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21 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

This one is nothing more than just poppycock - Ananya

22 Ripley's Game
23 The Da Vinci Code
24 A Serbian Film
25 The Black Dahlia

Can we watch something else besides watching a forensic files movie about a chopped-up woman because I'm bored to death!?!

26 Foodfight!

Sucks boring too animated shaders 1 star rate too much box office - SpencerJC

27 The Matrix Reloaded

Too lengthy in fight scenes and dialogue. - BoltMarksman

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28 Vanilla Sky
29 Freddy Got Fingered
30 Avatar

This movie is amazing you guys suck. If you are looking for action this is the best movie ever. You have the worst opinion ever if you put this on the top 10n list of most boring movies. You guys suck.

Marines invading a planet with blue monkeys. How the hell did they screw this up and make it so excruciatingly boring? - Shadsilvson11

31 Empire
32 Suicide Squad
33 A.I. - Artificial Intelligence
34 Son of the Mask

It's not boring. It just has a lot of nonsense and not even funny but a 5-8 year old would enjoy it but big adults would think it's dumb.

35 The Last Airbender V 2 Comments
36 The Blair Witch Project

Not to mention the photography, which made me nauseas

Most boring movie of all time! At least it's short

37 You've Got Mail

Boring. Only Parker Posey is fun to watch in this movie.

38 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

What is THIS? - Ananya

39 Frozen Land
40 The Dark Knight
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