Most Beautiful Places In the World


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1 Chittorgarh Fort, India
2 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
3 Glow worm cave, New Zealand


4 Taj Mahal

It is so beautiful. I live very close to it, only one town away. My dream is to get a house with a balcony with a pretty view of the Taj Mahal.

Taj mahal world wonder

5 Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, Tennessee
6 The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon

I have been here plenty of times, and it is very beautiful, sometimes a bit scary when you're close to the edge but it is a wonderful place to visit. :)

If you ever visit, you should do the Skywalk, wonderful experience. - CloudofMercury

I've driven by there and I can say that it really is a gorgeous place. - Johannes9

I would love to come here! One of my dream place in my booktravel! - CanadianGuy99

7 Shifen Waterfall
8 Venice, Italy
9 The Great Barrier Reef

Been there. As a very British Australian I have to say it it is the beauty of the natural world. How can people want to destroy it? All people who can should try and save the Great Barrier Reef!

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10 Athabasca Falls, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

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11 Antelope Canyon, Arizona

It's a mystical wonderland, I could go there anyday, stay there, never get bored.

12 Canadian Rockies
13 Taj Mahal, Agra, India
14 Cape Town
15 Machu Picchu Machu Picchu Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca citadel situated on a mountain ridge 2,430 metres above sea level.
16 The Pyramids
17 Niagara Falls & The Niagara Region

Mahatma Gandhi described the Niagara Parkway as the most beautiful Sunday drive in the world where we can enjoy the evening, morning, night and afternoon.

18 Rome
19 Petra, Jordan
20 Langkawi, Malaysia
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