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61 Rachel V 3 Comments
62 Dina

It is a nice and pretty name. it is very easy and simple to say and easy to write. I think that it's quite a nice name

63 Ruby

This deserves to be higher. Although because it is so uncommon, it is not as popular as some other names. But Ruby is the prettiest name I have ever heard, uncommon or not

I am surprised this was not on here! It is my little sister's name

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64 Veronica
65 Ella

Best name ever it's so one of my best friends has that name

This is an adorable name and reminds me of a cute little girl with curly red hair, dimples and freckles :-) Alo my sister's name

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66 Alice

Alice in Chains! Awesome band. Alice in Wonderland! Awesome story. Alice! Awesome name. Enough said here.

Cute name for a little girl, but also mature and professional for a woman.

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67 Sarah

Means princess... Mother of all nations and even the Egyptians had an eye on her... Other than that... I think its simply beautiful

Sarah Is My Name And My Name And I Personally Believe That It's A Beautiful And Special Name.

Sarah Is My Name And I Find It Unique And Elegant So Another Vote For Sarah :3

68 Julia

It's my middle and its very unique it comes of simple but adventorous

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69 Amy

Beautiful name's my sister name

70 Victoria

One of my favorite names! Victoria is really a perfect name for a shy, polite, kind-hearted and intelligent girl.

My favorite Name (In My Opinion)

I posted names 20-31.

71 Hannah

My name is hannah and my mom's name is number 72 so yea I like both so I voted for both!

I find this name delicate, beautiful and sweet. It makes me happy.

My best friends name needs to be in the top ten. Vote for hannah


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72 Audrey

Why is this name not#1 remember AUDREY HEPBURN?! The name Audrey means noble strength. What about all those Olympic audreyss or actress Audrey Audrey is best name ever.

This name is SO cute! I'm outraged that it's not higher! Follow me on Instagram: @erintotes and on YouTube: Toteserin

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73 Kayla

It is a really pretty name and I know someone named Kayla and she really pretty

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74 Daisy
75 Skye

This is my name and I really like it I don't know an about anyone else though. - Catwhelma

This is my Cousin name.. But she have a Cancer.. His full name is Elveline Skye

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76 Eden

This is my name!

77 Erica
78 Jacqueline

I like this name. It reminds me of an apearingly shady girl with black hair who is actually independent, talented and kind

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79 Joy

It is my girlfriend's name

Makes you happy


80 Monica

This name makes me think of an optimistic, geeky girl!

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