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61 Ren (Nu'est)

He's so beautiful Korean male idols, he's really look like a girl

REN is my life, Love ren so much. LOVE NU'EST LOVE REN FOREVER. REN should be number 1. REN is the best.

He already beat girls by his beautiful face and also handsome man.. He is beautiful as both male & female.. I think this is his real charm..

He is the most beautiful in my mind

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62 Lee Seung-gi

He is really amazing! I mean he got what it takes to be a superstar! He is so cute and talented. I really love the way he act. Its like natural, not trying hard. It's just comea out naturally. So cute!

He is the best in everything he does yet very down-to-earth... He is such a prince charming... Love him... Definitely number 1 for me.

He should be number 1! Good voice, good personality and good actor. A perfect piece.

He is really perfect...

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63 G.O (MBLAQ)

He's so handsome, cute, kind is the best singer I love him
He came my country for ONG, he's humild really I like so much...

Well,i have to admit that he is really handsome.there's my friend that didn't like kpop,but she like G.O.i like him but I love seungho more

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64 Lee Kiseop (U-KISS)

Kiseop is handsome in many ways. Physically, He is actually said as a 5D handsome guy. He is handsome in any picture making him as one of the faces of kpop industry. Emotionally, Kiseop might had experience depression before but because of the help and love that his mother gave him, he managed to stand once again and fulfill his dreams to become an idol of the new generation. Socially, I may not meet him personally but from what I see in their reality shows like Chef Kiss, He is approachable and a nice guy. I think He is so nice and I hope he finds a woman who will always love, help and understand him, someone who will motivate him through a life time

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65 Bae Soo-bin
66 Minhyuk (BtoB) V 1 Comment
67 Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In oppa is just the go all out kind of guy. Live his life to the fullest. I admire someone like him who speaks his mind no matter what but still shows a lot of respect. He is beautiful inside and when he act he becomes the character and his passion shines through.

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68 Kim Sang Woo (Model)
69 Kim Won Joong (Model)
70 Ji Chang Wook

He is a very good person! Very caring, loving and supportive

Handsome, amazing, very talented actor & lovely singer

My favorite, Amazing, great, oppa

Most handsome actor

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71 Lee Hyun Woo

Every time his smile, it just melts people's heart. Fighting hyun woo Really wish you could act in a new love drama as the main character this time! Fighting! :D

He is really cute, and has that sort of sweet, romantic guy feel. He's adorable, and I'm really impressed that he's so hardworking

He is like a baby. I really do love his smiles. He is also an outstanding actor. You can't get enough of his big handsome smile

He's really beautiful actor

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72 Nichkhun (2PM) Nichkhun (2PM) Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, known mononymously as Nichkhun, is a Thai rapper, singer, songwriter, model and actor.

Nichkhun is really cute, and has that sort of sweet, romantic guy feel. I was quite shocked he didn't make the list! He's adorable, and I'm really impressed that he's so hardworking. He has zero Korean blood running through his veins, but he still pursued a career in Korea and learnt the language. He has the charm, the looks, the body and the character. Nichkhun oppa, hwaiting!

Nchkhun is very cute.. When he smiles it's like I'm going to faint!

He's so handsome

Nichkhun should at least be one of the top 5. Why tf is he down here. He has one of the most prettiest face in Korea he's famous for that. He is the visual of 2pm. Big eyes. Chiseled body. Perfect hair. Warm smile. He can be cute or sexy because I've seen both sides

He's amazing, practically the epitome of male beauty. His smile is adorable. And his famous winks! *swoons* He's sweet and romantic, the guy every girl dreams of. He's very charming with his gentlemanliness. He may not be as 'beastly' as the rest of 2PM, but he definitely is unexplainably the most attractive. Perhaps it's his natural charisma, perhaps it's that quiet charm. Perhaps it's his aristocratic looks. But I truly think Nichkhun is amazing, and I definitely believe he deserves to be higher up on this list. Nichkhun oppa, hwaiting!

