Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses

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1 Beren Saat

Most Beautiful and Best actress, which can play any type of role... My favorite forever. She is attractive as well as very nice personality

She's a goddess and the best actress there is, her beautiful face never gets old unlike the others. she always can play a 20 years old girl

Her eyes beren saat's eyes are just amazing I love to stare at her big shining gorgeous eyes forever

Beren saat is so stylish and her personality is too much pretty she is a doll..

2 Berguzar Korel

So nice. She is as beautiful as an angel.

It's just amazing that she's married to Halit Ergenç, I mean,. Watch Binbir Geçe... who though they'll end up marrying in REAL LIFE?

3 Cansu Dere

Cansu is so atractive and elegant she is the best model and pretty actress.

Bade is nice girl from memona gunsur

4 Sedef Avci

I love her so much she's so nice and she's so beautiful..she is very famous here in the philippines :) by the way proud filipino fan here

Goodluck Sedef Avci. no matter what happens.. I'm still your fan we love you..

I really like her! She's so pretty, pure beauty, so sweet & awesome personality! I surely voted for her ♥_♥

5 Ebru Kocaaga
6 Bade Iscil
7 Selin Demiratar
8 Asli Tandogan

Asli is a nice girl I like from memona gunsur..

Asli tandogan is nice from memona gunsur...

9 Meryem Uzerli

I found her very hardworking and she is so beautiful. She knows how to act and her looks are killer. She have everything that a perfect actress need. For me she is no1

Meryem uzerli is the best character in mera sultan I like this drama.. This drama is famous for its best musics

Many people may like her but I think I find her annoying and I don't like her accent

MERYEM UZerli is very beautiful actress as your hair is stylish... ! From malaika

10 Hazal Kaya

I love her she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her acting is magnificent and her smile is so Aww :-* most of the Indians love her

We want hazal and cagatay back onscreen. Her glossy lips and her mesmeraising smile her killer looks and yeah her wonderful acting impressed me so badly

I love her she is very beautiful and have a such a innocent smile.

Hazal kaya is cute and her beautiful smile is so attracted..

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11 Tuba Büyüküstün

If you want an aristocratic, sophisticated and charismatic actress you will choose her

Her beauty is rare. I think she's most beautiful girl in in the world.

She is the most beautiful and popular actrees in turkey. She must be top of this list.

She is most beautiful Turkish actress and her smile is so cuuute...

12 Serenay Sarikaya

I can't believe Serenay Sarikaya isn't in the top 3.

I like very much Serenay You are the best.

She have haters in turkey

She is the most special girl I ever seen her acting is wonderful and she got a natural beauty and something that I like more than these is that she never imitated anybody

13 Fahriye Evcen

Ferdie wouldn't have been such a beautiful character without Fahriye playing her part. And she and Burak? Relationship goals

14 Oyku Karayel

I really like her she is prefect

And God those eyes of hers!

She is beautiful and greate actor and she has beautiful faca and her shinig eyes.

She is Vere beautiful and her eyes is lovley

15 Hande Ercel

She should be no. 1. So beautiful

No words angel!

She deserves the toppest of the list

16 Nurgul Yesilcay

Perfection in pronouncing dialog.
Self confidence in acting.
Glorious beauty with rose petals lips & attractive blue eyes that's recognition real artist, Nurgul yesilcay capable actress.

Perfection in pronouncing dialog. Self-confidence in acting. Her lips as delicat as rose petals. Attractive greenish eyes with glorious beauty. As an actress NURGUL YESILCAY proving capablity.

Beautiful & bold girl, master in emotional acting.

Sweet, innocent lovable looking. My dream girl.

17 Özge Törer

She is absolutely adorable

So pretty aww

She is so beautiful and adorable, deserves to be the top in this list, And she plays the role of Bala Hatun wife of Osman Bey

18 Elcin Sangu

The best actress, the most talented, the most beautiful! I from the Chechen republic, the Caucasus) millions of people love you there.

19 Birce Akalay
20 Berrak Tuzunatac

Berrak is looking like a boy I don't like why she enter;s in mera sultan by the role of mustafa wife oh.. That's not good..

Mehmet gunsur is only my lover and I don't want berrak boy comes..

She is very poor from sania

21 Songul Oden
22 Ceyda Ateş

No way she is not beautiful

23 Ceren Hindistan

She is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I am not young and have traveled the world and seen beauties of all types. Marvelous bodies in the fanciest resorts in Mexico. Watched thousands of movies from all parts of the world and I have a friend that is a beauty scout in LA.

Nobody comes close to this goddess.

24 Ayca Aysin Turan

Have you seen her crystal blu eyes? Jeez they're beautiful...

25 Nur Aysan

Nur is so stylish but in mera sulltan she is too old after the death of sehzade mustafa..

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