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41 Lugano
42 Stockholm
43 Vancouver

Extremely beautiful! Vancouver ranked 50 is confusing - CanadianGuy99

One of the most beautiful cities ever

I live here this place is so beautiful

44 Moscow
45 Hong Kong
46 Kiev
47 New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi is the capital and seat of government of India. It is also a municipality and district in Delhi and serves as the seat of Government of Delhi.

Spent over two months there, but in the 80's, so I guess, a lot has changed. Back then, it was a great city.

48 Cairo
49 Zurich
50 Baku

Love this city with its sea...

51 Los Angeles

The most beautiful one is Los Angeles

52 Kashmir V 1 Comment
53 Miami, Florida
54 Houston
55 Kandy

It is located in the middle of Sri Lanka, the place is beautiful. It has hills and mountains. I feel like I am in heaven when I am in Kandy. You should check out this beautiful, loving city. The roads are beautiful, it is carved correctly and the areas and people are affable.

56 Tbilisi
57 Lisbon

I wouldn't say it's the most beautiful city in the world but it's has a great atmosphere, people are really nice, it's a vibrant and warm feeling there. Love the Alfama quartiers! - ChatonNoir

It's a unique city - charming and beautiful. Different to other European capitals. It's Roman, Moorish, Medieval, Gothic, Manueline (where else in the world will you find pure and unique Manueline architecture and art), Baroque, Romantic and contemporary. It boats Europe's longest bridge: Vasco the Gama bridge and Golden Gate twin bridge: 25 Abril bridge; both across the Tagus river. The city is washed with the beautiful Tagus estuary and overlooked by Christ the King statue. Home of the Fado (unique melancholic and nostalgic Portuguese song). Experience it...

58 Rostock
59 K├╝hlungsborn
60 Hamburg
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