Marian Rivera

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Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.


I don't actually perceive into looking one's beautiful physique outside but the brightness of gem that is inside within thy character and I believe that Marian Rivera is the one. Beauty or attractive face doesn't matter as long as you do not put your positive human virtues into a sincere and genuine actions towards every individual living in the domain realm. You can reach people by your heart not the acting of goodness towards others and as I see from the window of the soul of Marian, she is ameliorating people through her shimmering smile and golden heart.

Marian Rivera is the one & only Filipina goddess! She's real & candid! What you see is what you get! :-) She is a versatile actress who can make you laugh/smile & cry in one scene! She's a talented celebrity for she can sing & dance! Now, this is what you call BEAUTIFUL! :-)

Marian Rivera is the most beautiful woman for me. She's an honest person, she speaks her mind though sometimes other people misunderstood her. But that doesn't mean she's mean.she's kind and helpful that's why many people love her and that is a proof that she's beautiful inside and out.

She's the most beautiful woman I know not only in her looks but also inside her hearth, she's kind and most friendly actress.down to earth even she's a big star.what you see is what you get is her peronality and even she's frank she's very kind and making good vibes to the other.she always give smile to make a possitve way.a very gorgeous and beautiful woman ever in the world...i love her the way she is..a very loving and caring daughter, grand daughter, sister and a friend...

The lady that has it all. Complete package, beauty, intelligence, wit, good heart, wife material, true friend.. Sweet, bubbly, generous, prayerful, kind, hardworking, pure heart, pretty face, sexy, always on the top.. Loyal, good cook, talented, well love.. All good adjective suits her.. The prime time Queen, sexiest, best actress..

I was in malaysia 5 years ago and saw Marian Rivera through youtube in Marimar. Eversince I was hooked on her, her beauty, acting and she is a good dancer too. Surprisingly, went back to phils. And my nieces favorite is Marian too. I went to Chicago and found out my elder cousin's favorite was Marian. So, I realized Marian has a very strong sex appeal. We were all in awe with her beauty and happy disposition in life.

Marian Rivera is one of well-known artist in the Philippines. Not only because she is good in acting but because of beautiful face she has. Her good attitude on and off on the camera brings a positive vibes on her fans and even with the people who sees her. I LOVE MARIAN and IT WILL NEVER FADE DESPITE OF NEGATIVE THOUGHTS TOWARDS ON HER.. GOD BLESS! SPREAD LOVE!

Marian Rivera, she is a woman with the good heart, helping sick people, inspired million people by her actions, a good example to others, dedicated to her work, wiliing to help with out asking in return.. She posseses the beauty inside and out.. She not know she give million of people a hope.. She is one of a kind

Only thing I can say to her she's one of a kind...nothing compares..she is the one that can say a true star inside and out a really real person, ready to help people in needs..with or without camera..that is why she catch my attention and heart because of her best attitude towards people..

Marian has an angelic face combined with a flawless complexion. There is something in her aura that would captivate U.she cares so much on children. She has a pure heart. In every interview she is with, you will always get sense in every word she would say. She's down to earth. A God-fearing person - one reason why her relationship with Dingdong is so strong because it's Christ-centered. She's loyal, loving, and grateful to her network and fans. Everyone who sees her in person would always say she's beautiful, an apparition!

For me, she is the most beautiful faces in the world first because she looks like a living barbie doll she's sexy, flawless etc... second because she looks like mama mary and she's so blessed person, marian have a fear of god. third she's so humble, kindness and very down-to-earth person, helpful etc... fourth, she's so gorgeous, pretty, beautiful inside and out, she's sexy, hot, don't have any plastic surgery. she is a lovely grand/daughter to her mother and grandmother, I think she's gonna be the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD.

Marian Rivera is really the best among the actresses that I have ever idolized.
She's really unique and quite amazing..She's wrapped with great goodness that made her a gift from heaven...Aside from her physical beauty and talents, her great personality captured us the moSt! Marian Rivera is really beautiful in every sense of the word!

Marian is the best, words not enough to describe her beauty physically and whole heartedly...:))) whatever other people says or issues they connect on her, nothing can change my mind as MARIAN the most wonderful and gorgeous woman of the generation...what you see is what you get unlike other artists now a days, on cam they're nice and humble 'kuno'...GOD bless MARIAN:)))

I so love marian...shes so adorable, beautiful inside and out, sexy, good actress, etch.
Her smile makes my worries vanish,..its weird but that's how I feel..when she smile it feels like the whole world are also smiling with her..but what I love the most about marian is shes a real person.aside from her physical outlooks she has a nice personality..and she is brave, she know how to fight for her own rights..i didn't met her yet but I've watched her movies and T.V. shows, I'm hoping and wishing to see her personally..for me she is the most beautiful woman in the whole world..

Marian is the best, she's really amazing person, she has a a good heart even though many people criticize her but then she doesn't stop of helping people especially those poor people w/ or without the camera.

She is more beautiful if you see her in person... You really adore his looks from top to bottom... A goddess of beauty in her generation...

For marian rivera is the most beautiful because when you look at her face she look like maria that's why her name is marian and when she smile you will be starstruck to her shes beautiful inside and out and she have good heart for helping a childen and she make them laughs..go marian you deserve this

Beautiful requires no angle. Marian was once announced "and Babaing Walang Anggulo".. Physically and emotionally, Marian shows how beautiful defines. She is the only T.V. personality who has a sincere smile wherever she goes and whoever she meets. She's not selfish and confident of what she is and whatever she has. She's is just being true to herself. No pretensions. She does not count on how many awards she may get but how she made her fans happy. Marian Rivera Gracia is truly best describes what "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" means.

The first time I was watched her in T.V she captured my mind & my soul I was tried to ignored it but I can't I think I've fallen inlove w/her...She' Pretty, sexy & a talented person, she's very Down to earth person that's why many People really like & Love her...

Marian rivera was the most finest and versatile
Woman I ever known. I love the way she dance on the floor,
She can do what ever she want it to do, she is not a plastic type of girl..
She is so hot, glamour, so sexy.

This is no question, she is beautiful inside and out, her talent and skill in both acting and entertaining people are unbelievable. She's beautiful, sexy, confident, and she has tons of class. She's very honest and true. Her style does not matter, since no matter what she wears... She'll look amazing in it. Her smile alone is a prize, her as a whole package is amazing

I like her for being frank, on and off camera she is really nice person. A true person I can feel that even though I only seen her on television. She is beautiful inside and out.

I admire her strength... Despite all the intrigues made by her detractors, she's still here..standing strong in front of everybody... She's frank, and a very sincere person...that's probably why she's being misunderstood by many...

For me, she is not only beautiful outside, but inside too...what the most I like is her attitude, she is frank in direct to the point, she is honest and real person...she is also brave and strong woman...that's what I like from her...

A deserving person must be he top 1, she's king, lovable, humble, sexy, pretty, and has heart to serve everyone, MARIAN RIVERA has the total package, unlike other artist, they are just forcing themselves to be a beautiful, but it's not, it's not natural, but MARIAN RIVERA, so natural beauty, and she is not forcing herself to be beautiful, because she has already a natural beauty, and trusting GOD always...