Most Beautiful Actresses In the Philippines

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41 Myrtle Sarrosa
42 Julia Cruz
43 Georgina Wilson
44 Nadine Lustre

Nadine is A very beautiful girl. She is talented. Her Acting is so Natural and the other ones are not scripted. She is the Perfect girl for James Reid. She deserves to be one of the beautiful Girls in the World.

Nadine Lustre is a pretty actress. She can act well and no doubt she's a talented young lady! Her appeal makes us stare at her face even more.

The most beautiful inside and out. She just keeps on soaring higher and higher. She's phenomenal! - bethebestbeauty

This woman is beautiful inside and out. Can act, sing, and dance. What a talented girl! Love you Nadz!

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45 Judy Ann Santos

She have a unique beauty inside and out.

Most talented young super star

Judy Ann Santos is the young super star, the queen of soap opera, her talent is unbeatable the only actress that I love and idolize in many ways a very humble down to earth person generous and kind. Her talent is one of a kind in the showbiz industry.. so many fans love her so dearly and I'm one of them proud to be part of judinians family... we love you our queen juday

She is a good actress

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46 Ritz Azul
47 Maricel Soriano
48 Andrea Brillantes

Wholesome beauty, I know she'd be perfect as a leading lady actress soon...

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49 Barbie Forteza Barbie Forteza Barbie Forteza,, is a Filipina commercial model and actress, known for her roles such as young Jodi in GMA Network's remake of the 2003 South Korean television drama series Stairway to Heaven and Cyndi Gomez in First Time.

She is the next marian of gma, at her young age she already done almost 10 teleserye, she's real barbie doll because of her beauty, she is the TEEN QUEEN Rather than kathryn.

She is beautiful and good actress

Barbie deserves to be the "teen queen".She was really a good actress so her teleserye "the half sisters"last long.She was simple even her beauty was extra ordinary!

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50 Devon Seron

She has a face of an angel... A true Filipina beauty...She can act, sing and dance...She is beautiful inside and out..

top #9

Her beauty is very natural. her beauty is an evident the true filipina beauty. a very beautiful smile, a very wonderful personaloty

51 KC Concepcion

Beautiful and with a good heart.

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52 Janine Gutierrez

JANINE GUTIERREZ stands 5 feet 7 inches, with slim ramp model physique and Anne Hathaway-like beauty! She did not undergo any cosmetic procedure to enhance her beauty. I think she's the MOST BEAUTIFUL OF THEM ALL!

She looks like the young version of ANNE HATHAWAY!

Well mannered...beautiful actress!

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53 Gabbi Garcia

Shes one of the beautiful Faces now

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54 Joyce Ching

Your so pretty joyce

55 Sofia Andres V 1 Comment
56 Sam Pinto Sam Pinto

She's beautiful. Hot as hell. Sexy as always.

57 Vilma Santos V 2 Comments
58 Sharon Cuneta

She's beautiful even if she gained weight and she is really beautiful inside and out.

59 Ara Mina
60 Rachelle Ann Go

She is a singer and beautiful 2 and going to be gigi in miss siogon

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