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61 UFC

I haven't seen this many sweaty dudes groping each other on the floor since the great homoerotic San Fran orgy of 1987.

Boring sweaty guys grappling each other, yawn

Rolling on floor for minutes it,s just boring

Ufc is great

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62 Water Polo

As the guy above me said, all you do is "plash"

All you do is plash in water

Why does this sport exist

Just swim and shot

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63 Olympic Swimming

Watching people swim and touch a wall 5 or 6 times. Thrilling.

This the same as swimming-not a sport

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64 Running Running

Don't listen us some bolt

П🙄😡 Running is awesome. It's way better than watching people throw around a ball and tackle each other for 1 hour. Who put this on here and why? Is it another arrogant football obsessed prick? (I did not mean all people who love football are arrogant pricks, only some are)

65 Sailing

Boring to watch, fun to do

66 Judo

Horrible sport
I won Australian national titles 3 times so boring worst in the world

67 Kung Fu

I like noodles

Sounds like a noodle dish



68 Hurdles


69 Ice Skating

Ice skating is amazing not boring!

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70 Croquet

I have tried playing this game it is still so boring playing it

so fun

71 Cherry Pit Spitting

There are actually championships... - Martin_Canine

72 Cheerleading

No offense to anyone but cheerleading is not a sport. Sure, the cheerleaders put a lot of time and effort into their routines, but it is not fun. The judges just give out points based on how the routine was!

Standing there with puffs, wearing skirts and jumping all over the place is not a sport. There isn't even real competition in this so called "sport". Even golf is more competitive and entertaining.

Had two daughters in cheerleading. It lasts all year including summer. Fall is football games, winter is basketball, spring is training the lower class teams, and summer... it's cheering camp. Most sports last 3 months. With the throws and stunts they do now, it can be dangerous and folks can get hurt... Especially on a hard basketball court. Try it sometime, be a flyer... You won't be bored.

This sport which is not a sport makes me want to hurl why is it not number 1 I'd rather watch the clock why do this when you can be enjoying life no afence Constantina
But it's seriously that bad switch and try watching it you to other cheerleaders

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73 Ice Hockey Ice Hockey Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

Ice hockey is the best sport, it involves so much of your bodies muscles while on ice with a 1/8of an inch thick blade. It is probably the most mentally toughest and physically toughest sports played... I'd like to see you play it... Hotshot.

HELLO! You people obviously don't have any clue about hockey. I myself have been playing for 6 years and tell you what, IT IS NOT BORING! Now I've been reading through your comments, and you guys are DEAD wrong.
2) Have you boneheads ever heard of the NHL? You probably don't even know what that means.
3) The players are all EXTREMELY dedicated to their sport.
4) they get paid somewhat $1,000,000-$2,000,000 a year! That's a lot OF MONEY!

EXCUSE ME! Do you people even play ice hockey? Because I have been playing it for about 6 YEARS now, and it is NOT boring.

It is also cool

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74 Canoeing
75 Kayaking

Kayaking is an AWESOME sport. What's more fun the paddling down rapids and jumping off waterfalls?

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76 Biathlon

What's the point of watching someone ski and shoot. Both of the sports are boring enough.

77 Quidditch

Quidditch is most certainly not boring. Flying around, dodging bludgers, and scoring points. All while someone is trying to catch the snitch. This sport is awesome. (Can't say the same for Muggle Quidditch, the stupidest rip off in human history. That game isn't even interesting, and makes Real Quidditch look bad! )

Not even a sport morons

Real Quidditch is so cool! I would play it all day if I could. Flying around on a broomstick would be so awesome!

Real Quidditch is super cool. But Muggle Quidditch is super lame. I wish that they would specify which one it was.

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78 Short Track Speed Skating
79 Kabbadi

It is the sport which is at it's most boring form ever All you need to do is touch the opposition team members going into their territory and later come back to yours

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