Most Beautiful Tarot Decks

For those of you who read Tarot cards, which decks are the most beautiful?

The Top Ten

1 Thoth Tarot

There is just so much meaning and symbolism that goes into these cards. The forces that are explained in the Tarot are usually explained in legends and pantheons of ancient cultures, and these legends are brought to life on the cards masterfully

2 Universal Waite
3 Golden Tarot
4 Tarot of the Ages
5 Cat People
6 Vampire Tarot
7 Renaissance
8 Gendron Tarot
9 Celestial Tarot
10 Dragon Tarot

The Contenders

11 Visconti Tarot

Loveliest cards, perfect size and weight for smaller hands, just the right surface quality for ease in shuffling and laying spreads.

12 The Medieval Scapini Tarot
13 Venezia Tarot
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