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41 Genevieve

This name is so elegant and dark its such a beautiful delicate name I love this name it is the prettiest name ever

Genevieve is the name of one of my friends... She is very cheerful and supportive!

In the game High School Story, this is what I'll name my filmmaker girl.

Beautiful name one of my best friends is named it

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42 Emily

This is the name of my nerd girl in High School Story!

This name makes me think of an annoying whiny kid

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43 Elizabeth
44 Isabelle

This should be so much higher than 143

45 Rebecca
46 Allyson

Allison's a AWESOME name for a girl with a kind heart BUT it should be higher on the list

Love this name! Prefer Allison spelling though.

47 Jessica

I feel like Jessica is a lovely name for a shy girl who really wants to fit in and have a good life.

It's my daughter's name and she is the most beautiful girl in the world

Jessica is a cool name reminds me of a stylish and edgy girl

I'm called Jessica and I I'm fitting in to my new school ok but I'm still shy

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48 Jasmine

Love it my name everyone please check out my best middle names for girls list thanks

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49 Lily

Very cute I love it I was almost named it but instead my name is Erin :-0

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50 Scarlett

Scarlet is just so pretty it reminds me of Roses

I think it's the best name ever! Ill name my daughter Scarlet. But I prefer one t


51 Elsa Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

I just don't get why someone would name their kid after Elsa.

Great name. I like Elsa in the the movie Frozen

Like it reminds me of a strong and cool and independant person

52 Mia

The name of a cheerleader girl character in the game High School Story.

It means mine so you can have them forever

I know a twin her name is so beautiful

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53 Christina
54 Juliana
55 Adrianna

I have this name and love it. My whole life, whenever I told anyone my name, the response was "what a beautiful name"

I'm Adriana! I have a ugly name? Its meaning is dark end rich

I like the spelling of this name

56 Alexandra

I love this name so much! It also has the best nicknames: Alex and Lexi! Love it! If your name is Alexandra then you're so LUCKY!

All my friends are in a higher place than I am :( but I love my name, I wouldn't ever change it!

I like that name becausse its ubique and has al lot of nicknmes

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57 Hope

Hope is such a beautiful name and it sounds even better in spanish, Esperanza

This is the name of the starving Nigerian child saved by Danish social worker Anja Ringgren Loven.

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58 Angelica

A very lovely and pretty name. People often compliment me on my name :) b

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59 Sophia

This is my Facebook Friend's name.. She gave me very great FLOODLIKES.. She is very beautiful too..
That's great!

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60 Rachel V 3 Comments
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