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Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.


Thank you for acknowledging Jaejoong for this category. Jaejoong is undoubtedly the most beautiful Korean male idol. Jaejoong is even the most handsome man in Asia, has defeated so many men from Asia, including Korea itself. Jaejoong is even more than just having beautiful exterior. Jaejoong is blessed with kindness and as to complete that, he is blessed with so many talents. Jaejoong can write and arrange music, direct music. Jaejoong can sing beautifully and dance mesmerisingly. Jaejoong can act. Jaejoong can even cook! Jaejoong with his angelic look and his all is surely the best and only option for this.

And for your information, Jaejoong is Kim Jae Joong of JYJ, as he always introduces himself as.

He remains humble even though he's become a huge star. How many people do you think can remain this grounded after being this successfull? He has set a great example for youths of our generation & shown that everyone can achieve their goals if we have courage, patience and determination. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He is no doubt talented & gifted but most of all he has a big Heart. I wasn't a k-pop fan before but listening to his voice and how much soul he pours into his songs has opened me up to the world of k-pop.
When I listen to any song, I always pay attention to the lyrics first because that's how I gradually fall in love with it. But even I don't understand or speak Korean, when I listen to Jaejoong, his voice melts my heart because he has such a strong and melodiously unique voice... & I don't have to understand what the songs are about to fall in love with them.. He takes us with throughout the whole song with his heart... My whole family is now a ...more

It's JJ. No explanation needed! He is by far the most talented, most humble, most generous person. Also, being part of the greatest K-POP group that ever stepped on a stage doesn't hurt either!

Jaejoong can be considered as the 1st generation of real "visual shock" in K-pop boy groups. Even after almost 9 years since his debut, when one talks about beautiful male idols, one will automatically think of Jaejoong as a perfect example. He has unique features, so captivating and attractive. He can pull off being manly and handsome, or beautiful and feminine whenever he wants. But, Kim Jaejoong isn't just a pretty face. Listen to him sing. He's a talented singer with a beautiful soothing voice, a great composer/songwriter, a potential actor, and many more. He has to be one of the most all-round artists in Korea. All in all, he's such a lovely man that a lot of people can't help falling in love with.

Jaejoong is a man that is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. While he is known for his looks he is also a very talented young man (acting, singing, composing and etc); possessing a voice that is versatile and soothing. On the outside one can see that his looks that are quite refined and because he is a bit androgynous can pull off a variety of different looks/styles. Still what makes him appeal to so many is that behind his looks is a humble and clumsy, sweet and hardworking young man who wants to just want to be and do the best he can as a singer/entertainer/musician. As a fan since 2006 I can honestly say he is still one of the most beautiful people I have seen till today because he always remains true to himself and loves all his fans the same.

Jaejoong is a beautiful person inside and out. He cares about fans & knows how to interact with them on the same level. He just has to take his sunglasses off and fans go crazy about him. He always strives to do his best as the leader of JYJ no matter how many obstacles he and JYJ come across. His voice is out of this world. Everyone should learn from him on how to be an Idol.

Kim Jaejoong... With their strengths and weaknesses, also with even the smallest
Details... Perfect. I love the way he is pure love with a great touch of mischief that
Make him who is... I love his voice... Is so sweet yet strong and I can't describe it, but
If I just hear him I will forget everything... Is magical. It's so beautiful... Really looks
Like a angel... With a charming smile so beautifully... I feel the need to protect him, wishing the best and I wish to see him happy.
And I still remember who he is... TVXQ is your life... In the past... In this moment... In the future... Always.

He has got to be the BEST looking Korean male singer I've ever seen! His body is just pure eye candy. Now if you put THAT paired with his AMAZING voice and personality and I honestly wonder why he is still single. His smile probably melts billions of girls heart an a daily basis. He's just the perfect guy, inside and out. Or as perfect as any guy is gonna get. There are no two ways about it. He's caring and loving which makes him stand out even more. I could literally go on forever but I think I'll stop here. Bottom line: Kim Jaejoong is just an over all amazing human being.

First time I saw him I thought he was an anime character than came to life. He looks gorgeous in whatever he wears. Even his members consider him as in charge of 'Visuals' in the group and they even stated that if he was only a girl they would definitely fall for him

But he's not only all about looks. His cold appearance is the complete opposite of his kind heart. Always looking out for the members and as well as his fans. He's also one of the best singers out there which he deserves as the main vocals in the group. Now he's also becoming a pro in other fields like acting, dancing and even directing. Proves that he's much more than just a pretty face but also has a loving heart and is full of talent!

