Top Ten Most Bizarre Mental Disorders

The Top Ten

1 Cotard Delusion - people hold a delusional belief that they are dead (either figuratively or literally), do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. In rare instances, it can include delusions of immortality.

But you can breathe!

Ummm dude your alive chill

2 Fregoli Delusion - a person holds a delusional belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise.
3 Capgras Delusion - a person holds a delusional belief that an acquaintance, usually a spouse or other close family member, has been replaced by an identical looking impostor.

Creepy. I am glad I do not have that. - Epekov

4 Reduplicative Paramnesia - delusional belief that a place or location has been duplicated, existing in two or more places simultaneously, or that it has been ‘relocated’ to another site.
5 Munchausen Disorder - a psychiatric disorder in which those affected fake disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves
6 Genital Retraction Syndrome - a strange disorder in which the sufferer believes that his genitals (or breasts in the case of women sufferers) are shrinking, retracting in to the body, or may be removed entirely

This disorder is weird. Never heard of it

7 Trichotillomania - an impulse control disorder or form of self-injury characterized by the repeated urge to pull out scalp hair, eyelashes, facial hair, nose hair, pubic hair, eyebrows or other body hair, sometimes resulting in noticeable bald patches
8 Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - a condition in which a patient’s sense of time, space and body image are distorted. People may appear tiny or patients may feel that part of their body shape or size has been altered.
9 Wendigo Psychosis - a mental disorder in which a person intensely craves human flesh and thinks they are turning into a cannibal (despite an abundance of healthy food available)

I would never want to turn into a cannibal. That's just gross. Just the thought of eating another human being is disturbing. I'd rather starve to death than to resort to something as sick as cannibalism.

You will get sick if you eat your own kind. Just EAT GRASS

10 Homosexual Panic - an acute, brief reactive psychosis involving delusions and hallucinations accusing a person of various homosexual activities

The Contenders

11 Facebook Addiction - a condition that is defined by hours spent on Facebook, so much time in fact that the healthy balance of the individual’s life is affected

I definitely don't suffer with this! - Britgirl

Is this one made up?

12 Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - A mental disorder that the victim sees cars the size of M&Ms and ladybugs the size of a house

Talk about reality turned upside down.

13 Pedophilia - A mental disorder in which an adult is sexually attracted to prepubescent children

Unfortunately, being a mental or psychiatric disorder, there is no cure for pedophilia. However, pedophiles can undergo treatment or therapy to keep their pedophilia under control and make them less likely to act on their fantasies.

14 Boanthropy - A psychological disorder in which the sufferer believes he or she is a cow or ox.
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