Most Beautiful Actresses of South India

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1 Kajal Aggarwal

She is the most beautiful Indian actress. My favourite. I want to be like her

Kajal is the prettiest actress in all of South India! She's in so many movies and stars with a lot of big actors! She should be Miss India! She has a lot of talent! And she's so sweet!

You are the best sexy lady


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2 Nayantara

Top paid actress in south india for past six years and rules the film industry even at age of 28 and her market is going strong even after 10 years of her debut

Deserves To B Highest Paid & number 1 Actress In South India...

Nayans is the most beautiful actress in south.. Because of some controversies she is not loveable to people.. But she s most gorgeous ladi in south..

Number one actress in South India

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3 Tamannaah

Guys lets be honest here when it comes to personality, tamannaah wins. She is genuine and caring and doesn't fake like kajol and has confidence and not arrogance unlike kajol. She is the most beautiful woman of south India because of her face and body but also because she isn't afraid to step out without any makeup. She is probably the most talented as well. I love her because she is beautiful as well as genuine

She is just the most beautiful girl in the whole of India

She is very beautiful always

Very very nice girls

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4 Shriya Saran

She is the"heaven on earth". The most beautiful. Bet you!

She is only beautiful actress in India

The most beautiful heroine in the world astonishing Dancer and most perfect figure no one can't beat her in beauty

She is most talented and gorgeous actress

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5 Anushka Sharma

She is a very beautiful girl ever seen.

Beautiful face & attitude

I don't even know what I like in her but I simply like her. It is not her beauty which attracts me


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6 Shruti Haasan

She is gorgeous I cannot take my eyes from her pic

You are more cute sweet than Barbie dolls

She is the most beautiful and talented actress


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7 Trisha Krishnan

She is good looking and superb expressions..

She is very pretty and reminds me of a barbie doll

She is beautiful and talented actress

She's not so beautiful

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8 Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha is the most beautiful and cutest actress in Indian cinema

Beautiful actress. M your biggest fan..

Samantha is my favorite Indian actress


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9 Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone is an Indian film actress. She is one of the highest-paid Indian celebrities and is cited in the media as one of the nation's most popular and attractive personalities.

Deepika is the most beautiful woman in India currently and she is from south India. She certainly is the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful actress and deserves the first place in this list. She is very dusky and slim too. Perfectly good looking.

She is the most beautiful and talented actress I have ever seen in my life. She is the best dancer for me.

She is sex symbol of film industry

Sexist actor...

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10 Hansika Motwani

She is very very cute and bubbly girl I have ever seen before

She is all time gorgeous beauty for EVER.

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11 Asin Thottumkal V 3 Comments
12 Bhoomika Chawla

She is very beautiful and talent actress. She is the best actress in south field

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13 Kriti Sanon

From the new movie One. She's absolutely gorgeous and a great actress. She did a great job in the movie!

She's not south Indian you fools!

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14 Ileana D'Cruz

The most beautiful girl of all time n sexiest ever in Indian film History love her a lot she deserved it

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15 Bhavana

Sexy girl with charming smile love you bhavana

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16 Namitha Kapoor
17 Nithya Menen

She has the most adorable and classy face and her acting is natural and apt

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18 Pooja Gandhi
19 Ramya Krishnana V 2 Comments
20 Chaya Singh
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