Most Badass League of Legends Champions


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1 Taric

You look him up on Google images and he has the most badass hammer but he kinda uses his shield more - sagat2010

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2 Brand

Not only is brand a man on fire, but he's simply amazing.

Ready to set the world on fire

Fire demon/mage enough said - sagat2010

Fire demon what else?

3 Ashe

Read her lore

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4 Jax

He fights with a lamp post, what else could you want?

Unbeatable even with a lamp post

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5 Grave

Don't forget, badass voice, most badass beard, and badass human

Graves was the Adc I first played back in season 5 because he was the manliest and most badass of the marksman's lore wise. Only marksman that comes close is Varus

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6 Cho Gath

The really cool things about this beast is he can eat minions and every time he kills a minion, he gets larger - sagat2010

7 Zed

He is a badass ninja thah can summon shadow clones of himself and slit anyones throat harder than talon and also snipe with his shurinkens enough said.

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8 Garen

He is strong he is fast BUT WAIT! HE SPINS!

In the King's name.

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9 Draven

I think this game can also be called The Leahue fo Draven of a reason. The glorious executioner can't be compared in "badassery", brother of Darius, live of executions, can throw axes and kill everyone in sight.
DRAAVEN for the win

He's draven. 'buff said. NO WAIT! "Not Draven, Draven."

The most Badass champion in the laugh out loud

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10 Rengar V 2 Comments

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11 Mordekaiser

Big Metal Giant of Death what more do you need!? Mate look him up, giant ass spike mace, red glowing eyes. Mordekaiser for president

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12 Ryze
13 Aatrox

He is pretty much the God of War, he flies, carries the sickest looking sword and can sustain through anything, Yeah he's a badass

He is an ancient. He was here before the others and he will be here when they're all gone.
Also Jax Tryndamere and I guess Darius are his students. He is BADASS.

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14 Kha'Zix
15 Katarina V 1 Comment
16 Nocturne

Who doesn't pray to god that his "darkness" isn't for you

17 Nautilus

How is he so low? He's a titan, should be number one. His voice alone is enough to make Jax cry like a little girl.

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18 LeBlanc

You forgot her. She is actualy number one in this list. Her q, r, w combo kills all of squishy and 45 procent of tanky and tank champions. That's why she is the most badass

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19 Yasuo

He's the most OP Champ if you do the all the combos correctly

20 Singed

He looks so awesome. His OP shield does nothing and he throws people over his head while laughing. 2 badass

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