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1 Math

I find Math to be quite pointless and useless beyond a certain point, only basic Mathematics is needed to get through daily life. It does not spark inspiration or allow us to understand ourselves better. Plus, most Math questions have no relevance to daily life at all and does not help to solve life's greatest problems. Basically just stuff that those who need it must learn, like engineers or mathematicians. No one else humanly requires such knowledge to be an intelligent, capable and functioning human being.

Math is the single dumbest thing we have to learn in school. I honestly think we just need to know addition, subtraction, multiplication, and addition, and how money works. The rest is just pointless, confusing stuff. I don't care how to find the area of a cylinder, or multi-step equations, or scientific notation. I JUST DON'T CARE! I can understand how you would need to learn it if you were going to get a job that requires it, like an engineer or something, but why do we need to learn EVERY. LAST. STEP?! We all know we'll just be carrying around calculators in the future.

This subject is pure pain. I would rather bonk my head against the wall a few hundred times rather than wasting a few ours of my life doing Maths.

I enjoy math, because I have a natural talent for it. I even get excited for exams, though this might just be because my brain doesn't work the same way as everyone else's.

2 Religious Studies

Basically, the study of religion is mostly philosophical. There are several major religions globally, and each has their own beliefs. But here's the thing. Some of their beliefs make little sense, but if you analyze them further, you can infer a purposeful meaning from them and apply it to your life. They're like life lessons that you can learn from. It lets you see our world in a unique perspective.

To justify my point, I'll discuss about the Catholic Church's belief of the Earth's creation. In this rendition, God created everything from light/dark, sun/sky, and animals. Of course this isn't likely how the Earth was formed but you can see it in other ways as well. Different interpretations can lead to a better understanding of this event, even though it's not completely accurate in terms of science.

Finally, I believe that people should have faith in their God because to worship them requires devotion and understanding of said religion. As another example, I believe in ...more

Its religious education and its not forcing kids to become religious its just studying religions of the world.
When I did religious education I was never given a Bible, we never prayed. Only in primary school we learned the Lord's Prayer once and in assembly we sang religious songs which everyone has done in Britain. One teacher read stories from the kids Bible.

I go to a catholic school, even if I'm a born again Christian. But teaching religious stuff to students of another religion is just like teaching them against their will. It's okay to preach, but making it compulsory is pretty much against my ethics. There are other good methods to preach, anyways...but religious studies teach AT LEAST some morals.

It Is so boring... I go to a catholic school because my family is catholic, but I'm an athiest! I don't care about any of this biblical crap and I'm never going to use it. I'm not trying to offend people, I respect your religion but that doesn't mean that I want to memorize the entire bible

3 P.E.

First our team was literally tied with last place in the tournament even though we had good players, Second I went with one of my friends for partners and guess what, he was just laughing and positioning, we didn't do as much P.E as the others did, It was just boring.

I could care less about P.E. This year we had to choose an elective for athletics and the only athletic I like is track and maybe soccer. I was forced to choose one for each semester. Luckily, I got a study hall for spring and it saved my life. Right now I'm doing swimming and it's been awful so far. It's messed up my hair, the swim techniques are not ones I'd normally use so they feel weird, the caps are uncomfortable and the meets go late into the night. I literally had to eat at 9 o clock one night because the meet ended after 8. Hoping to be done with this sport soon. 👎🤮

P.E. ruined the 2nd half of my 6th grade. We had to take a test on P.E. I find a waste of time. I really want the lockers to have stalls so kids do not get tortured and have keys instead if locks. The locker room says Fun and Fitness, but the main class says Dull and Inactive. We do not need lectures about the game. Science is right, P.E. does not give you adequate exercise. I had a hard time liking anyone who said Computers is not as good. We came here for fun and fitness, what a ripoff of a class. At least Computers follows its namesake and has free time for downloaded games. By breaking the vow of its motto at my school, P.E. wastes an entire class period. If I ran the system, it would be Computers the whole year for each grade.

Pe is fun because you get to realise energy which is good because I have adhd. Just because your 500 pounds and unathletic doesn't mean the class sucks. You guys are too sensitive

4 English

These are things that are pointless to learn in English:

1. Reading. Seriously? If you can't read you deserve to die

2. Poetry. You can be a singer or a poet if you are good at poetry. The chances of that happening are next to nothing.

3. Synonyms. Are you kidding me? Why is there more than one word for the same definition. The opposite is just as stupid.

