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81 Miranda

My name :) It means "admirable" Always loved it.

Not overly generic but still beautiful.

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82 Aishwarya V 1 Comment
83 Jane V 1 Comment
84 Patricia

The most angelic name ever. I know a beautiful, confident, perfect Patricia.

85 Erin

My name and it's very unique and cute and I'm the only Erin in the whole community

86 Mila

Reminds me of meal worms.

87 Arta

This is one go the most talented most beautiful girl in the world good at everything must be the name that gives her luck

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88 Caroline

I slightly prefer the name "Carolyn" over "Caroline", but they are pretty much the same thing. If you named your kid Caroline or Carolyn or whatever, you could call her Carrie or Carole.

Not sure why this name appeals to me, I just think it sounds very pretty and has some pretty awesome nicknames. Also, it can go with many last names and sound smooth and simple.

I prefer Carolina or Carolyn, but still pretty name

Caroline has a lot of pretty class in it, Carolina is also beautiful as well...and a few sweet nickname options:Carole, Lina, Carria/e, maybe Carol.

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89 Faith

I think Faith is a beautiful name because it sounds so smart and sophisticated.

I want to call my child this name when I am older

Love this name! Beautiful and sounds smart

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90 Jenna V 1 Comment
91 Lavinia

Lavinia is a very beautiful name from Italy

92 Bonnie V 2 Comments
93 Sheriah

This name is bootylicious

94 Sherrie Ann
95 Franchesca

I liked from the first time I heard it over 20 years ago. Only have met one person called that.

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96 Clara

I love this name, mostly from Doctor Who, but it a pretty name.

This is a true beautiful name

This is my name!

97 Wendy

Its unique and rare and it's my name

98 Kelly

I think this should be on the top, it's beautiful and it means "warrior". Plus it's my name and everyone loves my name.

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99 Tanya
100 Catherine
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