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61 Norbit
62 Saw: The Final Chapter
63 Exorcist II: The Heretic

The Exorcist was bad (unpopular opinion) but this was just... kill me - jack2244

64 Killing Them Softly
65 Alexander
66 Passengers
67 The Fox and the Hound
68 Daddy Day Camp
69 Showgirls
70 Exorcist: The Beginning
71 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
72 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
73 Million Dollar Baby
74 The Godfather

Who Ever Added This To The List Is Either Below The Age Of 8, Or Legally Retarded - BeatlesFan1964

Did someone add this on accident? - jack2244

I would rather see paint dry.

75 Avatar

This movie is amazing you guys suck. If you are looking for action this is the best movie ever. You have the worst opinion ever if you put this on the top 10n list of most boring movies. You guys suck.

Marines invading a planet with blue monkeys. How the hell did they screw this up and make it so excruciatingly boring? - Shadsilvson11

76 Rear Window

This is one of the classic Hitchcock's, but it isn't for those who like only action movies, like Stephen Segal's (puke)

It wasn't boring. - zxm

Not really - jack2244

77 The Dark Knight Rises

So boring very little action and very little Batman

This is not boring

Yeah, this one is pretty boring after awhile. Suck it DC fanboys. - jack2244

78 War Horse
79 Arrival

Why? Because it doesn't have action? Not every alien movie needs action you know

What - SpencerJC

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