Taylor Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Taylor swift is the best one out there, because not only does she have a beautiful and flawless face, she also has a great and I mean great personality. I think that she is also a great role model for us, Just EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING IS JUST dazzling and amazing for us to even look at, I think that she has a pure heart and that we should respect her a lot not only because she is pretty, but also because her heart is kind and respectful to not only her fans, but to everyone else, this is what makes her special and beautiful!

Taylor Swift, a blonde from Pennsylvania was voted one of the most beautiful people ever- inside and out. She has a squeaky clean record, has kept her strong Christianity, and sings delightful songs. She is kind and generous, especially for those in need, and shines upon your guiltiness. However, her style for both her singing and her looks are not very creative and tend to show the nastier sides. She can be ugly, unforgiving (Hint: Katy Perry? ), and does indeed lie. Her singing on her stage- what more can I say? She sounds like a donkey with a French accent that just jumped into a lake and got a cough after. 3.7 out of 5 prettiness.

Finally I can rest assured that Taylor gets a place on this website that she deserves! All the time, second for best singers and fourth for worst singers! For best singers she should be far at the top. Worst singers? She shouldn't be on the list! Now, she's top for most beautiful. Good. Even though her look and style has changed a lot, from a poodly, golden-haired cute teenager to a maturer version with wavy gold hair, and then the cool style with bangs and straight hair, and now her chic, striking look with short hair. Her eyes, so piercingly blue, are perfect. Good figure, great legs... She's surely the best!

Taylor is so pretty that I wanted to follow her hairstyle! I even forced my mother that I WOULD also have the same hairstyle... By the way she is so pretty... I love her eyes, lips, hair, skin color, personality, voice, eyelashes, maybe everything. She is very super duper pretty

Taylor Swift is my idol and she is a great role model for anyone. I'm so happy that she is number 1 because she totally deserves it. Everything about her is awesome, especially her voice and songs.

I think that Taylor Swift is the most beautiful singer out there... she has beautiful lovely eyes and a gorgeous face..she is beautiful from outside and inside...her heart is very clean and she is like the best singer ever..she also has a beautiful voice and personality

love you Taylor Swift

Her songs rock and it's so full of meaning. She's so beautiful, her eyes are like sparkling and her hair's so pretty. She has the most pure and innocent and kind heart in her and she is pretty inside out. She is literally the prettiest in the whole entertainment industry. She deserves better.

She is my favorite singer in the world.
My dream is to be a great singer someday like her.
I like the way she gives inspiration to young people like me.
If I could see her one day I would faint because she is just that amazing.
I have never seen a person more sweet, kind, loving, and beautiful as her.
Taylor Swift is my hope, dreams, and everything.
I love all her songs, and she is quite talented.
Her voice wows me and her perfect blue eyes makes me love her even more.
Taylor Swift is my idol, and she always will be

I am so happy she is no. 1 have you seen her talent wow she helps kids who have cancer and is just gorgeous I love her she also appreciates her fans I love her like anything

Taylor Swift is GORGEOUS inside and out! She has given millions to charity and her songs are art. She is an angel with an angelic voice and sounds the exact same live. She could be a high fashion model if she wanted to. She would be so much better at it than many of them.

Taylor is SO BEAUTIFUL. Her heart is full of kindness and love. She helps children in need and she definitely is the prettiest singer in the history of the world. She is magnificent looking on the inside and the outside...but I'm pretty sure her insides look like ours...just saying'.

Taylor is an extraordinarily talented and incredibly beautiful women. In my opinion she is the most beautiful woman entertainers of our time. Her #1 beauty status transcends music. She is the most beautiful woman alive. In addition she is a beautiful person.

Taylor is the most beautiful person I have seen' and her voice is just amazing! She does everything with a lot of grace. She looks amazing even without makeup! She is really kind and her heart is very open, she treats all her fans like her friends.

I agree with you, she has the most beautiful eyes. Her everything is great, her songs especially! And don't forget about her height guys! She has the perfect height and a body. She is extremely kind to her fans, family, and friends! I love you Taylor!

I think she is the most because beautiful because first of all, she doesn't undergo any plastic surgeries means she has a natural beauty, she is proud of herself, a perfect red lips and a unique color on her eyes and she have a good personality.

Taylor Swift is the most beautiful, talented, kind and awesome singer that has ever graced the universe. She is the best thing that ever happened to me! Taylor Swift you are awesome and I love you!
No one on the universe can beat her when it comes to talent, voice, songs, looks & personality.

Taylor with or without make up, she always kneeled it! she is beautiful inside and out! I voted her because it is really obvious, that she is the most stunning, the most gorgeous and most classy artist in industry...

Taylor totally deserve this she's not just beautiful on the outside but also on the inside she's so simple yet she managed to look even more beautiful and with that blue eyes of her's ugh I just wanna stare at it all day, and also she looks like a barbie to me.

She is very pretty and knows her style, I really like the shade of blonde she uses. She is also really great at handling makeup and making look just right! A very elegant and talented artist

Beauty description of Taylor Swift
Hair: Blonde, curly and thick, altogether wonderful
Eyes: Shiny midnight blue
Nose: Perfect
Cheeks:Rosy, red and cute
Lips: Pink and pretty
Legs:Long and Slender
Skin:White, shiny and smooth
Figure: Tall, slender and beautiful
Inside: Kind, loving and humorous
On The WHole: Prettiest, best, most beautiful

This is the best place for you, dear Taylor... But I don't like the place they gave to pretty Rihanna. She must be the second. However I vote Taylor swift because she is the most beautiful female singer. I LIKE HER EYES AND HER LEGS...

She has just wonderful hair. I wish to had it. The songs are excellent. She has big eyes. She is most popular and beautiful among all I think. She is too kind and sharing. She is most favourite singer to me

Super pretty, great singer, in some of her songs they say really meaning words. She is very talented because she does country and pop music. Most people just stick with one but she does more than that

Taylor Swift is really most beautiful from outside and inside. We love her songs. For it we wait patiently. God keep her well.

Taylor Swift is the most amazing singer I have ever known. She is intelligent, smart, beautiful. She doesn't let anyone bring her down and one day I hope to see her perform that is my number one wish.