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1 Marian Rivera Marian Rivera Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.


For us marian she is the most sexiest female in the Philippines

Very beautiful. No one else comes close to her kind of beauty. So pure, not enhanced by science, so natural and gosh! That perfectly shaped face and body... Winner in all angles

I love her so much am going to come for her daughter she will be a beauty queen

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2 Angel Locsin Angel Locsin Angel Locsin is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer.

She already recieved an award, there's no doubt to held her as the most beautiful actress here in the Philippines.

Her beauty has that general Asian with a Latin flair with fine soft features
Among our young actresses she has that big edge in acting because her beautiful eyes are the most versatile, expressive, genuine when giving life to
Little wonder why she lights up the screen when she acts and reason why the international Emmys gave Angel our first ever Pinay to be nominated for Lobo

She deserved that number 1 spot.. She's the most beautiful actresses here in the Philippines even outside.. She's also versatile actress she's also the sexiest...

The most adorable filipina actress in her generation.She has the most beautiful face, sexiest woman and with a very generous heart that makes her fans so proud of Ms. Angel Locsin. No doubt, she is the most famous filipina celebrity of all time.

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3 Anne Curtis Anne Curtis Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith, also known as Anne Curtis-Smith or simply Anne Curtis, is a Filipina-Australian actress, television host, recording artist, and VJ in the Philippines.

If I'm not mistaken, she has an awesome talent. Not only in singing and dancing, but a best actress of all time. A friendly one, and a joker, as well.

Anne curtis is a very professional actress, tall, whitepretty and humble, down to earth, and most of all God follower.. She is so sexy and best actress all the times! I love you anne! Your the best!

Most beautiful

Simple words to describe why she deserve to be the Most Beautiful Actress in the Philippines. As of now, "ANNE CURTIS is the PHILIPPINES SUPERSTAR based from E! News Asia where she will have a special documentary and the FIRST and ONLY filipina actress to be featured. She is also the "FIRST filipina actress to endorsed a well-known & expensive shampoo product that also endorses the likes of J.Lo, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, etc., which is L'Oreal". She is also the "FIRST filipina actress to reach 1 million followers on twitter and now it reached 5 MILLION FOLLOWERS and still counting". She is also the "FIRST filipina actress who is a non-singer but end to be successful one by having a Blockbuster Concert locally and internationally. With so many first to mention. ANNE CURTIS deserves to be the "NO. 1 MOST BEAUTIFUL ACTRESS IN THE PHILIPPINES" because aside from what I just said she also have the heart of an angel who cares for the poor and help people in need and act as a role model to ...more

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4 Kim Chui

KIm chui hAS a stunning beauty and her face is angelic and she have a baby face

Beauty is not only seen physically but it is also skin deep and I say, kim chiu is the perfect example on it. She stands out because of her skinny body that fits her and of course because of her height.

Shes so pretty, and napakahusay mag acting...

Kim Chiu has natural beauty. Her beauty radiates from within because she is beautiful inside and out. She carries herself well. She is a decent, elegant and classy lady.

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5 Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador has it all... She is one of the best actress in the Philippines... Such a versatile and majestic actress. love love love

She is gorgeous and talented. Her beauty is natural... She is have a characteristics of a filipina.

I like maja, the way he act, her filipina beauty.. Wow so fantastic

Shes very nice person and very much kind..i love maja salvador...beautiful inside and out..

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6 Kristine Hermosa

She has a beautiful face. All around.

Kristine Hermosa is the most beautiful actress in the Philippines..W/ or w/o make up she's beautiful...she is the real goddess of beauty! - eddielyn.yamson.3

Go idol you so beautiful

Kristine is the most beautiful woman in Philippines movie. Her character as actress is source of strength. She is beautiful as a rose, her skin are white as a snow, her lips are red and her hair are smooth to touch. Wish you all the best

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7 Bea Alonzo

Bea is so beautiful inside and out...she is the best among the rest...

Bea is the most beautiful actress in abs cbn.. No one like her.. Honestly shes good in and out

Bea alonzo is beautiful inside and out...

BEA ALONZO the best!

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8 Kathryn Bernardo Kathryn Bernardo

She's very gorgeous, kind and down to earth person that makes her standout to other celebrities.

An angelic face, and a beautiful attitude

She's worth voting for.

Shes totally beautiful with a heart

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9 Jennylyn Mercado Jennylyn Mercado

She is very beautiful. Go jen!

Wow.. Number 7 na..

I think she is one hot mama and a pretty face! Go jen

She is very beautiful inside and out

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10 Sarah Geronimo Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.

She's a natural beauty with a very pleasing personality and exceptional talent, lots of charisma. She's loved by different generations of fans.

She is an exceptional and beautiful actress.She can beat the Asian, American, Europian and other international beautiful actress.She is the one and only.Nothing can beat her natural beauty.She is really adorable and cute.An enchanting beauty that captures millions' eyes.Unstoppable and eye-catching face.

