Most Beautiful Girl's Names

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101 Angel
102 Allaine
103 Sassa
104 Orielle

Just a beautiful sounding name.

105 Ariana

Made popular by pop music sensation, Ariana Grande! Beautiful Italian name meaning 'A Thousand Melodies'. Gorgeous name for gorgeous girl who is soft, shy, bubbly and kind!

My daughters name. =)

Such a cool name

106 Quinasia V 3 Comments
107 Heidi V 1 Comment
108 Perlas

What the hell kind of name is this?

109 Addison
110 Daphney
111 Sandra
112 Kendra

Makes me think of Kendrick Lamar

113 Kristina
114 Jade V 1 Comment
115 Juliet

Most beautiful name for the most beautiful girl

116 Brittney

Makes me think of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

117 Syafira V 1 Comment
118 Sephora

Although it's a makeup store it is still one of the most beautiful names by far. Unique and unused. Soft and angelic.

119 Aphrodite

The goddess of love and beauty. Enough said.

120 Judith V 1 Comment
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