4. "Big" words. They are the most pointless things to learn ever! Why? Just why? So you can sound smarter? You can't just use normal words? It's so DUMB!

5. Writing stories. I don't want to be an author when I grow up so why do we write stories? To amuse the teachers?

English is not pointless though. It is very important for communication and for a job. It is just SO BORING!

I like to read and write. In fact, I LOVE to read. I just hate being forced to read a certain book or write a certain thing, you hear me?

I used to love English in primary school, but that's only because we got to make our own stories, reviews, articles, etc. Then GCSE came... And pretty much the WHOLE COURSE was analysing stories from Shakespeare and 19th century authors, as well as receiving the horrible book that every student in England will get at some point: ANTHOLOGIES! Nothing exiting, useful or interesting in the slightest, all we do is analyse quotes! LUCKILY, creative writing is still part of the course (Something I like, but some may not like it), but we literally do about 0.5% of our English lessons doing it, the rest is literally analysing! There's no freedom to make your own stuff, just looking at other people's in an ancient type of our language! Terrible! Only physics surpasses this subject in awfulness, I would take maths over it ANY DAY.

I honestly dislike English. Learning about Shakespeare and analyzing poetry by far has to be one of the most boring subjects out there. I mean in reality are we really going to need to understand how to interpret meanings, emotions, tones, theme's of short stories in order to become successful? I want to learn how to make money and be able to live a great and wealthy lifestyle, however citing and quoting poems is certainly not going to make me achieve that type of lifestyle.

5 Sex Education

*Unnecessary sexual science facts that does not at all affect your social life or your sex life.

*Knowledge of sexual activity would already most likely be known years before you even take the class

*Target age group to teach would be either too mature, not mature enough or a mixture of the two

*One would most likely know the important facts through age, so basically the whole entire class is just useless...

I already know how sex works and then my school has to let me know how it all works over and over again as if I don't know how it works. We had to watch some Norwegian sex ed video and they showed us pictures of dicks and boobs ALL uncensored. Eventually the lady in the video used a plastic dildo and put it into a plastic vagina, so awkward.

In late 2009/2010, I had to learn about the male and the female body parts. That was just the beginning. And I thought that was disgusting.

Timeskip to 2011/2012, it got way worse. I had to see 3 videos. 3! And all of them left our minds destroyed. It was about puberty, how babies are made and seeing a woman give birth. It was disgusting.

Oh Lord. Where to begin...

Once we were in year 5 we saw really disturbing sex education videos. 3 OF THEM. One was about the private parts, then it was seeing a baby being born, then the 3rd one was seeing a man and a woman having it and it was a cartoon! It was gross!

6 Spelling

Whenever I enter this class and my teacher says "Today we will spell toxic, phobia, mass, atmosphere, and why, now, anyone who isn't familiar with any of these words please raise your hand" and half the classes hand's shoot up! It's spelling! Once I almost asked, "is this how you get an A+ as a teacher, Mrs. Morris? Being above and beyond boring? "

I just sit at my desk, and daydream. Gets me in trouble sometimes, but it helps pass the time. Tests are especially boring, I mean that's just pressuring you about something you already know, and that's likely to make you forget it!

I remember one time I was taking a test for spelling and when I write some of my letters are smaller than others. But then my called to us and said "Make sure all your letters are the same size, or it will be a zero".
And I my head I was thinking. "What?! What differnce does that make?!"

Like it's to hard like you get these pieces of paper and have word building and everything! Its really rad for me anyway no offense to to people who like it.

7 Spanish

I hate languages because they're SUPER boring and not everyone is going to France or Spain! Plus, English is the most well-known language. Aren't there people there that speak English? If there were no foreign language classes at school, it would be MUCH easier.

This is sooo boring! I hate it and usually I don't pay attention in class and let my mind wander to more important things, instead or I just talk with my friends out of the corner of my mouth so the teacher doesn't frigging yell in my face

My teacher is so mean, and she is always saying we are doing something wrong, even if we just give a small yawn, just from being tired. Not only they, but she never actually teaches us. She just gives us a sheet and expects us to know all the answers. She is by far my least favourite teacher.

