Most Beautiful Idola Cilik

Dola Cilik is an Indonesian kids talent competition. Now Idola Cilik have 4 seasons. Idola Cilik have many finalists with good quality. And this by number quality of finalists.

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1 Cindai Gloria Lagio

Not just her face but her heart is very Beautiful

Cindai punya suara unik dan khas. :D SO, NOTHING REASONS FOR NOT SUPPORT HER

Have a beautiful face.. Have a Golden Voice... And have an angel Heart keep support Her CLcs Love Cindai

Chindai cantik di dalem inner beauty dan kharisma

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2 Alyssa Saufika Umari

Ify the best singer, she can play piano, guitar, keyboard, etc :D she is very very beautiful and I'm proud to be IFC :D

She is Beautiful, Not just beautiful outside, she have a inner beauty. Have a big talents. Sing, Play Piano, Guitar and ETC. She have many Experience. She is beautyful annd I am Proud to be a IFC always

Ify nice voice, melodious, deserve to go international.. His face was no less beautiful :) I was Ify Fans Club: D Ify also could play a musical instrument, such as piano, guitar, etc. :) Ify has amazingly talented

She is beautiful girl, have a big talent and I am pround to be a IFC

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3 Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto

She is perfect and number one! No other than she you're the best Chelsea! Your golden voice will be perfect for you till the end and get well soon for you we always support you chelseaa! Perfect girls is the number one is chelsea forever

Chelsea you're the princess! ChelseAddict will always support you. You're the winner princess! Just ignore the haters because they're just jealous! Stay perfect

Chelsea, got everything in idola cilik, beautiful voice, nice looking, and of course... Perfect stage performance as always. Love you chelseaa...

Not only her voice that stands out from her, but also her personality and the way she act are really mature coming out from a 14 year old like her.

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4 Ashilla Zahrantiara

The most beautiful finalist of idola cilik is absolutely Ashilla lahh... She's the most beautiful at all. I love her. Proud to be shivers.. Yeah I got shivers..

Ashilla you're the winner

Shilla is the beautiful person. Sheis nice. She is kind girls. I love her. I proud to be shivers

Shilla beautiful in idola cilik 1

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5 Sivia Azizah

GO SIVIA AZIZAH! :D - wardahsankaquarius

Sivia was naturally beautiful. From small is beautiful. She's cute and kind. Her voice was melodious and many children ic idolized her and maybe guys like it at Sivia.
Sivia also funny. He can act, sing, dance, and others.
Many say, in the idol one of the most beautiful is Sivia

Sivia? All about hers is AMAZING

Sivia azizah paling cantik deh

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6 Andrea Arnetta Angelique Karundeng

I love this Girl so much, talented girl, kindly person, and cutie girl.

She is BEAUTIFUL! LOVEANGEL top6 idol cilik2013! Pretty, baikhati! Saluut deh

You're great, pretty, multitalenta, nice and I proud to be #LoveAngel

You're little angel ^^

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7 Angel Karundeng

She is a girl have beautiful outside and inner beauty in heart and have big talent and very good sound when her sing in idola cilik 4. I always love her

Angel you're so sweet... Love angel know that you'll be the winner.. You can play violin and your voice is really cool.. Love angel always love you

She is a very sweet girl. Her voice is so pretty. She looks like a princess. LoveAngel will always support you. You're so talented. I want to see you more. I never get satisfied with your performances as I keep wanting more and more. Blue Star for you, Angel.

You must be number 1 because you're more beautifull I think, beside you have a great voice and cute smile :) I'm always support you and always be

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8 Aren Nadya

Top Big20 ICIL3! Love Aren - rikosetiiawan

9 Fena

She is beautiful and have very good voice. Meskipun terhenti langkahnya dan tidak masuk pentas tetap semangat ya!

10 Agni Tri Nubuwati

Agni is a beautiful girl with a great inner beauty - syifayasminnurfadila

Agni beauty from heart

She's cool yet so sweet! She has the inner beauty that makes everyone like to be around her. More over, she's smart and can charm everybody with her smile! - nabiilah

She is very simple ;) I like agni

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The Contenders

11 Hapsari Adinda


Amazing good singing

Beutiful, and good voice dinda

12 Videmarsha Anasuciara Prabaswara
13 Gabriel Angeline Thalita Pangemanan

Good voice and beautiful girl :)
Love Keke :D

14 Zevana Arga Angesti
15 Raissa Arif
16 Dea Christa

Kak dea is the most beautiful

17 Laurentia Angela Yovina
18 Misel Zabrina
19 Gladys Betsy
20 Gajah
21 Novia Bachmid
22 Marsha

I like your gold voice.. We love you Marsha

Marsha is the best

Marsha paling cantik

Marsha itu orang yang hebat, dan dia bisa GO INTERNASIONAL

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23 Angel Pieters

She has great voice and She is beautiful

24 Agatha Pricilla

Agatha pricilla is the most beautiful girl in this world! Let's vote her

25 Zahra Damariva
26 Gita Tobing
27 Michelle Zabrina
28 Salma Ayunda
29 Salma Aliyyah
30 Trifosa Rehuel Alfasan
31 Oik Cahya Ramadlani

Sweet girl. Beautiful and have a amazing voice :))

Naturally beautiful without makeup!

Beautiful voice, pretty, and ordinary make her so cool =)

She is natural doesn't't fake and strong girl

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