Most Beautiful Type of Flower

Which is most beautiful between a rose and a rhododendron? Or even better, which is the most beautiful of all kinds of flowers? Please add further examples by genus. For instance, don't just say "orchids", because it's a whole family of flowering plants.

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1 Rose

Roses are beautiful! They are timeless and classic! Roses are appropriate for anything. While red roses are romantic, white roses are a symbol of purity.

This flower can bring lovers together. It is also very beautiful. This flower may have thorns, but that's what makes it beautiful

Brings associations to even more beautiful things - Birdsherry

The most beautiful flower I've ever seen! :D - Lucy1402

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2 Tulips

Tulips are beautiful flowers to take pictures of. And they are satisfying to look at. I love the pink ones.

Tulips is multicolor period flower, Tulips is the werry match number, and be is the farm and perriod many to army, white, yellow, red and, and, and.

3 Nelumbo (Lotus)

The lotus flower is beautiful in many ways - the color, petals, and the way it grows up through the water and blooms.

4 Lilies

there so beautiful, I love the color and the patterns on the pedals

Lilies are just so cool

Lilies are SOOO pretty

5 Orchid

Orchids are usually underrated. Many glorify the Roses or Lilies but the Orchids have many variations and each one is more beautiful and exotic than the other. - Palmeiras

I'm venezuelan
these are venezuelan flowers!
im so proud and in dates its really helpfull (:

I think theese are one of the most outstandingly colorful shape flowers and makes me happy to see them!

The most beutiful flower if you see it floting across the water youll see how delicuite it is. Men if you give your lady one she will feel delicute and special and I don't lie.

6 Rhododendron
7 Daisy
8 Carnation

It has colorful patterns.

9 Cherry Blossom

So beautiful... It deserves top three! : ) - CherryBlossom

Because they are just so delicate and perfect and fluttery.

Reminds me of Yoko from Timothy Goes to School

10 Fuchsia

The Contenders

11 Narcissus

I don't like daffodils in general, but white outer petals and yellow or orange middle makes one of the most beautiful flowers. - saaarsdej

12 Sunflower
13 Southern Bitterroot
14 Bird of Paradise

Such a fascinating site to see. They are the most pretty flowers I seen

More beautiful than a flytrap.

The best

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15 Pansy
16 Japanese Cherry Blossom

They Are SO cute

17 Daffodil

Amazing unique shape and so lively and bright

18 Belladonna

Its called the Deadly Nightshade. Who wouldn't love it?

19 Marigold
20 Wisteria
21 Pot Marigold
22 Lotus

Lotus is in this list!

23 Chrysanthemums
24 Iris

It's the most beatiful flower my mom has millions of them

25 Tiger Lily

Simply unique and gorgeous

26 Water Lily
27 Buttercup
28 Clivia

Most beautiful flower on the planet

29 Green Spider Mum
30 Protea
31 Mallow

Such a pretty flower

32 Forget Me Not
33 Poppies
34 Magnolia

They are SO PRETTY! They define me perfectly, meaning dignity and nobility.Cherry blossoms and roses are a bit overrated.Like, just type magnolias on Google and see what I mean!

35 Oriental Lily
36 Petunia
37 Pitcher Plant
38 Cosmos

These cosmos are pretty cute flowers.

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