She is simply beautiful indeed..

Sarah Geronimo is the best, talented, smart, kind, and loving person. I watched her movies and yes very down to earth person. My family admired her so much and we can't wait to go back home and hoping we can see her in person. God Bless. Sarah... We love you.

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11 Toni Gonzaga Toni Gonzaga Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano, better known as Toni Gonzaga, is a Filipino singer, television host, actress and comedian.

Toni is very attractive for me because she can do anything - guillen

Toni is a total package shes gorgeous she is talented she can sing dance host and most importantly she is gorgeous heheheeh I just said that :)) I love you toni

Toni Gonzaga deserves to be on a higher position

Her beauty is astonishing no one can ever compete. I really admire her beauty and brain.

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12 Dawn Zulueta

She's one of the most forever timeless celebrity in the Philippines.

She's dropped dead gorgeous, elegant and stunning *O*

I love the proportion of her face the eyes, nose, mouth... Its most attracting.

She is absolutely natural

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13 Shaina Magdayao

She's very beautiful lady.she's sexy too.she's good in acting.her face look so beautiful.she's my idol

Shaina is beautiful inside and out and has remained classy and very regal. A true fine lady indeed.

I like her because she is Great

Really shaina is beautiful especially in the long wait she deserves to be at the top.


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14 Erich Gonzales

She's versatile actress, and a total package of being a most beautiful actress of the philippines.
Go barbie doll.

Natural beauty and talent can be paired with anyone that's how versatile she is. Go erich keep up the good work and I'm glad you stay rooted and down to earth.

Erich is the most beautiful inside and out.. Sexy and talented. I love you and God bless you always.

She is really beautiful..with or without make up.and I think she's more real as a person...shes a very good actress too...

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15 Heart Evangelista

Well she is pretty in every angle.

A real living princess in the Philippines beautiful inside and out. Very kind and very professional in her work as an actress. Not to mention but she has a lot of a good thing to be love from many of her fans.

A real-life barbie doll.. Ecstatic!

She is so beautiful, she is a world class filipina, she's the number 1 rather marian, she's the philippine television sweetheart.

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16 Carla Abellana Carla Abellana

Carla is so beautiful :) the most beautiful :) her beauty is adorable.

She's beautiful with or without makeup, and beautiful personality.

She's very beautiful, also very kind. Like when she defended for Heart Evangelista. That's why I adore her. I wish she could be in a higher rank though... But at least she's in the top 15

I don't live in the Philippines but I got to know her when I watched My Husband's Lover on my Ipad in its entirety.. She is not only beautiful but also an excellent actress.

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17 Jodi Sta. Maria

Beauty inside and out

You're the most beautiful woman not only because you have a pretty face but it's your heart that makes you more beautiful... A God fearing, a loving daughter to her family and a caring mom to his son, a good friend, and a respectful person to everyone... With this characteristics you will always be our idol and a role model. We will always support you, Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria, we love you!

God bless you, thank you for all the joy you give us all in your performances. You are the most beautiful woman in the Philippines.

Very beautiful actress inside and out Jodi Sta. Maria

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18 Jessy Mendiola

She's one of the most beautiful actress in their generation...

The beautiful among the rest. jessy Mendiola is beyond perfection. SHe is the most prettiest in abs cbn

Jessy Mendiola reminds me so much of the goddess Kristine hermosa

Classic beauty

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19 Angelica Panganiban

She should be no. 1

She's so pretty. Very versatile. Mistisa. I love her.

20 Lucy Torres

Shes' not an actress but a dancer/celebrity host

21 Julia Barretto

Very beautiful and has a exceptional talent!

I think she's one of the most prettiest star this 2014

For me she is the most beautiful teen star in this generation

She has a very natural but Gorgeous beauty, she also has model and beauty queen look

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22 Julia Montes Julia Montes Mara Hautea Schnittka, known professionally as Julia Montes, is a Filipino-German actress and commercial model.

Julia Montes is a beautiful person inside and out. Her love for her family in spite of everything she's been through is just a proof of how strong and beautiful she is as a person. She's also a brilliant actress, no doubt. She's an inspiration to many young people!

Julia is prettier than the rest

Julia is absolutely gorgeous!

No matter what people say, she is the most beautiful and talented actress I've ever seen. Her movie is an inspiration...

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23 Janella Salvador

Many teens like this girl because she's beautiful inside and out:)vote for the best

She is very beautiful and gorgeous and she is very talented..

She's very talented and humble..

Her voice is so very good and she is good dancer

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24 Alice Dixson

She is sexy pretty adorable and a good actress there is no film whatever role she is given is not good. She is better than the best

25 Maine Mendoza Maine Mendoza Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza is a Filipino actress, comedienne, television and Internet personality, writer, product endorser, and singer-songwriter.