Our school fired our Mandarin teacher and cut all the French classes. The graduation requirement of 2 yrs of Foreign Language became 2 yrs of Spanish. Don't get me wrong, this isn't meant to be racist or anything, but...there's just something about the Spanish language that I don't click with. If I had a choice, I would learn French.

8 Science

It's unnecessarily hard. They teach us invaluable life skills which we won't even consider using in life. They should teach us more important stuff, and science maybe kids will be interested in. Rather than the study of tectonic plates, and cell membranes.

I loathe Silent Time. My class was not as worse as Period 4, but had some of the same problems that made me cringe like having to do extra homework. I will be a doctor just to avoid being laid off, but I find it boring because of the way it is taught to us.

Science is the worst my teacher is so strict and science is just plain boring. Why would we have to memorise the periodic table if we won't use it. Its just the most boring subject of all time.

Science is fun because you learn about how to investigate crimes it is very interesting. If science didn't exsist then we wouldn't know anything about weight and how life goes how to help our plants how to be a doctor that is science

9 American History

I hate the way people - especially teachers - perceive the quote, "Those who forget history are bound to repeat it." The quote is referring to a general understanding of history, not memorizing useless facts. I don't care about when the ALF was founded. I don't care what Rockefeller did in 1920. I care about the BIG PICTURE! History teachers almost never teach the big picture only the useless facts.

My philosophy is that history is like a set of science experiments. Different ideologies are tried out and tested. We try to find out how to create the best possible society. We can do that by both looking at what worked and didn't work in the past (study history) and using common sense and logic to determine what the best path would be. We need a combination of both to be successful. History classes tend to neglect the latter.

The end goal of life is to create an environment in which (ideally) everyone is happy. Obviously, it's almost impossible to ensure universal ...more

This is by far one of the most boring and pointless classes ever. I get taking it in grade school, but once you get to high school, it becomes way too much. Even in world history classes, US history seeps through. US history is literally a repeat of itself every single time you take it. Every. Single. Time. Nothing changes. The Revolutionary War still happened when it did. George Washington still became the first president. There was still an attack on Pearl Harbor. 9/11 still happened on 9/11. You rarely ever learn anything new. It's horrible. And have you noticed teachers always spend the most time on the same thing? I swear, my high school teacher went over the Revolutionary War for about 3 know, like my grade school teachers did too. There comes a point when people gotta stop and think "haven't these kids already learned the ins and outs of US history? " Plus, every single history class starts out with a mini-essay on the quote "Those who forget history are doomed to ...more

This is one of my least favorite subjects. Not only is it incredibly boring - it is also very difficult. Sure, we all know that George Washington was the first president (and if you didn't know that, I don't know what to say), but that's not the stuff you get tested on. You're going to have to remember what labor unions are, all of the abbreviations of FDR's New Deal and what each of them did, and the names of all the Japanese cities during WWII (which I cannot distinguish among to save my life). Many people go over American History in elementary school and middle school, but many high schools, like mine, require a course, or credit, in it to graduate. For my American History credit, I decided to take Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) to look good for colleges and to avoid being put in a class with the bad kids. In my school, APUSH is completely lecture-based. If you missed something the teacher said, too bad for you, go figure it out on your own or try to find the ...more

Ancient history is far more interesting than anything about government history which I think it's boring. Ancient history is more interesting because you get to learn how people in the past survived, build houses, hunt food, and other creative things they made and what happened to them.

10 French

Our school has French, but I chose to take the other language class offered because I have a special interest in the culture and history of that country.

Every time I look at my timetable and see that I have French the next day, I feel like I want to kill myself. I find it so boring and hard, and most of the teachers at our school that teach French are mean as hell. To be honest though, I hate languages in general, not just French. If they didn't teach languages, I'd actually be happy going to school, I would have no worries or problems.

I actually love French, the language itself, and I actually want to learn it. Other kids from my school hate it because of the teacher. It's a shame. If you really like something and you want to actually learn it you ignore everything that makes everyone else hate it. You even find it easier and make better grades in the subject.

Really? You'll have a very hard time speaking to people in French speaking countries without knowing French! Or if you Mali and France are the two I know, but there are a lot more. It's important to know two different languages, not to mention you could be a translator( important, in case you haven't noticed. )

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11 Health

You won't need English that much because after learning to read and write, that's it. You don't need Math after learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.

Health is something you will need in life and it's actually interesting.

