Most Beautiful Malaysian Actresses

The Top Ten

1 Carmen Soo
2 Juliana Evans
3 Diana Danielle
4 Maya Karin
5 Julie Woon
6 Nur Fazura
7 Hannah Tan
8 Belinda Chee
9 Nora Danish Hanif
10 Lisa Surihani

The Contenders

11 Hannah Delisha

She is a famous actor in Malaysia but in a few months she rarely appears in television and I don't hear his news but I still his fans. Now she promoting Vivo smartphone.

She is a very beautiful and its look like a korean girl. So, that's why I like she although I don't interest korean girl because there are too many have plastic surgery. Whatever, she supposed to be a number 3 in Malaysia. - azri115

12 Emma Maembong
13 Nelydia Senrose
14 Neelofa Noor
15 Amyra Rosli
16 Shila Amzah
17 Nur Sajat
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