Most Beautiful Indonesian Female Singers


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1 Ashilla Zahrantiara

Beautiful teenage girl. With her beautiful face and hair. Love her smile... So beautiful girl. Has a kindly, friendly- heart.. Love her.

Keep Calm And Proud To Be SHIVERS :D
Love Ashilla Zahrantiara till end


She is my inspiration! My moodbooster! My idol! My everything!

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2 Alyssa Saufika Umari

16 yo girl, so pretty, she's pretty inside and outside:-)

She's have beautiful face, beautiful voice and beautiful attitude. She's calm, humble, multitalented and she's also love her haters. Proud of you, Ify!

She's pretty and has so much talent in the art world in Indonesia

Alyssa... Is the best

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3 Fatin Shidqia Fatin Shidqia

This is my idol in indonesia

Fatin is the best

Fatin your voice is beautiful

Its the real idol

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4 Raissa

Raissa is the most beautiful Indonesian Female Singers, for sure - OreSama

The list is called "Most Beautiful Indonesian Female Singers", so we DO NOT talk about how good the quality of the voice here people... What we should actually vote is based on physical features... And Raisa beats the crap out of the other people here on this list...

Her voice is unique, I like it

A beauty that comes as naturally as it could be

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5 Anisa Rahma

She is member of Chibi - NikitaPutri

What is the reason I said Anisa pretty? Because she is not ugly ^^

6 Agatha Pricilla
7 Ayana Shahab

Cool and always beauty, don't forget she like sleepy

She is sleepyhead but she is really beautiful :D

8 Shena Malsiana
9 Indah Dewi Pertiwi
10 Sivia Azizah

Sivia, she is member of Blink - NikitaPutri

She really have heaven voice even from she still child and now her voice absolutely more awesome

She is beautiful.. Always support SIVIA


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11 Agnes Monica

Because she is absolutely beautiful

She have gold voice

Pretty sure this list is made by some silly teenagers who adore those young girlband members. Ya whatever, whoever wins the list doesn't get known anywhere though.

Call her AGNEs MO

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12 Gita Gutawa

Singer soprano and beautiful girl

13 Mezty (7 Icons)
14 Rachell Princess
15 Pj (7 Icons)
16 Vani Lauw
17 Indah Nevertari

She is cute and beautiful

She really amazing voice, hopefully you will go it

She is really amazing voice

Really2 cute and beauty

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18 Syahrini
19 Rini Wulandari

She's pretty since her idol audition. Truly indonesian javanese girl look makes her so sweet, even her smile is so adorable. Cute, energetic, warm, down to earth personality made her to be the youngest indonesian idol winner in history. Her voice is crystal clear, and I never forget her consistent performance during spectacular show. She is born to be a singer, and she shines brighter as she has grown to be the most beautiful & loveable singer.

Absolutely love Rinni Wulandari's new single #OhBaby

20 Julie Estelle

She is always look pretty

21 Dahlia Sary
22 Melody Nurramdhani Laksani

Melo, she is member of Idol Group JKT48

Melodiest always support you

23 Anggun
24 Rini Wulandari
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