Taylor Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift (Taylor Swift) is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys . She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching ...read more.


Taylor swift... My my. that's one heck of a lady. Her eyes... They don't seem fake like the others. They express what she wants to say. She has an amazing voice. Many people might say she's just bogus, she's talking about her ex's, she should move on and stuff but I think that she should be the way she is. I mean if you don't like her then listen to somebody else. I agree she likes to doodle on the past and all but I find it is cute you know. Let her live her way. I mean it's not like she ain't got fans or something.

So you think this chick is hotter than Scarlett Johansson and Sharon Stone? Hotter than Margot Robbie too? And isn't this the same annoying schmuck who can't stop writing stupid songs about her exes? Plus, what is just so special about her? The chicks I mentioned are more sexy and have actual talent! And Taylor has none of those things! Not even the make up can make her look good! Sorry Swifties!

Taylor is such a wonderful, beautiful and amazing person! She is TOTALLY like THE more beautiful woman ever! She's beautiful not only on the outside also on the inside, she doesn't show off her body like those stupid hoes Nicki and Miley do, she wears full clothing which so so rare these days and is very clean. I love her music because it's so relatable! TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS!

She should not be on the list, she cannot sing to save her life! She isn't beautiful at all, I think its a real shame that shes on here instead of someone more beautiful, like katy perry, vera farmiga, jennifer lawrence, any other woman except her!

I love her singing the most in the world... She is so very gorgeous... And is way better than emma and is lovely and talented. She got woman of the year... And I am her biggest fan.

She's so down to earth, very talented, never ignores her fans, always have time for her baby - Meredith, she's an all-arounder. She's beautiful inside and out.

Truly, her looks are mesmerizing. Her eyes are stunning, lips are fabulous, in fact, her entire face and body is perfect. She redefines beauty not just with appearance but with her voice as well. She's the MOST BEAUTIFUL whether you like it or not.

Very very beautiful, she should be at the peak, at least she should be in the top three in the list of this site. She is also a ver good singer

No one can even be compared to Taylor. Absolutely the most beautiful woman on the inside as well. Hands down the best entertainer in the world. My prediction for her, she will break many records, as many as she can and will be the biggest star on the planet. Possibly go down in history as the worlds first mega-star. @ TaylorSwift I love you Taylor, will you take me out some time - cause I know you can make the bad boys good for a weekend? ;-)

Taylor is very cute! Very sexy! Talented! Very beautiful! Please. Vote for her! I love you taylor! I really love your songs!

Taylor Alison swift is the most beautiful gorgeous sexy hot so damn attractive perfect amazing greatest woman alive and ever created by god I vote for taylor swift and my name is Brandon

Stunningly beautiful. Not in slut kind of way. She has a very sophisticated aura. Inside and out she's beautiful.

Taylor you r so so cute american girl I've ever known & I'm your big big fan forever.i love you my cuttie! & your voice is also very sweet.sometimes I feel sad because God did not create me to be your younger sis. By the way you r so cute so beautiful girl & love you so much.

LOL her? She Looks like crap compared To Scarlett Johansson

I love taylor swift! She is amazing and really talented. She's also very beautiful

No, I didn't vote for her because she's a good singer. She is beautiful too. AMAZING!

You don't have to argue with that taylor is the best the #1

She is gorgeous and how could emma even join the list!

Taylor Swift is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, and I thought that before I was a fan. (The only time I didn't like her was when she first came out)

:) taylor is so special to the earth! Her beauty is so much different than other people in this world :) she looks like a barbie too

True beauty and awesome tunes as well love you!

I adore taylor swift hope you be the first one

Why isn't she number 1?!?! These are Things I will never understand!

She is a natural beauty, and has a fantastic figure check out her ass on YouTube wow!

The perfect woman in my world is Taylor Swift... Perfection doesn't come any better...