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Victoria Dawn Justice is an American actress and singer. She debuted as an actress at the age of ten and has since appeared in several films and television series including the Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101 and Victorious.


This girl looks like Alexis Love, so it's possible that her spin-off will be on Cinemax at 3am rather than Nickelodeon at 7pm.

Victoria Justice is an extremely mediocre actress and bad quality singer who has rose to fame because of her flashy looks...

Victoria justice is the worst singer and actress ever! She THOUGHT the could sing but obviously can't. Her album wasn't successful at all because she just stole her song good from Britt Nicole's song called go ld. s he's always bragging about how she was on Zoey 101 but who cares? Ariana and Liz were on Broadway plus their WAY better singers and actors even Daniella was better. The only reason she got her own show was because it was her birthday. There's proof that Ariana's a better singer and actor because Ariana's on Sam and cat and every one recognizes her as a singer plus you don't see Victoria on any shows or heard any of her new music have u? NOPE! She ended the show because she wanted to pursue a singing career-um what career-that's going absolutely no where. She even knew she was terrible that's why she planned to go on tour with btr other wise no on would see that bum perform. She's such a snob she tortured Ariana while the show was going on. Ariana has already been through ...more

Victoria is the BEST singer and actress ever! Ariana made up all those lies about Victoria going on tour and ending Victorious and Victoria being mean to her on Victorious just so people will hate Victoria and like her. And Ariana can not sing at all! That's why in all of her songs she has some male singer singing with her because or else people would be bored to death. And Liz is a great actress and all but she can't sing or song write.

I hated her character in Zoey 101. My God, Victoria Justice should never play a stuck up girl because she's very hateful as one.
However when Zoey ended and I saw her in the new role I thought she was alright. Then I saw a little half hour show Nick had in which they talked about her life and stuff. I'm not sure if that show was all a play act to make her look good but if that was a glimpse at the real Victoria Justice then she's pretty cool.
Most of people that hate her are all Ariana fans and I for one do not like Ariana. I think she's incredibly fake and annoying. To paraphrase Sam, I'd rather shove scissors in my ears than listen to her.

I don't think it's fair to assume that Victoria's the reason the show ended. Only the producers know that for sure.
Yes Elizabeth Gilles and Ariana can sing better than Victoria (I hate Ariana but I'm not above accepting she can sing) but that is no reason to hate her. Simply don't listen to her.
It's rational to hate someone ...more

Victoria Justice is the worst role model ever. She made everyone hate ariana grande which seems like a really sweet and kind girl. Poor ariana. And obviously Ariana Grande sings better than her and even looks better than her. And Victoria Justice was the reason Victorious ended, she chose a solo tour instead like, are you serious she doesn't even sound good please.

Um, Ariana was the one who made everyone hate Vic. Get your facts right. Yeah yeah yeah, correct your grammars but everyone hates her just because they like Ari. Well Ari's a fake redhead who I liked for a year than she started to act and pretend to be a dumb little baby with shorty short dresses. Sure Ari can sing and I bet your thinking well I don't know her, well you don't know her either so why does it matter than. BTWS Ari left for Sam and Cat WAAY before Vic decided she wanted to do the tour. Plus the bullying thing was on broadway which she changed the story around to make it seem like she's the victim. By the way you might think I'm "trolling", well so r you haters and some people find it entertaining.

Yeah, Ariana just trashed Victoria so that people won't think that she was the reason Victorious ended.

Hell no. Victoria has an amazing voice, and has had acting experience! There is a reason why Ariana isn't the main character. She CAN'T act! Sure she's pretty, but what does that have to do about having your own show!? Victoria deserves to have her own show because she's been in Nick since she was 10! She had acting experience on camera not on stage, which is a fine thing because they aren't doing their show on Broadway! It's on CAMERA!

Something about her feels very fake to me. For example, when she sings, with those annoying eye rolls she does and giant fake smiles. It's as if she's a little girl pretending to be a rockstar. Her lines never sound realistic nor organic, as if she is reading them off. I've never felt drawn in by her or her lackluster "talent. "

Hey don't hate on Victoria! I've met her many many times through her sister. Both are very sweet, grounded girls. A lot of the hate she gets comes from Ariana Grande blaming her for the ending of Victorious (lord knows why Ariana was complaining at all, she ended up with her own show! ) Vic is a genuinely sweet person and she does not get involved in Hollywood drama or anything else bad. Lay off.

First of all this shouldn't be on the list victoria justice is pretty and she is prettier than ariana grande. They canceled victorious because of ariana grande I heard that ariana said that victorious was on tour so they canceled victorious. You see ariana was so mad that she told a lie. and then when you go to insagram you see a lot of people saying victoria didn't go to tour. Victorious didn't end because of victoria it's because of ariana. By the way ariana is not prettier than victoria and victoria was not jealous of ariana because ariana is not better!

