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21 Gabriella

I love that name! Gosh!

This is my name

My friend is Gabriella and she is awesome!
I named my cat that name.

22 Grace

It's just naturally the most beautiful name for a girl. Oh, and did I mention it's my daughter's name?

I've a friend called Grace. It should at least be in the top 5

Grace is my second name, Though I wish it was my first.

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23 Katherine

This is the name of my Sister! I'm happy that this name is very beautiful

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24 Joanna

My friend name is joanna she's really nice girl

25 Ashley

It sounds nice and easy also looks beautiful when written.

This is my best friend's name and it's so pretty!

Nice name and I actually adore that name..

That's my name

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26 Samantha

This name is very cute and I think the nickname Sam is very cute for a girl

That's my girlfriend's name. She's so beautiful

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27 Jennifer

I love the name Jennifer this boy at school when I was little used to say I like Jennifer and I was Jennifer cause he didn't want me to know he liked me laugh out loud so now everyone calls me Jennifer

28 Amber

I like this name a lot I think it's cute

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29 Yana

My friend is called yana but because she's Croatian she spells it jana

I want my daughter someday be yana's name

It's unique and unusual...
It's my first time to hear 'bout that name and it's rare

30 Charlotte
31 Rose

Honestly such a sweet name :) it's a pretty flower, for a VERY pretty girl

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32 Vanessa

I love the name vanessa. Its sounds like a princess. Yeah and beautiful as well. Bec. My name is LARA VANESSA. ♥

Nicknames-Vony, Von S, Count Von Count, On, Vanessy, Vani, Van, Ford F-150, Fabric, Lexis s7 edge, Chevy Silverado, Pilgrim, Chicken Nugget, Ann, An Un, Olga, Old Man, Nutella, Ness, A, Vo, Voneessa, Vote, Coat Boat, Slope, The Boxcar Childern.

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33 Anastasia

This is my name! But the first "a" sounds like the "a" in Autumn not Anna.

OH! This is my name. I really like it.

I love this name

Onna, Leigh, Onna-Leigh, Tacos, Stacia, Vanessa, Ad Astra, Count Vin Count, Australia, At, Ant Taco, Nosferatu, Sta, Ska, Ska Bleu, School, Na Na Na, Niall, Zayn, Poop Partol, Super Why, An, Asia, Como Estas, Estoy Bien, Adios Adios Adio o is,

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34 Serafina

Searfina and the black cloak is the best book in the world so yea I voted for it

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35 Natalie

Shy at first but opens up to people that she cares. Doesn't trust easily but always trustworthy

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36 Lila
37 Adelaide

This is my name. I think it's awesome cause it sounds like a European spy. Swag...

I think this name comes from the ancient Germanic name Adelheid.

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38 Evelyn

Love this name and could call her Eve

Just because is my name

Yes I'm on the list woo

39 Aimée V 1 Comment
40 Chelsea V 2 Comments
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