Park Shin-hye



This song is so perfect for her. I love her just the way she is. For me she is a very kind-hearted person, remains true to herself and to the people that surrounds her that's why she is also loved by many. She remains this simplicity and humility within herself despite of already being hailed as one of most-sought actresses of her country and of her generation. I really do admire this girl because of her attitude towards everything she does not to mention being known for her natural beauty which is now rarely seen today among women. I think she is a positive person. I may not able to see her in person but I can sense her sincerity because she has this ability to communicate vividly to her audiences which I regard as special thing. She may not be the one who will be on top of this poll but for me she has passed the the true meaning of the word above.

One of the versatile actress who conquer the world... She has a natural beauty that every woman wanted to possess. A very kind and generous Hallyu star :D

I'm more than sure that she should be on the top, and not the other actresses! It's simply because she has a NATURAL Beauty (something that most actresses don't have), she's talented, smart, very, very gorgeous! And she acts with the heart! Love her to death!

This poll is talking about the Most Beautiful Women in The World and as far as I believe Beauty doesn't only talk about how we look outside but it also the beauty inside which I can proudly say that PARK SHINHYE have it all..
A Natural beauty that cannot be ignore or question and also Inside beauty that was proven by her actions towards others.

She makes everyone happy. Truly a beautiful person with a heart of gold... Who shows caring for others through every act of hers. She touches the life of everyone making it better place. Although very young herself she is a perfect role model through her personality, character and attitude. People are simply inspired by innumerable qualities in her on a daily basis.

She is a natural beauty without a touch of plastic surgery..she is a great sportswomen and at the same time a lady full of elegance

Natural beauty and humble heart! This lady is so close to perfection for me! She is so loving & caring to everyone! A down to earth artist who never fail her fans expectation. This lady is my role model. An actress who lives a simple life. I love you Park Shin Hye! ♥

Her beauty is natural.She has beautiful smile. Park Shin Hye so pretty!

I like shin hye...simple, natural beauty, friendly...multi talented person...

Favorite korean actress with her talent and her natural beauty!

Love her smile park shin hye fighting

Awesome both in personality & outward appearance

Aside for being my favorite Korean actress, she has a natural beauty with no plastic surgery the smile, the love the way she dress in every red carpet event she's so elegant and so beautiful

Her beauty can melt everyone heart. And her smile can make you fallen for her

I love her because she beautiful inside and out.cute make people around her happy

Park shinhye is beautiful actresses.she have to inerbeauty.i really like park shin hye.she smile so cute.and she really like her I like her very much.

The true beauty...both inside and out..a very good model for today's youth
For me, she is the embodiment of what a youth should be, a good friend, a good daughter, multi-talented and popular, yet so well-grounded..

An all natural beauty... Beautiful inside and out. Has a pure heart and gentle. Multi-talented hallyu star but remains grounded and humble despite fame. We love her


She is my favorite actress because it's compassionate love is beautiful I love all your personality. She is the best!

Vietnamese fans will always love your smile, love your beauty, your voice and also your act cute :)). I love you very much

She's not only pretty. She's Smart girl with good personality and many talent. She's blessed

Because park shin hye is the epitome of natural beauty

For me, park shin hye is the most beautiful among of all because she is talented and nice her act is very very great I love you..

She is a person who is truly down to earth and I'm so glad that she is my role model. Love you Shinhye.

I love her she is beautifull inside and outside, and she is down to earth