Most Awkward Moments

Sometimes we're in everyday life, and it turns out to be very awkward.

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41 When someone catches you talking to yourself

That's so awkward when it happens. - Anonymousxcxc

I hate that extremely akward situation

42 When someone is talking with so many long words that you don't know

Me everyday in English

43 Yelling "marco!" nobody yells "polo!"
44 The teacher asks you a question and you were zoning out

I do that sometimes it is quite funny because I just end up in front of the teachers face saying "What? "

45 When you laugh and it all goes quiet
46 In a tight corner with someone you like in one corner, someone you used to like in another, someone you hate in the third corner, and a relative who knew nothing about it in front, watching with intrigue

In all, simply being in a tight corner with someone is already awkward. But in this case.. Wow, I don't know what I'd do haha.

Oh God! What do you do?!?!

47 When you're pooing in a crowded public toilet and you accidentally fart

I really tried to bypass this one but it was too much for me. THAT IS SO FUNNY! I've heard this in the next cubicle to me. She let one go, apologised to whoever heard then we laughed. I felt so embarrassed for her. - Britgirl

48 When you propose to someone but they say no
49 Thinking there’s one more step to walk down and tripping over the unexpectedly flat ground

Oh that's real stuff right there,but I'd been looking @ somebody nearly switch to the ground.

I feel you. - Absolite

50 When in class you randomly have to go to the restroom and everyone is looking at you

And the next day everyone is laughing at you in front of your crush.

51 Any moment around your crush
52 Overhearing people screwing in another room
53 When you're sitting in a full car and a hot female friend sits on your lap and the ride becomes bumpy.
54 When you ask someone out on a date but they say no
55 When you walk past a fundraiser and the people running it look at you but try to look the other way and keep walking
56 Walk into the wrong public toilet and don't realize until you start washing your hands and the opposite gender comes out of their toilet to wash their hands too

This is AWKWARD? This is awesome especially when you go into a stall and they are already in it and you get to see their private parts.

Incredible awkward silence as well!

Sex in the stall!

57 Fall asleep in school, then scream because you had a nightmare.
58 When you push a door which says pull.
59 When you get beat up by a tall person in front of your wife and kids.

I can't say I can relate to this one...

Soon... I will be tall

60 When uninvited people you don't like come over and say they are playing with you and don't want to do rude so you let them when in your head you thinking just go away

me too

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1. Asking out a crush and having your crush ask "who are you?"
2. Forced to sit next to someone who farts, curses, and has dandruff.
3. Awkward silences
1. Replying to someone you think is talking to you, but actually they’re on their Bluetooth.
2. Grabbing a pole on public transportation but then holding someone else’s hand.
3. Laugh at something you read in public and everyone looks at you.
1. When you think your crush is waving at you but they're really waving at someone else
2. When you fart in class and you pretend it isn't you, but everyone is looking at you
3. Awkward silences

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