One of the most beautiful actresses in the Philippines. She's a. very nice person, interesting and loving. No dull moment with her. Life of the party. Beauty and brain. Very intelligent, talented and full of ideas.

Genuinely beautiful! I am a big fan of this lady...beautiful inside & out!

I guarantee she is one of the most BEAUTIFUL celebrities in this generation. Try to look at her face, with or without make up, her beauty stands out. Plus, she's a very very talented lady. She has won a lot of awards and yet she stays humble and down to earth. Also, she is GOD-fearing and a kind hearted one. Maine is truly an epitome of beauty.

Her beauty captures the heart of many Filipino. She's stunningly beautiful inside and out.. She can be the next Miss Universe Philippines because she has it all-- beauty, intelligence, confidence..

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26 Karylle

Karylle has a unique beauty... - michelleangelou

Karylle is really beautiful... Top 1

Karylle should be the top # 1...

27 Alex Gonzaga

She's totally pretty l love her smile.

28 Jasmine Curtis
29 Gretchen Barretto
30 Liza Soberano Liza Soberano

She look perfect

Liza deserves to be on the top ten list. Come on, who can deny her gorgeous, stunning and beautiful face? A really fascinating actress of today's generation.

She is so very beautiful and talented because of dolce amore

And ganda mo LIZA soberano idol

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31 Empress Shuck
32 Coleen Garcia

Coleen is so BEAUTIFUL and so GORGEOUS

Coolen, my idol... She is really come that she is just top 30!

No matter how much beautiful dress she wear, how much stylish sandals or shoes she wear, how much make up she wear...she won't be complete without wearing a she never forget it...!

She succeed in business, She reach the top,
an individual must know all it is possible
to know about that business.

All Praising Her For Her Acting Skill

She Is The New Face Of The Millennial Style Icon
She Is The Metro's Bombshell Beauty
The One And Only Box Office Princess In Philippine Cinema
Sexy-Drama Box Office Sensation
Philippine Hottest New Movie Star
She Can Do Many Roles Such As (Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Daring and many more) She Is The Next Anne Curtis Or Maricel Soriano In The Philippines
She Is The Real Definition Of The Real Epitome Of Beauty Which Means Perfect Face In Any Angle
Her Eyes Looks Like Mother Teresa
One Of The Sexiest Star
One Of The Most Sought Female Movie Star Of This Generation (Ultimate Leading Lady in ...more

33 Megan Young Megan Young

She's the 1st Filipino who won miss world and the most beautiful women of the world. ,

Ate megan is very beatiful.

34 Bea Binene

Most BEAutiful woman inside and out.

Most beautiful women... Truly...

She has a very unique beauty...

35 Jane Oineza

Amazing and very natural beauty

Natural beauty like kristine hermosa.. very talented...

She got an in and out beauty.. 💕

36 Lovi Poe Lovi Poe Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe, generally known as Lovi Poe, is an award-winning Filipina actress, model and recording artist.

Galingan mo

37 Kim Chiu

She is cute and talented

Her beauty is natural

I like her, she is so beautful

38 Michelle Vito
39 Eula Caballero
40 Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski
41 Julia Cruz
42 Myrtle Sarrosa
43 Georgina Wilson
44 Nadine Lustre

Nadine is A very beautiful girl. She is talented. Her Acting is so Natural and the other ones are not scripted. She is the Perfect girl for James Reid. She deserves to be one of the beautiful Girls in the World.

Nadine Lustre is a pretty actress. She can act well and no doubt she's a talented young lady! Her appeal makes us stare at her face even more.

The most beautiful inside and out. She just keeps on soaring higher and higher. She's phenomenal! - bethebestbeauty

She's not just beautiful but a true person also

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45 Judy Ann Santos

She have a unique beauty inside and out.

Most talented young super star

She is a good actress

Simple but the best.

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46 Ritz Azul

She is really beautiful...pure pinay beauty!
She can be ms. Universe!

47 Barbie Forteza Barbie Forteza Barbie Forteza,, is a Filipina commercial model and actress, known for her roles such as young Jodi in GMA Network's remake of the 2003 South Korean television drama series Stairway to Heaven and Cyndi Gomez in First Time.

She is the next marian of gma, at her young age she already done almost 10 teleserye, she's real barbie doll because of her beauty, she is the TEEN QUEEN Rather than kathryn.

She is beautiful and good actress

Very talented.. hindi lang magaling sa drama, komedyante pa

Looks like a doll
Gorgeous and nice

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48 Devon Seron

Simple yet talented.

She has a face of an angel... A true Filipina beauty...She can act, sing and dance...She is beautiful inside and out..

top #9

Her beauty is very natural. her beauty is an evident the true filipina beauty. a very beautiful smile, a very wonderful personaloty

49 Maricel Soriano

Flawless At super Bango kahit wala syang make up she's beatiful

50 Andrea Brillantes

Wholesome beauty, I know she'd be perfect as a leading lady actress soon...

Soon she will be the best...

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