Oh, so you want to get sick all day? I haven't gotten any cold for 6 months because learning health and exercising is great. Sur math is more important, but don't you think we need a good health so bring can function perfectly?

I'd love to have a health class. Why? It sounds really important as we would know more about health and illnesses. You can't just snap your fingers for health or for healing an illness since you wouldn't knew what illness are you getting

This should be number one. This beats English class in my mind. NOW we're talking a class with complete boredom. Some people might say that this class might be useful in some ways, but that's not how I find it.

12 Social Studies

In my school, Social Studies is actually my Special Ed class and has nothing to do with history.

Also, we just stay in the classroom for most of the subject and do absolutely nothing unless its projects or activities, this subject I absolutely despise because it has nothing to do with Social Studies or History.

So, in fifth grade we learned about the California gold rush. We read Patty Reed's Doll and they took out the part when everybody started to eat other for it to be "kid friendly." That's why history is boring, they take literally everything interesting out.

I liked the history parts, but I don't like the sociology parts, or the economy parts and I don't like the geography either. It's too boring that many people at my class snooze during social studies and they fake illnesses during math

Most most time wasting subject. It should be on the top in hate able list of subjects. Head start paining when I see this subject.I don't no who mental has invented it. Old era kings have died but have left a great torture on little students. Oh god help these little children

13 Algebra

Algebra is great. And incredibly useful all throughout life. Especially useful when shopping for groceries and staple items. If you have three out of four variables you can easily figure out the unknown one IF you use Algebra.

I'm taking Algebra as an eighth grader. I'm thinking about hurdling myself out of that window. It's so simple and boring. It's in no way difficult. I understand the help in learning Algebra, I just wish it was taught twice as fast.

Somewhere out there, this Asian tenth-grader stares awkwardly at the screen and ponders about the irony of the sentence: "Algebra is not math."

If you could kindly explain the meaning of your statement, please...?

Very Difficult to understand, and there are not even many real life situations where we need algebra unless if you are a mathematician!

14 Government

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone
You drove your car across the bridge. I watched, you let it swim.
I threw your stuff into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
You drove your car across the bridge.

I don't care, I Hate it. I don't care.

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.
You drove your car across the bridge. I watched, you let it swim.
I threw your stuff into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
You drove your car the bridge.

I don't care, I Hate it. I don't care.

You're on a different road, I'm in the milky way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
You're so,so hard to please, we gotta flip this switch
You're from the 70's, but I'm a Kidz Bop Kid!

I Hate it!
I Hate it!

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.
Your drove your car across the bridge. I watched, you let it swim.
I threw your stuff into a bag and pushed it down the ...more

Government is by far the worst subject of them all. I don't need to learn how to become a lawyer and us government in general just bores me and it was a hard to understand class sometimes.

Oh dear. I couldn't even try to pay attention in this class. Good thing it was middle school. If I had to take this class in high school or college, I would not be able to bear it.

Currently taking it.
Can we just ask our parents who always watch the news on politics everyday?

15 Music

Let's just say there's a reason why I call our school's music room the Torture Room. Our group couldn't get along, I had to act as the mom friend for literally the entire time, I and another girl called Rebecca were the only ones in our group taking it seriously, and it was the place where I had my first anxiety/panic attack.

Music... is just another definition of hell here. Why?

In my school, music is all about musical instruments, ok, first time I was fine. And I thought it got better (Why? Because I was supposed to play guitar). Now, I have to go back to using a godamn ukelele. And whats even worse, I hate playing instruments other than the guitar -.-

Yup, I was going for pe, until I saw this

It can be fun SOMETIMES. I just wish it was always, because at my school we sit there every two weeks, and for the first 10 minutes we are on the carpet, watching videos with facts that SO MANY people know about!

Music class SUCKS. I hate my music teacher, she's a total snob and she's always grumpy. She excepts us to know everything about music, and when somebody does something wrong, she gets pissed off. She makes us do all of these stupid tests on musical symbols and notes. I hate her, ugh.

16 U.S. Government

I never pay attention in this class, how about instead of teacher the government's RIGHTS, teach their WRONGS. I don't want to learn about how some idiot said, "Hey, let's spy on people while stealing their money for our own cause instead of using it to help poor and homeless people! While we're at it, let's oppress minorities!"

