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21 Yami Gautam

A lovely girl with her cheecks on ican die. Literally die hardfan of her face

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22 Anushka Sharma

Anushka the pure hot babe... My favorite bollywood actress.. She is very gorgeous and pretty.. I love her so much.. Most beautiful bollywood actress of recent time...

5'9"tall, slim and super sexy body, flawless skin and beautiful hair. No matter she is the most popular icon in health. She was brilliant in her childhood days. She was a glam model and vivacious actress in B-Town

She has the cutest face that I never have seen before and a slim figure also.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Beautiful, slim and very, very sexy!

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23 Kangna Ranaut

Come on, Kangana Ranaut is so beautiful and cute. At least in the top 20

She is most talented as well as beautiful She has also performed very nice in QUEEN and her beauty is great to watch in Tanu weds Manu returns (GHANI BAWRI).

I think the viewers are voting according to TRP not according to beauty.Otherwise Kangana would be on top 5.

I find her a bit odd.. She can't smile properly

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24 Asin

She's very sweet, nice and most talented actress. Also good person to her family.

Maybe she is not the best actress but she is the most beautiful Indian I have ever seen

Asin is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen

Absolutely gorgeous

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25 Zeenat Aman

She has something different than other, she has excellent sex appeal

1ce was sexiest actress with perfect body shape, height, colour - vivekmalik

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26 Genelia D'Souza

Cutest bubbliest most lively most chirpy girl in Bollywood...

So cute... Most beautiful girl in my mind... Love you

So cute and chirpy you...

She is most beautiful actress

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27 Vidya Balan

Top ten beautiful actress all time time by bollywood

Though a little fatty but she maker her up by her sexy bodily curves acd awesome talent of acting - vivekmalik

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28 Ileana D'Cruz

She is so beautiful. I love her very much more than bebo, katrina, priyanka. You should be in 1

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29 Parveen Babi
30 Nargis Dutt
31 Rani Mukherjee

Most beautiful actress of all time. She has very sexy voice and just right figure. Also very talented actress as she proved it in Black and is an amazing dancer! Rani is better than everyone

How come she is 21? She's really talented and has the most beautiful eyes I have seen! Her smile is a killer too with that sexy husky voice

She is just amazing and one of my favourite; I love her smile, acting, voice... Really she is fabulous... Calm, decent... her performance in Mardaani was great... Carry on

She is so pretty

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32 Shraddha Kapoor

She is very good personality I love her she very good but she dressing sense is not good but nice at least she is one my favourite

Way underrated! She should be no. 1 she is amazing full of beauty sweetness and talent

Very cute actress, simple and innocent. She's beautiful without make-up too...

Shraddha deserves to be on number 1...

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33 Diana Penty

You better stick to Urdu as your English is quite weak..

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34 Amrita Rao

You have to admit it that she is the cutest girl you have ever seen... And her Vivah film is just won my heart

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35 Bipasha Basu

Too sexy little kids go astray

She is amazingly beautiful

36 Saira Banu

Most beautiful actress in foreign look

37 Jacqueline Fernandez

JACQUELINE is the most beautiful actress

Proud to see a Sri Lankan on Bollywood

She should be at top 5 definitely... too cute and sexy. katrina.. madhuri.. Jacqueline. .alia bhatt.. deepika... are top 5

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38 Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy not only sparkles in acting but also in dance. If she start her dance we will sit without blinking our eyes till she stops

She is just perfect in everything...

Maa Sati, bless us with your heart.

She has the best stylish sense...

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39 Shilpa Shetty
40 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai, also known by her married name Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is an Indian actress, model and the winner of the Miss World pageant of 1994. Through her Bollywood acting career, she has established herself as one of the most popular and high-profile celebrities in India.
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