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Sandara Park, also known by her stage name Dara, is a South Korean singer, dancer, actress, model, and host.


She should be on the top position why? Because she's not just beautiful in the outside but also In the inside.. Her beauty is just unexplainable she's like a goddess, an angel she's almost in her 30's but her age is nothing compared to her baby face, she do looks so childish but she really looks so cute... She's not an ordinary girl who just showcase cuteness or what SHE'S THE COOLEST GIRL her baggy clothes looks So elegant while so fit to her.. When she wears just a simple shirt, jeans and comfy shoes her beauty's just unexplainable and of course when she wears dress ghaad SHE'S ALMOST PERFECT! And she has this certain charisma that would make you fall for her..

She is charming and a living goddess.

She is simple... SIMPLICITY DESCRIBE TRUE/REAL beauty that is how I can describe dara... She is just a goddess no need to wear any kind of make up just to look beautiful.. Even wear expensive one just to look glamorous.. Plain white t-shirt with jeans that can make your jaw drop to the floor which you rarely seen wearing by celebrities... And most of she has this BEAUTIFUL heart of her...the most important one..

She have this image of a fresh girl! A really gorgeous face with or without makeup. Her image fits all image, whether it's hip hop, sexy or innocent.. She can do it all without disappointment. I always wonder how someone can still look so young and fresh even though she's 30?!

What's most important is that she is really beautiful on the inside. She is really nice to her friends and she cares about them like a family! She has an absolute beautiful heart. She has done many for other people whether she knows them or not. How do you get someone as sweet as her when she's really popular all around the world. Her humble attitude moves me so much..

She was Born on november 12, 1984.. But if you don't know her you will think she is a 90's Kids.. :)

Any Clothes she wear Fits HEr. Any HAiRSTYLE..

She never undergo SURGERY it means she is a Natural BEAUTY

She is ageless! Her beauty is not just on physical aspect but most importantly she has really has a beautiful heart.
Fighting Goddess Dara!

She can wear any hair style, color... A true goddess even w/ out make up.. A natural beauty

She's lovely without trying to. She's a natural beauty that will surely make your head turn. She has the aura, the glow that lightens up your day. She's just the sweetest and most caring korean idol I know. Despite the success and fame she has now, she doesn't forget her fans, the people who support her! Such a gorgeous and beautiful person inside and out.

If the definition of beauty is the beauty is personality, she has it all. Kind heart to everyone is one of the things I like about her. Don't be deceived by just the look. Her natural beauty and goddess type appearance is not match to her age. God is really unfair right? Her youthful beauty says it all. Bow down to THE NUMBER 1 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD, SANDARA PARK.

I believe that Sandara's ageing backwards... She's 28 but with her youthful looks, she looks like she's so much younger! With Sandara's natural pretty face, she can pull off ALL SORTS of (weird) hairstyles! And she has absolutely no work done on her face. Just look at her endorsing for Etude House and Clio - she's definitely the most beautiful goddess ever! Not only that... She's such a down-to-earth goddess with the biggest heart

She's probably one of the most purest and most amazing women out there. She's started working at such a young age to help her family and to this day she hasn't stopped caring and providing. Not to just her family, but her fans. She makes us feel as if we're not stupid for obsessing over a person like her. Sandara Park is amazing on the inside and on the outside. She may be 29, but the woman looks like she's 20 especially without makeup. She is the definition of a natural beauty and her beauty is timeless. She's just like wine, she gets better with time.

The forever young Dara! She captured the heart of people not only because of her charming looks but also because of her kind heart. A natural beauty outside as well as inside. Not to mention, she is also a very talented woman who can act, sing and dance! A tough woman who overcome all obstacles that comes her way just to pursue her dreams. I strongly believe that she is the most beautiful woman in the world because she set as a good example and inspiration for every blackjacks around the world. Dara is JJANG! Fighting! Hengsho!

I just love her. She naturally shines on whatever she does. I think others who don't know her might be shock if they'll know her age. Seeing her smile can bring good vibes to everyone.

Sandara Park is beautiful, not just because she has nice skin, nice eyes and other physical features. She is beautiful because she represents beauty in the strength of her resolve, her belief in herself and in her kindness to the people who support her dreams.

She is never embarrassed to show how she really is and she can be quirky and elegant and in between those extremes. I love her and to me she is the most beautiful.

Sandara park is the most beautiful in the word because with or without make up she is extremely beautiful.. And the goddess..

She is a goddess...she is a vampire...age for her is just a number s because she never older...because she is better than other..she is kind and unordinary girl...she is the most beautiful of all she loved her fans.and the people loved her..

Put her in any type of clothing or outrageous hairstyle and her beauty still shines. She's a chameleon, and very versatile. She is a woman who seems to be drinking from the fountain of youth because of her vampire like appearance and goddess features. There is perhaps the need to invent a greater adjective beyond the word "beautiful" to describe Sandara Park. She's gorgeous, stunning, in every humanly way possible. She looks amazing dolled up but even more flawless in minimal to no make up at all. She's lovely the way she is, simple yet breathtaking and she doesn't even need to try. She just is. Above all, She owns a beautiful heart, passionate with her work and self less to the people she cares about. She's born beautiful inside and out.

She is so beautiful inside AND out! I mean her character and personality is gold like she is funny, caring, nice, friendly, cute and I so much more (watch 2ne1 T.V. and you'll see what I mean! )! I think she doesn't need any make up because she is beautiful without it! Like for me she is perfect her personality and face are beautiful!

"My Goddess" that's how I call her. A goddess that never age. Her natural beauty NEVER age. And her beauty doesn't just shine in the Philippines and Korea but ALL OVER THE WORLD! Her hard-working spirit adds up to her beauty. Though she's not very talented she's like a girl from mars, she's beautiful inside and out! ^_^ GO BLACKJACKS! GO DARA! GO 2NE1! FIGHTING! NOLZA!

Natural beauty! Her age is 29 but she looks like a 18 year old. She has had no surgeries, and looks stunning without makeup. She tried a lot of hilarious haircuts but still looks drop dead gorgeous in each and every one of them. DARA IS GODDESS!

She is absolutely gorgeous! I've seen her documentary from years ago, and she still looks pretty until now. I think she has the most beautiful face compared to any other korean artists. Her bare face is very pretty, she really deserves to be in the top 10 of this list.

No doubt that she has both inner beauty and outer beauty as well. She looks very young and has the natural beauty despite her age.. She is also nice to her 2NE1 members, family and friends.

She's the most beautiful woman I've approachable, kind, hardworking and loving artist and friend! She's one of a kind! She loves Philippines, she often tweets in tagalog and interact to her PH fans! She's humble and never forgets the people behind her success! I love her for what she is!

The first time I saw 2NE1, I prefer Bom to be beautiful. But after many days, I just realized that Dara is the prettiest of them all! I'm telling you that she is such a pretty woman and her personality is so amazing too! I never met her in personal, but I think when I met her she's really pretty. I've seen a lot of beautiful faces in K-pop and T.V. industries, but I really found Dara pretty. She is a goddess! Her face is from heaven! She doesn't have any plastic surgery. If you'll search her past face when she was still here in Philippines, it's a bit different from now. But it doesn't mean she has a surgery. Her face changed, it is because when she was still here in Philippines, she's a but chubby there and puts on very light make-up. While when she is now in Korea, she become more prettier and sexier. She lost some fats and she's now putting on Dark make-up and she even lost the fats on her cheeks. SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! No doubt, she is very beautiful!

The natural beauty! She's a goddess! The woman with class! She's the korean that I admired the most