While we learn about our government's past and how to learn from it, our present government is falling at break-neck speed, some of the causes having been issues 50 years ago...

I just hate the way the class is presented. They don't put recent news about the government. And its just words and words. Nothing entertaining.

Sounds like the dumbest subject, and I will also cringe if there's such a thing like Chinese Government subject in my school.

17 Drama

Picked this over maths as an elective because I thought it was going to be easy. Couldn't have been more wrong. It doesn't really teach you anything apart from how to act in a play. If you're taking the subject just because you want to be an actor, then it's a good idea to rethink your choice because acting isn't easy!

Hell, so can movie exist without drama? Having no drama I like having no emotions at all. If drama doesn't exist, then crying I illegal, so if you're heartbroken, don't cry. I mean, I want to be an actress! So I need to learn drama! Too many action I going.

I recommend not to be in field of Drama. It is useless and nothing to study. Only writing a script, reading a story, act a short drama. Actors earn lot of money but their minds are like empty vessels. They only think about their famousity and money they have.

Drama go to HELL, man! I mean, like, I once got part in a play, and my dialogue was, " Let's start the dance! " and I said, " let's start the s***! ". I was grounded, yes.

18 Chemistry

I dropped Chemistry for Physics. I hated it! It's just so complicated and incredibly dull. I have no idea how anyone can find it interesting apart from the experiments which are admittedly quite fun but a pain in the ass to write about and study.

I hate chemistry so much. It's so annoying and fake all the protons, neutrons, bonds, minerals, cations anions and all the other technical. Biology is way better!

Chemical bonding makes it complicated as well as the memorization of the chemical symbols and numbers. Whew!

Unbearable... I fell asleep during my first chem. Class... Pretty embarassing! Do not take chemistry. No matter what your siblings tell you. You will not last it.

19 Chorus

I mean... singer need this! Actors need this! Actresses need this! We all know how to ung, but there are much harder subject in music such as singing C9...

So boring, mandatory at my school. When are we ever going to even use this in life?

It is boring because the teacher is like do this and do that all at the time! And you have to sing a lot

Ugh, this is mandatory at my school and it sucks.

20 British History

I find everything about it amusing. If we had this as a subject in our school, I'm totally gonna die of bringing a 1000 page book everyday because we all know how British History ends; it never does!

Its just like the American history... It has got nothing to do with your carrer... Bogus and useless dates and descriptions... All trash and horrific and horrendous.

Why do we need to learn about another country's history in such useless depth... I live in America, not Britain.

Completely boring and useless, just about these stupid kings that beheaded people at the drop of a hat.

21 Geometry

Also in this class.
Every unit I entered had absolutely nothing to do with the whole point meaning of the course.

The math I'm in right now that is painfully boring and uninteresting, not to mention USELESS.

Any math classes suck. We wont need these in the real why teach us these useless formulas and equations

I can do well in math, but when it comes to geometry...

22 Public Speaking

If you want to become a public speaker, this is the perfect class. Hence the subject's name. But I do strongly agree that it's not for those who have a disorder or are too shy to speak in front of crowds. However, social skills and dealing with nervousness is essential in the majority of jobs. An alternative to this is practicing communication and confidence with someone you trust and you can determine how you do that as this method is versatile. There are other ways to practice those skills, but that's what I find best as I consider myself in that spectrum.

It's especially a horrible course for children who are introverted, shy or actually have social phobias. I see no point in learning how to give a speech if I'm too shy to ever even put myself in the position in the real world.

In my school at the end of every week (on Friday) we find out which students got 'star pupil'.You get star pupil if you have worked hard all week.When you get star pupil it is very overwhelming everyone is smiling clapping and looking straight at you THIS IS CREEPY

Yeah, it's a good course, but after a while, you just stop caring about what the person has to say, if you even did to begin with.

23 Politics

Bla bla let's talk about voting that your not even old enough to do yet and how to become the president. That's politics in my school.

24 Statistics

The subject is good, but the way how teachers teach this is boring.

25 Biology

I'm talking about AP Bio. They said they changed it so that it wasn't memorization. It is still memorization. Memorize this! And this!

I like biology too, but whoever added it doesn't so the only thing we can do about it is respect that.

Biology is awesomne because you get to learn about living creatures all those intersting things, which I LOVE!

Nah, it's an interesting subject. I love studying about living creatures

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