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73 Lee Joon (MBLAQ)

He is so honest that you must love him... +he is sexy, tall, handsome, great dancer and singer... I don't know how people can resist his charm

He's just so manly... His portrait in IRIS 2 is really awesome

Lee joon has a common perfectness that nobody have!

He 's the best of the best

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74 Yang Yo-seob (Beast)

He's manly and cute at the same time. He's also a gentlemen at times too. Plus, he's one of those idols that sincerely care about his fans. And last but at least, he has done NO plastic surgery so he is 100% REAL.

The most beautiful for ever!

His babyface is to die for! He is blessed with nice features and a nice voice.

Cute Cute is Him.Yo-seob is my cutie idol.

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75 Lee Gi-kwang (B2ST)

He is all a dream guy is very cute, beautiful, unique, nice, I love the way he is everything I love and the beautiful voice of an angel that has really killed me! I LOVE YOUR VOICE! My biggest dream is to know and be able to treat it and be great friends. It's a wonderful guy with a super big heart! It's my biggest dream I love really love Lee KiKwang my room is full of pictures of him and practically my whole life depends on it... I LOVE VERY MUCH

He is the most beautiful Korean idol ever and specially when he smiles he looks like an angel I can't stop looking at him I really really love him and I will always

He is like so adorable and cute but sexy and handsome at the same time! Also his personality is very nice. He is nice to all his fans and all the B2ST members! He can dance, sing and act.. What else does a girl want?!

His ability to be cute, sexy, handsome and charismatic attracts me. The first person I fell in love with in beast. His SMILE it's so angelic and beautiful.

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76 Jimin (BTS - Bangtan Boys)

Jimins charm is killing! May I ask why he is not in top 20 at least? He can be seductive and sexy and little-boyish at the same time. Just watch him in blood sweat and tears.

I think Jimin is the cutest little thing x3

He's actually my number 2 in K-Pop. I love you Jiminie-oppa Saranghae!

Jimin is cute,handsome,cute,handsome! guy in kpop I ever seen and let me ask you why is he not in the 10 top rank! he sooo! cute! #foreverjimin!

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77 Daehyun (B.A.P)

Know what? He may not be your typical flawless kind of kpop idol like EXO or BTS, he may not be flawless, he may bot even look good in YOUR eyes. But he's perfect in mine. His intense gaze, his beautiful smile, his doe eyes, his rich voice, everything about him...even his flaws are a part of him, and I've come to view his flaws as his unique places which place him away from the others. He is not flawless, but he's perfect. There IS a difference.

I fell in love with his voice right away when I first heard BAP in warrior. When I showed my friend the video she asked me who the "hot" one was and pointed to Daehyun. We are in agreement on that!

I know him because of hyun family

First I saw him, I fall in love

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78 Thunder (MBLAQ)

He is cute (which doesn't mean he's not also manly) and at the same time charming, besides that he is very kind and careful with his friends and fans. Suming up, not only his face and body are beautiful but also his personality! A strong applicant in terms of beauty.

One thing I can describe about cheondung is "angel".. He looks like an angel, his smile, his aura... He's also manly nowadays but his cuteness never fades.. He can even pass as a model.. What more can you ask for?..

He's so handsome, I love him. He's my favorite male idol..!
He's so cute and careful, he has a great personality too.
He's perfect.

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79 Jung Jinyoung (B1A4)

One of the most beautiful 91 liner idol I have ever seen

The most handsome leader I have ever seen!

He have a nice smile and a fox eye

He have a baby skin

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80 No Min Woo (Boyfriend)

For me, Min Woo oppa is the best, he is not only cute but also very manly sometimes. Love him so much

Min Woo is a great great dancer.. And he have a shiny eyes! :)love him!

I think min woo should be at the top 10 most like korean teen... He's so cute... I'm a big fan of him...

Fighting oppa! Your song Trap is the best.

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