Top 10 Most Boring Letters of the Alphabet


The Top Ten

1 O

Seriously it's just a circle but it's a letter. What do you expect? The most funniest thing ever? NEWSFLASH: letters aren't meant to be fun. There meant to make sounds. I don't even know why I went to this list. - Cutiepie4803

It is sort of like oval shaped or whatever. P.S you can't make an exact round circle. I learned it from Homestuck and checked.

"These are OR scrubs" "O, R they? "

2 P
3 E
4 U

U is just a rounded V, and it sucks. - sketchysteve

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5 I
6 V
7 H

H is really cool. It's two poles with a bar across them. - sketchysteve

8 N

N is a cool letter. Its like two lines and a diagonal through the center my favorite letter is L. - Curtis_Huber

9 D

I won't say this letter is boring since my name begin with D - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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10 G

The Contenders

11 L

L is another good one. A perfect right angle. - sketchysteve

12 W

W is the widest letter in the alphabet, and that makes it cool. - sketchysteve

I hate this letter. It's the worst in my opinion. - Curtis_Huber

13 X

X is cool because it's a huge cross and the independent variable. - sketchysteve

14 S

S is the most boring letter because it is used in over half of ever word in the English language. I just get so bored of using it all the time. Letters like Q and X make things interesting!

S is boring because it's so overrated. - sketchysteve

15 A
16 Y
17 T
18 K

K is between two cooler letters (J and L), and that makes it look bad. - sketchysteve

19 Z


20 Q
21 F
22 J
23 M
24 B
25 R

R may not be the nicest looking, but it makes a great sound. - sketchysteve

26 C

So C is the most interesting letter - how false. - sketchysteve

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