10 Most Beautiful Survivor Women

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21 Ami Cusack

The former Playboy model proved that she could be tough as the leader of an all women's alliance in Vanuatu.

She is just too hot to ignore

22 Chelsea Meissner
23 Eliza Orlins
24 Corinne Kaplan

I've seen Corinne in person. She is stunning!

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25 Dolly Neely

While Vanuatu wasn't kind to this sweet sheep farmer, it's hard to deny her stunning beauty.

26 Sierra Reed

Sierra Reed was a contestant on Survivor Brazil, also known as Survivor: Tocantins. She is also a model. - brettfan

27 Natalie Tenerelli
28 Michelle Yi

What was not to love about Michelle? Stunning good looks and a great personality to back it up. I only wish she lasted longer - Savastano20

A cheery disposition can get you far, as this bright eyed cutie showed fans on Survivor: Fiji.

29 Shawna Mitchell

This red headed cutie couldn't hack it in the Amazon, but her crooked smile and curly hair get her a spot on this list.

30 Danielle DiLorenzo

Danielle was by far the most beautiful of all the women of Survivor

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31 Jessie Camacho

Another victim of the second boot. This deputy sheriff didn't make it in Africa, but her spicy latina looks can stop traffic.

32 Michelle Chase
33 Erinn Lobdell

I didn't think she was that pretty & she was petty & annoying. She was skinny, but I don't think a small waistline makes you hot, all by itself

30th?! You guys got to be kidding me. I guess Survivor fans are superficial (when I see Morgan McLoed or Chelsea in the Top 15...). Erinn is the most beautiful woman ever played Survivor. I was just breathtaking. So flawless.

34 Sundra Oakley

While not the most exciting castaway to fight for a million dollars in Cook Islands, this stunner easily makes the list at #3

35 Becky Lee
36 Tanya Vance

She got sick early on in Thailand, but the social worker showed true beauty, inside and out.

By far second prettiest in my opinion

37 Jessica Kiper V 1 Comment
38 Natalie White

Should be way higher.

39 Misty Giles

Misty Giles is a former beauty queen and a Reality TV show contestant. In 2006, Giles appeared on Survivor: Panama (Exile Island) as the first official exile and was the third person voted off the show. - brettfan

40 Kelly Shinn Kelly Shinn
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