At first I liked Victoria Justice, but then I realized I just like the character she played as Tori. In real life though, not so much. Ariana was in an interview and said someone apart of her cast said that she's never be good enough so Ariana spent all her time trying to please her and get her approval, obviously she was talking about Victoria Justice. Ariana still hands out with all of her former cast mates, except for Victoria Justice. So of course its her. Someone who bosses around other people pretending that their so much better than everyone else is not a role model of mine. I completely agree with this. (Worst actress ) I love Ariana shes one of my role models! Although, #1 Selena Gomez! Heh...

People only hate her because of ariana, but in my opinion, she's better than ariana

You are so right. Ariana just made up those lies about Victoria

I used to love victoria justice. But after I saw eye candy I hated her. She is 22 but does'nt mean she can act like a 30 year old! She is not famous. Her movies are not famous. Have you even heard of boy who cried werewolf, fun size, the outskirts and there is another disgusting movie coming up called no kiss list. She is an amazing actress but she has been into bad movies nowadays. I feel bad for her. What if her mom and dad is watching that and saw her daughter doing bad things. What would they feel. Well she is lucky she has an awesome mom. The way she signs the autograph! She acts as if she is beyonce. I hate her

Her Victorious cast outshined her. I can't get a feel for her personality, its always too tense. In the show, her comedic intonation was too forced, and se made her "jokes" obvious. She wasnt quirky or fun. Her pitchy overdramatic voice seemed fake (the cast all seemed calm and she would seem nervous/unnatural). She didn't fit in too much with the cast outside the show. I think shes just a bit insecure and needs to mature. Like she has anxiety. Style wise, she was too plain and average. Never did anything with her hair and her clothes were loose and average. I love the stereotypes played by the rest, it made the show funnier

Victoria is innocent until proven guilty, she didn't do a thing to anybody, she is kind and a great actor, she doesn't deserve to be in the hate selection cause she is wonderful! She doesn't put TONS and TONS of makeup, her body shape is great. Her singing is also great. So disrespect should not be thrown over to Victoria!

The shape of her face annoys me. She also can't sing and is an annoying spaz. Something about her doesn't seem authentic, like she's trying too hard to act the part and she's just so "vanilla" all the time. Acts the same, wears the same clothes, same sound, same character... Where is the SPARK, THE FIRE? Just another puppet. I don't know what Dan Schneider saw in her.

She is very sweet though, but does not give off the vibe of a serious "A-list" talent.

Everyone who likes her says people hate her because of Ariana. Well, I don't like Ariana, and I totally not like her. She's my least favorite actress because her singing voice annoys me so much, and I already didn't like her acting when I saw Victorious for the first time. I think the best actress/actor on Victorious is Liz or the guy who plays Andre.

I'm sorry Victoria this isn't directed to you, however the whole " vote" against people you hate because seriously this isn't our battle and who are we to be judging them... Words are harsh and you all can say what you want to say but I for one think that these people should be left ALONE... (we're all being haters and that's not cool)

I think Victoria Justice is so annoying every time I see her come on, she has no talent just a pretty face that does not belong on Nickelodeon cause she can't act or sing... She should play a bad girl on the show, she always looks mad and vicious every time she talks.. She is so worthless on the show and her voice is so bad too...

Please, here there are just around 130 (looking at the comments) ignorant and stupid Victoria haters that just aren't enough mature to have their own opinion and thinks she bullied Ariana and blah blah blah... to be fair, her and Ariana are not feuding (November 2016) so whatever, can people shut up with all these lies about her and Ariana feuding and Victorious ending for her fault because they're all LIES! Ok, she's my idol in singing, acting, dancing, personality and all that, but the point is that she hasn't done anything wrong in her career, so it's so immature to hate both her and Ariana, another shiny popstar!

It was never true that she bullied Ariana and wanted to go on tour. Actually, Ariana was being mean to her and writing lies, even though I'd like to think otherwise. She's a nice person in real life, and so is Ariana. Celebrities aren't angels, and neither are we.

Victoriora justice SUCKS! One Time, her dumb show was on, when she stared "singing" more like screaming, her caterwauling managed to upset my baby sister, make the dog bark like crazy, and kill my cat! Did I mention she's a whiny brat?! She always blames her problems on some one else. And her UGLY FACE MADE MY UNCLE SCOOP OUT HIS EYES! She sucks! Even NICKI MANAG SOUNDS BETTER THAN HER! Good thing no one cares about her any more. I mean she made a song called shut up and dance and that got -12 hits. Some one else made shut up and dance and that's a hit. So there are the facts. Deal with it.

Either Ariana Grande or Liz Gillies should of got the main role, not her. Both of them are much better at singing than her.

I just don't like her and she isn't even that good of a singer she actually sucks... I think Ariana Grande should've been the lead role because she was obviously the BEST singer on there and the show should've been called ARiANTORiOUS or somethin'. She probably only got the lead role because of the name of the show but Ariana Grande is also a much better actress there's a reason why she got a spin-off show and she wouldn't have had to get one if it wasn't for Victoria I personally just really don't like her... Like at all.

She's not being fake she loves who she is and is very confident in that and she has every right to be she doesn't jerks like u tearing her down