Top 10 Most Beautiful Teen Artists In the Philippines

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1 Kathryn Bernardo

A beautiful person inside and out! Down to earth personality that's why people love her as well as her family.

She's beautiful inside and out! A girl with great attitude and also an inspiration to everyone

Her beauty is natural. So, we should vote her as a top 10 most beautiful artist in the Philippines.

She is beautiful inside and out! Some doesn't like her but millions of us love her.

2 Julia Barretto

I love her beauty very girly

She's gorgeous and sexy.

3 Julia Montes Mara Hautea Schnittka, known professionally as Julia Montes, is a Filipino-German actress and commercial model.

She is the best ever
I love everything about her
She is gorgeous, talented, beautiful and good at whatever she does
Words can't describe her

Very, Very beautiful, and adorable you deserve it dear...

The most Beautiful Girl in the world Julia Montes

The most beautiful girl in the world

4 Janella Salvador

I love her. She is so beautiful. Cute and Charming. Hindi Nakakasawa and ganda. From: Francis Joseph M. Solloso, General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

I like his skin... and she looks so blooming

Shes so cute. ,
I like the way she act. , as maarte. ,I like har

5 Bea Binene
6 Hope Elizabeth Soberano

Liza, is one of my favorite actress as well as model in the magazines. I consider her as the most Beautiful girl in the world, she is nice,neat,and a good girl...

Liza is so beautiful and she is good woman

Liza is very beautiful and kind 💕

7 Ella Cruz
8 AC Bonifacio

Please vote ac bonifacio

She' so pretty,

She’s so pretty and cute.Very talented and very kind.She is a very jolly person which is a good example for many teenagers as of now.Even though they bash her she just laugh like she never have one.That’s why she’s beautiful for me not only outside but also inside.

She is cool and adorable cute and loving I like her and she is the best
I Love you Andree Wish GoodHapiness
I want to be like you some day please notice me love you
From: (Young Miss)-Lady-Angel Tadina
Zwase In Love Forever

9 Francine Diaz

She's simple girl beautiful and respectful have a beautiful heart

Most beautiful teen in the world

10 Andrea Brillantes

I- She's just so Beautiful.

She's the most beautiful girl in the Philippines that I saw❤

she's actually one of the most beautiful faces here in the ph indeed a angel

Sorry she don't have picture in this please search her in google,youtube, or anything that you can see her looks,face and attidude Andrea is very beautiful girl she's not just beautiful she is adorable,nice,humble,respectful and also a kind heart that's all I can say about ate Andrea if you love her click the vote of her.WLU Andrea.<3

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11 Kyline Alcantara

Kyline is a beautiful

12 Kylie Padilla
13 Niana Guerrero

She is beutiful and sexy

she's beautiful

14 Sofia Andres

She has an angelic face

I like sofia..shes so beautifull than the other woman

15 Barbie Forteza Barbie Forteza,, is a Filipina commercial model and actress, known for her roles such as young Jodi in GMA Network's remake of the 2003 South Korean television drama series Stairway to Heaven and Cyndi Gomez in First Time.

Barbie is BEAUTIFUL and a GOOD actress

16 Maymay Entrata
17 Julie Anne San Jose Julie Anne Peñaflorida San Jose is a Filipino singer, actress, model, composer, and television personality.

Julie anne is my favorite singer in GMA.

Best aactress na best singer pa

18 Isabel Sumayao
19 Miles Ocampo
20 Kiray
21 Pokwang
22 Mica Bautista

Hawig niya si kathryn bernardo sobrang ganda

23 Jane Oineza
24 Patricia Cruz

Isabel epiphany

25 Jeanne Rae Gonzales

Shet sa ganda

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