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21 Frozen

Yes. How interesting. A princess with ice powers runs away to the mountains and her sister comes running for her.
Her sister falls, goes to shop, goes after ice sister again with reindeer and Chris...
They are chased by wolfs (Yawn) then they fall, run into a retarded snowman, look for sister,
Queen freezes heart, sister has to go back for true loves kiss, finds out that Han's is evil (Yawn. )
Hans kidnaps Elsa... Elsa runs away again, Hans almost kills but Anna blocks (Could this movie get anymore boring. )
Elsa learns to control powers and they both live happily ever after...
How is this interesting?

I'd rather drink bleach than watch this again.

22 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

This one is nothing more than just poppycock - Ananya

23 Ripley's Game
24 The Matrix Reloaded

Too lengthy in fight scenes and dialogue. - BoltMarksman

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25 The Black Dahlia

Can we watch something else besides watching a forensic files movie about a chopped-up woman because I'm bored to death!?!

26 Empire
27 Vanilla Sky
28 The Blair Witch Project

Not to mention the photography, which made me nauseas

Most boring movie of all time! At least it's short

29 The Last Airbender V 2 Comments
30 A.I. - Artificial Intelligence
31 Son of the Mask

It's not boring. It just has a lot of nonsense and not even funny but a 5-8 year old would enjoy it but big adults would think it's dumb.

32 Frozen Land
33 The Dark Knight
34 Suicide Squad
35 You've Got Mail

Boring. Only Parker Posey is fun to watch in this movie.

36 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

What is THIS? - Ananya

37 Legends of the Fall
38 Open Water
39 Devdas
40 The Color of Magic
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