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Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The goal is to score the ball on the other team's goal.


I'm sure there are many complexities in playing soccer like kicking, and running, passing (kicking), and running, kicking some more, and running. In fact it is a really fun game to play itself and the the players are by far very athletic considering that all they do is run and kick. But ultimately when it comes down to it the game is completely dull until someone scores a goal or attempts to score a goal. And let's face it, that barely happens during the game.

Soccer is actually fun you may find it a little boring because you guys haven't try it. Its about teamwork, I think soccer is the best sport and not the most boring ones (No offense)

Soccer is so extremely boring to watch compare to basketball. In basketball, most players can contribute and make the difference from starter to the deepest bench while on soccer, only strikers can score most of the time. To make matters worst, the senseless "offside rule" makes the sport much more difficult to score. Some games ended up nil-nil, that's why the only ones happy are the two opposing goal keepers. Too much effort for less result.

I think low scoring sports in general are boring. Rule changes need to happen in sports to make them more enjoyable for the fans. US Football and basketball make rule changes to do just that. You have to be willing to sacrifice the "historical stats" to do this. The best thing they could do is "Get rid of the Goalie". This goes for Hockey and Soccer. In soccer, you could shorten the field to make the sport fit in more stadiums and bring the fans closer to the action.

One thing, did anybody compared this with American football, I mean people mentioning that without nobody actually saying anything about it, nonsense, but wait, forgot that haters just wanna hate, sorry but that's the truth, so of course this doesn't affect the all-time leading sport in no way, after all its just Americans trying to get attention, how ever like I've say before soccer is king and it has been always like that and apparently its just growing and growing everyday :) thanks for hating Americans,.. Haters.. Ha, whats the difference.. Again sorry for saying the TRUTH.

BY FAR the most boring sport. Damn, why the hell do people like this "sport"? I used to play it and watch it as a kid, but then I discovered real sports, like Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Rugby and, well, any other sport is better than soccer. I hope one day the world will understand it and "the beautiful game" will disappear from this planet. Soccer sucks!

You watch people pass a ball for HOURS without a goal ever being made and then the game can end in a tie? No thanks... I prefer other sports where it's common to get to triple digit scores or at least double digits and the game actually requires some strategy. Kicking a ball into a wide open area behind someone can be done by anyone with the right amount of luck. Boring!

If you say soccer is a softie sport it is not. You are shoving into each other and it is really fun to play and it is constantly going unlike baseball but some players have gotten seriously hurt like some guy he snapped his Achilles heel and now he can't even walk on that foot. Soccer is the number one sport in the world.

Really. They pretend their hurt, when all the other guy did was tap him.

Falling neatly and securely into 2nd place right after golf, is soccer as the 2nd most boring spectator sport. As a means of exercise and fitness improver, it probably ranks high for those who like to run around a lot. But, when it comes to have to watch it being played, I'd prefer taking a nap!

90 minutes long. 85 minutes of it is passing back and forth back and forth back and forth... Until its stolen. games end with zero goals. there can be 40 shots in the game and only a handful even make it near the goal thanks to 20 men standing all around the ball.

How this ever became the worlds most popular sport is beyond me. It is absolutely painful to watch.

Yeah whenever I try to watch this seeing the craziness, I can't go beyond 10 minutes. It's painful, it's pathetic. Few people passing the ball, bullying, hitting the crotch, snatching and pulling hair, biting. Sports needs to be competitive not barbaric. - Sayeed33

Running around the field for over an hour and scoring a goal if you're lucky, Way too many ties, and the players "hurt" themselves every time they touch the ground. I don't understand how people enjoy attaching a ball being kicked back and forth for so long

Anybody that skill and endurance means boring its because you been drinking the American propaganda and koolaid. The comments about this sport is driven by the American media because they don't want this sport to overtake the American sports, its all about money. Look the facts baseball, American football, basketball etc they all have one thing in common breaks for commercials. Soccer is continues action for 45 minutes and continues the next 45. As far as athletic ability no comparison the other so called players spend more time on the bench than playing, look at baseball aside from spitting and scratching themself what do they do. I grew up with American sports and never liked soccer until I was stationed in Germany and followed byer munich and let me say edge of seat playing.

Yea! Someone kicked the ball, someone kicked it back and now someone is rolling on the ground like he was just shot... Cannot hold back my excitement

Wow soccer is terrible. All you do is kick a ball into a giant net. You have 90 minutes to score a goal when it's so easy. To me soccer is fun to play but extremely boring to watch. Other sports like basketball and football are more exiting than someone kicking a ball back and forth for about 90 min

Soccer is better than sleeping tablets... seriously boring like watching paint flaking off after it's hardened after it dried... Rugby is a sport that excites... soccer just bores

I would rather watch the last airbender movie on repeat than watch soccer. At least with that movie, I can laugh at how much it sucks, but with soccer, all I can do is accept that I would probably have more fun sitting completely still in an empty white room

By far the most boring and overrated sport in the world

I agree to most people here, if you're the one who's playing it's really physical and intensive but mostly unrequited, but if you're the one watching it's really boring. No wonder spectators prefer to sing their team anthem just to negate their boredom.

I used to be a professional photographer for the United States Men's National Team (soccer.) It was the most boring job I have ever had. I would drink quarts of coffee before standing on the line waiting for a good shot. It really is a worthless sport to watch. Games usually end in 0 to 0 and then it goes into overtime which I hate because I have to stay longer to shoot this crap.

You forgot football/soccer. Take away the crowds, take away the hype, and what do you get? 2, maybe 3 goals over 90+ minutes, and a lot of diving idiots who never evolved from infancy to be able to use their arms to propel or even pick up a ball. Classic Bore!

No way this "sport" should be on television. You sit there for hours watching two teams run up and down a field and nobody scores a goal! I think watching a soccer game should replace lethal injection on death row.

Even playing it is boring. Sitting down and just watching it is mind blowing, headache inducing and totally horrid as anything! But I guess that this is better than watching people killing each other.

I think it's boring to play, and I think it's extremely boring to watch because there is just running.. more running.. And then some kicking. And if I'm lucky - a few goals. Where I can cheer for 2 of them because the rivals are scoring the other three..

Soccer is a fun game consisting of getting better foot skills and becoming stronger and faster so yes it is not about kicking a ball into a goal or running back and forth and it requires agility and passion.

The sport is just passing the ball meaninglessly in midfield. There are 2-3 shots on goal in an entire 90 minutes. How the hell is that exciting? That's boring as hell and nothing of substance of happening at all.