Most Awkward Moments

Sometimes we're in everyday life, and it turns out to be very awkward.

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21 When you think your earphones are plugged in but they're not so everyone can hear your music

That happened to me on the train once and it was really quiet. I hurried up and put headphones in lol

Happened at school.

22 Holding the door open for someone far away and forcing them to run over
23 When the room suddenly gets quiet while you're in the middle of a conversation with a friend
24 Forced to sit next to someone who farts, curses, and has dandruff.
25 When you see someone waving, think it's directed to you and begin to wave back just to learn it was meant for the person behind you.

This happened at Walmart when I was exiting the bathroom. - RiverClanRocks

26 Falling in public

always me

27 Get a math problem wrong while everyone else got it right

Pretty awkward because in my class when somebody makes a mistake, everyone else will mock them - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

28 When you're trying to get the noodle hanging out of your mouth

This happens to me but with pizza cheese instead

29 When you send a message to the wrong person

Lol this happened to me a couple pf times and it's really awkward - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

30 When you sit next to a friend's parent that you don't know very well

It's really awkward, they say hello and are being nice to you but you really don't know what to say. - PeeledBanana

31 Going in for a hug but all the person wanted was a handshake
32 If your skinny friends fit through a obstacle and you stay behind because you are fat

I don't do obstacles I am lazy

33 Getting sick while on stage at a concert

This thankfully didn't happen to me, but I did fall in a school play. - Martinglez

34 Saying "you too" when someone says something like "Happy Birthday"

I do this a lot and I don't know why. - RiverClanRocks

35 When you're talking to someone and everyone else in the room gets quiet and they hear the entire conversation

This literally happens all the time. - Absolite

36 Realizing your hair cut looks like a Dr. Seuss hat

My hair looks like an octopus strangely

37 When someone decides to move to another bus seat when it becomes free
38 Telling someone a hilarious story and realizing that they were the one who told it to you
39 When people laugh at you for messing up
40 poop in the woods and notice that there are a bunch of people looking at you

When someone says "AWKWARD" but nothing was awkward, thereby making the situation super awkward.

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1. Asking out a crush and having your crush ask "who are you?"
2. Forced to sit next to someone who farts, curses, and has dandruff.
3. Awkward silences
1. Replying to someone you think is talking to you, but actually they’re on their Bluetooth.
2. Grabbing a pole on public transportation but then holding someone else’s hand.
3. Laugh at something you read in public and everyone looks at you.
1. When you think your crush is waving at you but they're really waving at someone else
2. When you fart in class and you pretend it isn't you, but everyone is looking at you
3. Awkward silences

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