer" is to give her a whole lot of credit for very little. You can say she has talent because she definitely knows how to promote herself. For her to even have a career with that level of talent, is sad. But as long as little 13-year-olds will shell over Mommy & Daddy's hard-earned money to go see this waste of time and act like she's somehow relevant, it will continue. She's a pretty, young, narcissistic whiner. Why does anyone support that?

She's anorexic for sure and tries to be perfect so hard, it's ill. She wants to be the innocent girl everybody loves and it's really annoying because it's all so fake. Nobody can be perfect. She has a stick up her flat butt. Her music sucks, her views on men suck, she's the ultimate anti-feminist. She orientates her whole life to looking and being the ideal woman the media (Patriarchate) portrays. It's just sad that so many girls look up to her and it's a huge step backwards for all women.

Taylor style of singing is country and her new songs are horrible. She doesn't have creativity because she only sings about her ex boyfriends.

Yet she sells millions of records. Let me know when you get a record deal. Until then stop trolling the internet as a celebrity bully

Why can't she be on #1 on this list, she always plays the victim in everything. She makes herself look like a creepy, psycho girlfriend in most of her songs and gets angry when others for seeing her that way, she seems fake to me.

She sounds extremely whiny and can't sing. All her lyrics are the same!

I hate her voice! She's so annoying and she's not even pretty!

I hate how she always writes songs about her exes. Most of the time its her fault that they break up, and the guy gets all the blame! That's the most annoying thing ever.

She really needs to stop with all the boyfriend songs like nobody cares that he broke up with you like seriously your not going to be together forever and if you think you are then you need to wake up

She always acts like she's the one in the wrong in her break ups. She's constantly portrayed as a sweet, innocent, saintly woman. She's had what, ten break ups? And how many songs bashing her exes? And her singing... Awful.

Taylor swift literally is one of the celebrities that annoy me most. I've seen some videos of her in concert and let me just tell you that she acts like she is on top of the world. When there are guest appearances, she is all over them. Especially boys.

I personally think that taylor swift has a horrible singing voice! It's almost as though she just talks along with the music! Anyone can talk along with a melody, she has no tone or vriable in pitch

If she ever sneezed, and her boyfriend or boy next to her didn't say god bless you, she'd make a dramatic song about it.

All she writes about is boys that are not good enough for her and how she is the victim.. Here is a free tip Taylor, if the same thing keeps happening and the only common denominator is you.. Chances are you need to do some self reflection.. Does anyone else think she looks like a duck with a face made for punching?

She writes a song about EVERY. SINGLE. BREAKUP. Oh, boo hoo, you have had like 8 boyfriends. Do you seriously have to take out your anger on all of them by writing sappy songs? Don't play the victim.

I think she is so iterating, the way she sings the same old songs with the same old guitar it makes me so wound up I want to repeatedly hit my head against the wall! All her chords on the guitar are the same and has the Same tune! Why girls do you like her when there are better role models out there? With songs with actual meaning and passion

When she writes songs about her break ups She tries to make herself sound like the victim and make the boyfriend sound like the ass

I don't get why Taylor writing songs about her exes is a big deal. People like her who writes songs from their personal experience write about their own point of view. Why would she defend her exes in her songs if she thinks what they did was wrong? Would you haters defend your enemy? Of course not! She's just being honest so please stop judging her as an artiste but as a woman

Its like she dates guys just to write about them. Its irritating. It got old real fast. WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE for a change. But she's not a real good singer really either.

I like her and I like auto tune on her behalf even more. I like some of her songs she's written, particularly her breakthrough work. I like that she doesn't feel the need to show us all her crotch and boobs, and just tries to perform a good show and be loyal to her fans. She's fun, and talented. I'm not a huge fan of auto tune, but most of them rely on it. Some of her videos are a little ridiculous but I get her message. I think she's a tough girl, a good entertainer and appears to handle her fame extremely well. She rates an A