Most Beautiful Turkish Actors


The Top Ten

1 Kivanç Tatlitug

A man of dreams

You r so good looking men

The most handsome one

He is more than a man..

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2 Mehmet Akif Alakurt

He is most handsome man

No one like mehmet akif alakurt

Mehmet akif is the most beautiful actor

He is the most handsome man in the world!

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3 Cagatay Ulusoy

Cagatay is smart, handsome, stylish, amazing actor etc

I like him very much he is most attractive and handsome boy I vote him

I like Cagatay very much he is the best actor. I love Cagatay.

I love cagatay most handsome man of Turkey

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4 Burak Özçivit

He should be number 1! Dayum! those eyes!

Undoubtedly the hottest male turk, plus he's an amazing actor.

He is the most handsome actor all around the world.

Do I need to say anything?

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5 Kenan Imirzalioglu

I won't new Drama for hem

Kenan Imirzalioglu is the most handsome,charm,talented actor.

Men has charisma. No one can deny it

I Think Kenan Imirzalioglu is the most beautiful in Turkey.. More than Kivanc Tatlitug because is a real MEN.. ♥

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6 Burak Hakki
7 Mehmet Günsur

He is just awesome... No one is like him. His personality is fantastic. I love him a lot. He is very handsome.

I am a lover of mehmet...

Mehmet is only my love...

Mehmet gunsur is best handsome boy in all the world for me...

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8 Uğur Pektaş

He is a normal but beautiful from aaiza kareem inek

9 Ibrahim Celikkol

He is super amazing he changed his looks to suit the character very well he is a rising star

Perfect, like an Angel

Such an extraordinary actor, am so crazy about him, am speechless, sometimes he doesn't need to use words to express the character feelings..his eyes do

He doesn't need too speak! his eye do!

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10 İsmail Hacıoğlu

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? Demet Özdemir Demet Özdemir

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11 Engin Akyurek

He's not only good looking, he IS beautiful inside and out.. Which most men in the world especially today aren't :)) And, he's a great actor that acts with his mind, heart & soul. He has passion for acting, he doesn't do it for the money. This man absolutely deserve to be a

T least among the top 5 on this list.

His eyes expression is everything, tell about his emotion inside and out and a killer smile.I think that attract with add on his acting skills. Myself genuine talented actor. All serials are remarkable and speechless. Waiting for next serials in 2018.

Engin akyurek is the best actor. So talented and so handsome. He's very very very hot.

Best actor in the world. Love he's performance he's perfect.

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12 Murat Yildirim

Each movie was for him a new accomplishment, an opportunity to be more expressive. All seems real and that is beauty and a real gift for us

He talks with his eyes. I love his plays, I deeply drown in all movies he played. He is very charming inside out

Is not so important to be beautiful. It s important to be a good actor and to be very, very real in your acting.For this reason I believe Murat Yildirim as the most beautiful and in any case, the most sensitive man of turkish actors.

Very good nice :-))))

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13 Baris Arduc

The young man has an attractive appearance and excellent acting abilities.

You are very much loved here and appreciated.

Extremely hot and an amazing actor 😍

14 Halit Ergenç

He is complete package

No way! He's too old to be on this list like what

He is a exellent actor in muhtesem yuzil and mera sultan is my favourite drama I don't miss any episode I love bayezid...

Halit ergence acting is exellent I like in muhtesem yuzil

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15 Necati Sasmaz

Necati Sasmaz is the best actor I have ever seen in my life. He is wonderful awesome handsome and perfect for being first. Love you forever Polat Alemdar.

Necati Sasmaz is the best actor.
I love you Necti sasmaz

16 Engin Altan

I started watching turkish T.V. series because of him. He is very talented, very handsome man. Look in his eyes and you feel love and peace. I know it's just a play but so powerful that makes you feel that you are part of their lives. When you watch him you remember have it feels to be in love and be loved.

He is very talented, gifted actor. And so handsome. God bless him with a great gift.

Engin Altan Duzyatan is the best

17 Erkan Meriç

Erkan Meric has this amazing energy and emotion that connects him to his audience. Silent energy...

18 Murat Ünalmis
19 Sahin K

Sahin aga the pus destroyer

20 Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarıkaya is an actress!

21 Kadir Dogulu
22 Burak Dakak
23 Can Yaman

Not only is he handsome, funny, loving, sexy... those eyes, hair and skin.
he is HOT!

24 Haluk Piyes
25 Melih Selcuk
26 Tolgahan Sayisman

He isn't hand some not at all

27 Engin Öztürk

He is the best. In Magnificent Century is my favourite Male character

He is not good in mera sultan I don't like

He is very mad from memona

He is totaly papu...

28 Cemal Hunal
29 Sarp Levendoglu
30 Berk Atan
31 Kerem Bursin
32 Hande Dogandemir
33 Bugra Gulsoy

He is the most handsome turkish actor.

He is so cute, attractive, hand some I like ittt

34 Sukru Ozyildiz
35 Burak Celik
36 Ozan Guler
37 Uğur Güneş
38 Teoman Kumbaracıoğlu
39 Hazal Subasi
40 Yusuf Çim

yerim sana

41 Ekin Koç
42 İlker Kaleli
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