Most Boobtastic Athletes of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Anna Semenovich

Seriously, wow. Not only has she got a giant set of chesticles, but she's legitimately smoking hot to boot. Russia sure knows how to grow 'em. - anthonybecerra831

2 Simona Halep Simona Halep

But we still have the memories and the photos to prove that those were indeed legendary. - anthonybecerra831

3 Natalie Gulbis

What else is there to say? Stretches like this are a big reason that Natalie is the most popular player on the LPGA even though she really hasn't won anything to earn that title. - anthonybecerra831

4 LaTasha Marzolla

Okay, now we're getting to the "this is just ridiculous" stage. - anthonybecerra831

5 Sarah Burke

I'd crawl through snow anytime just to get to this freestyle skier when she's rocking this outfit. - anthonybecerra831

6 Mia St. John
7 Gina Carano Gina Carano Gina Joy Carano is an American actress, television personality, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist.

The face of women's MMA isn't just a face, she's also got a great curvy body to go along with it. - anthonybecerra831

8 Anni Friesinger

I hope she's as fast to bed as she is on skates. - anthonybecerra831

9 Katarina Witt
10 Sania Mirza Sania Mirza

What disgusting filthy fans these people are all sick minded individuals mostly men that see nothing past physicality

She has yet to really make it big on the women's tour, but she's made it big in other areas. - anthonybecerra831

They are like melons... I just wanna grab it n suck hell outta it!

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