Angel Karundeng


Angel is an active Girl who also had hidden talent in the field of art, up to now not been absent on his skills honed in modeling with active following a private modeling, followed by a piano, painting, vocal, Ballet and latin dance.

Angel is the greatest contestant ever! I know that she will be the next winner of Idola Cilik!

Angel you are the best... You have to keep going to reaching your dream... Make it come true in the name of God...

You must be number 1 because you're more beautifull I think, beside you have a great voice and cute smile :) I'm always support you and always be

I dunno what must I write to describing about her. She is totally Gorgeous! She has beautiful voice that can amaze everyone. She is so talented! She has beautiful face too.

Beautiful, perfect singing, cute n funny... :) the next idola cilik

Angel is the best finalist in Idola Cilik 2013! Angel is beautiful and gorgeous person..

She is multi talented, kind hearth, and smart

! She's beautiful! Especially her voice!

I love this singer in idola cilik

Angel is.. Beautiful little Girls (�'▽')/ She Have Beauty in and outside, For me She as Sandra Dewi I Always Support her Thank's..