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141 Harmony
142 Lily-Mae
143 Layla
144 Desiree V 1 Comment
145 Katrina

Reminds me of a simple girl. Also a great name for princesses. This is really a lovely name that is somehow ignored but for me is the most beautiful.

146 Savannah

It reminds me of my beautiful best friend named Savannah and she passed away four years ago of pnemonia. I love her and we used to call us twinsies because my name was samantha and her name was savannah. I miss her so much. -

147 Gudrun

This is the name of Heinrich Himmler's daughter.

V 1 Comment
148 Emalizabeth

Rather tacky combination of Emma and Elizabeth.

149 Viola
150 Hermione

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and also the actress Hermione Corfield.

V 2 Comments
151 Isla
152 Anya

This is the name of my prep girl in High School Story.

153 Pearl

Makes me think of SpongeBob SquarePants.

154 Gianna V 1 Comment
155 Beatrice
156 Beatrix
157 Clover
158 Heather V 1 Comment
159 Terezi

The name of an awesome but caring girl

160 Roxy

It sounds like a cool, adorable name for a girl

Ok sorry but my name is Roxanne, where Roxy is the nick name. I don't like roxy because most of the time that is what people name their dogs.

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