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141 Sanchez (Phantom)
142 Lee Byung Hun (TeenTop)

He is so handsome, adorable, he has a taste in fashion, a good rapper and dancer also he is the most handsome member of Teen Top. He is my bias forever. TEEN TOP. ANGLE

Eh? He's so cute! And, charming.. He's handsome. He's a good dancer!

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143 Hoya V 2 Comments
144 Rome (C-CLOWN)
145 Ha Minwoo (ZE:A)

He is the visual of th group.
With a nice and lovely figure.

146 Kim Kevin (ZE:A)

He is powerful of charisma.
Korean Australian child.
His character is full of respect.

147 Soohyun (U-Kiss)

I think that Soohyun is on the top, because his voice is the strongest voice I heard between K-POP groups

Soohyun is my second love. He's really handsome, talented, humble, funny and has an amazing voice. I can't put into words what I feel when I listen to him, specially in balads like Fall in Love. I really love him.

Soohyun's voice is really strong

148 Tao (Exo) Tao (Exo)

He is certainly very unique in his own way..

I think people underestimate Tao, he's an amazing rapper, a little kung-fu panda, and he's beautiful to me. He likes to be tough but he's insanely adorable! Tao oppa hwaiting!

I think that a lot of people underestimate him. I mean he's an amazing rapper, he's a kung-fu panda, and he's firkin beautiful to me. He likes to seem tough, but he's really just an adorable child it seems like x'D Tao oppa hwaiting!

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149 Aron (Nu'est)

Love ARon so much. NU'EST Should be first.

150 Namgoong Min

The most beutiful oppa in the world perfect man, giving Asian guys the best look

151 Kim Woo-Bin

My love ❤ oh I love him so damn much... The most handsome guy in the whole world

Kim woo bin is very handsome and his personality is very good... I like him so much
Be healthy oppa
Love you from arab fan

152 Alexander Kim (HIGH4)

He is so sexy and a great dancer too

153 Lee Jong Suk V 2 Comments
154 Nam Ju Hyuk
155 Yook Sungjae (Btob) V 1 Comment
156 CNU (B1A4)
157 Yeo Jin Goo

No words for him. He really best act moon embracing the sun. Love you so much yeo jin goo...

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158 Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

So cute and sexy at the same time

159 Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)

Pretty baby with white milky skin.. Yummy!

Kim Hyung Jun is the most cute K-POP character I ever seen, you are so cute

Good genes runs in the family... Baby Junnie is simply beautiful inside out..

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