I love his character and personality as well as his looks. As a member of JYJ, he is facing a lot of troubles, but he won't be damaged. Always he does his best and he won't forget to care others. I would say his way of living is beautiful! He is beautiful in and out! &

Jaejoong has everything a man could dream of. On one hand, he's handsome, but on the other hand, he has that kind of feminine Not only he's good-looking, but he's also sings beautifully. And his heart... Well I just have a feeling that he's very kind-hearted. Who could be a better one than him to vote?

His eyes is big and you can see through them, he's a very thoughtful man.
His lips. The most beautiful lips in the world in my opinion. I really get frustrated sometimes because of them.
He has a good height and has a very good trained body. His voice is the best I've heard, great for any kind of song.
He also composes songs, writes lyrics that is so touching I cry sometimes and acts.
He went through so many hardships to get where he is today...

He isn't only beautiful in physical appearance but also in heart. He truly cares for his fans and his dedication to helping others and donating what he can (considering the situation he is in) makes me love him even more. Also I hope the authors know he is from JYJ now not TVXQ, I hope that is changed soon. Thanks.

Jaejoong is beautiful not only in appearance but also his heart. However, with his good look, somebody may think that he is just like the vase and can't sing. Nope, he is the lead vocal of TVXQ and JYJ now. His unique rainbow voice can be both powerful and soothing. Besides his singing skill, he is also very talented. He can write, compose and arrange songs. He writes many popular songs for his group. I love him, musician Kim Jaejoong, he is a great person.

Jaejoong is beautiful inside out. He is warm, loving, and also talented. He has inner beauty which glows into his outer appearance. He is even more beautiful when he sings with his angelic voice. Another good quality from him is strong character and never give up. He define the term of pretty boy into the new meaning and definition. The natural combination between handsome and beautiful, strong and soft, warm and cold. The quality which is only owned by Jaejoong.

He has got the most unique features which any male or female would die to have.. He has got the most beautiful face with a beautiful personality and an intelligent brain... The most beautiful one is his voice. He is gifted, beautiful, & an intelligent, good human being.. And all these things makes him the most beautiful male both inside and outside, not only in Korea, but in the whole world.. I m not exaggerating.. Its very to rare to find all these best qualities together in a person, and fortunately we found Jaejoong.. ^_^

I think that Jaejoong deserves to win this poll... Because he is Beautiful in his physical form, but he is so pretty in his way to be, he is an excellent person... He is a perfect man

For me its Kim jaejoong. He is indeed a handsome guy and a man that can wear different types of hairstyles, all color hair dyes suits on him, not only that anything he wears makes him elegant looking. If it will be judge based on looks its definitely jaejoong. His facial features suits in both being a man or a girl which is rare. You can see any defects on his facial features his eyes are beautiful, he has nice looking pointed nose, fair milky skin, and a nice body. Aside from that interms of talents he is more than just a pretty face. he can sing and dance well too, and he is really cute humorous guy ever.

Jaejoong (JYJ) may not be everybody's cup of tea. He has a distinctive and pure look that goes along together with his heart and his voice. He is talented and selfless. He is a leader with a beautiful heart and shows kindness to everyone. He is uniquely handsome, and we all love him for it.

He's simply extremely beautiful both from inside and outside, and has the most beautiful voice among Korean idols, just incomparable in all aspects!

He's one of the exceptions to the "flower boy" of a male band... While the others can maybe sing... He's the lead vocals as well. He's multi-talented... Good at singing, dancing, cooking, composing, writing lyrics, acting, and directing. Honestly... Totally not the typical... Furthermore, he's VERY humble and modest despite being such a sunbae... And being in the industry for almost a decade now. And to emphasize it even more... HE SINGS DAMN GOOD. Enough said.

Kim jaejoong is not human. He's got the beauty of an angel.. Or A GOD! He's charismatic, cute, handsome and just beautiful. He's got a perfect character. And seriously just look at him. His pale skin his deep eyes. Everything is just PERFECT. Nobody can resist him. Not even males can resist him. He is the most beautiful man on earth and heaven - t-menasam

It's not just about the look.. HE IS BEAUTIFUL from inside as the OUTSIDE! HE IS JUST PERFECT. No word can describe JaeJoong... He is just JAEJOONG! People need to recognize this.

He is more beautiful than a girl can ever be, every girl is envious about his beauty how he can wake up and still look so great.
No other than Kim Jaejoong is worthy 1st place in this category!

Of course, he is a good-looking young guy. His face shines with grace, and everybody admires his physical beauty. Also, he has a velvety voice which captivate the audience in a moment. However, the most remarkable beauty of Kim Jaejoong exists inside him: his beautiful mind, which makes all of us around him happy... Always!