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1 Math

Something dies in me when I enter Math class.

We should only learn the basics of math not functions, factorials, polynomials... What for? I don't wanna be a engineer so I think I really don't need to study all those useless stuff!

I never had to study American history, which sure has to be awful, so I vote for Maths. Which is horrendous. And should die.

American history is actually very interesting especially when you talk about the wars. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter


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2 Religious Studies

It Is so boring... I go to a catholic school because my family is catholic, but I'm an athiest! I don't care about any of this biblical crap and I'm never going to use it. I'm not trying to offend people, I respect your religion but that doesn't mean that I want to memorize the entire bible

I'm an atheist, and I see how you feel. I also hate this stuff and if I ever get married, I will try to NOT get a wife who is religious and forces me to go to a church for 2 hours. - Goatworlds

I am religious myself, but I'm sure none of us will use this religion stuff from school in the future, we may be part of a religion, but I'm sure we'll look for jobs which have inspired us for ages. I don't think we'll want to be a priest or something.

Religion has no place in education. Stop teaching us that we are Jesus's sheep or whatever and tell us what the bible means by that. It also directly contradicts science and history.

So boring, nothing is ever useful either, I forget each thing we learn the next day

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3 P.E.

Oh my God, I hate PE! I'm just so @#&$ing sick of having to waste time wearing myself to a half-dead bellows after a useless time-waster! I constantly have to kill myself running and jumping over bars, as if it will change my future like other subjects will. Well, it won't! And why do I have to do a @#&$ing ridiculous test on what positions require what to do?! For crying out &#&$ing loud, do I need that crap?! It doesn't change my knowledge, so do you idiots call this @#&$ing education, huh? Education is meant to get good from students. Does PE do that? No! PE makes everyone believe that body power is more important than intellect. There is no greater social downfall. And what good do you get from professional sports?! When you watch your local team win, say, the Superbowl, you see several @#&$ing idiots who, thanks to PE, have been brainwashed into thinking that chasing a fat man with a ball is a better thing to do than proving string theory, which will change the world, as opposed ...more

I don't mean to be rude but obviously you don't know what physical education is actually about. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

P.E. ruined the 2nd half of my 6th grade. We had to take a test on P.E. I find a waste of time. I really want the lockers to have stalls so kids do not get tortured and have keys instead if locks. The locker room says Fun and Fitness, but the main class says Dull and Inactive. We do not need lectures about the game. Science is right, P.E. does not give you adequate exercise. I had a hard time liking anyone who said Computers is not as good. We came here for fun and fitness, what a ripoff of a class. At least Computers follows its namesake and has free time for downloaded games. By breaking the vow of its motto at my school, P.E. wastes an entire class period. If I ran the system, it would be Computers the whole year for each grade.

Way better than at my school. The department head makes you take notes and write essays about the various games in the curriculum. The whole point of the class is to get into physical shape! We're not going to get there by sitting on our butts listening to you lecture!

Plus I even get grounded by not wearing my p.e shorts what's the point if it's cold all of us would be like popsicles after p.e and also when it's hot at the blacktops all of us be cooked like steaks if we sat our asses down on the blacktop.

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4 English

I honestly dislike English. Learning about Shakespeare and analyzing poetry by far has to be one of the most boring subjects out there. I mean in reality are we really going to need to understand how to interpret meanings, emotions, tones, theme's of short stories in order to become successful? I want to learn how to make money and be able to live a great and wealthy lifestyle, however citing and quoting poems is certainly not going to make me achieve that type of lifestyle.

Same goes for Chinese... "What is the meaning of this sentence on paper and deep below? " "This word is used greatly, explain it in detail." "What are the benefits of using this figure of speech? " SAVE ME! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Every time I enter this class, I see my life flash before my eyes, and think about the fact that I could be doing what
I have in my life rather than do this. WE ALREADY SPEAK THE LANGUAGE!

Every single class I literally have to write a useless essay about stupid stuff that doesn't even relate to the class. We have a book that is TOO educational because they wanted to "raise the standards and make us better". If you have to learn about how flowers grow in the desert, HOW DOES IT EVEN RELATE!?

Also, you don't have to stay in this waste of educational time class for 12 years just to learn how to write an essay and crap. I don't need to write a paper just to pull my car into the garage, thank you. And I don't have to analyze poetry or anything like that just to do everyday things. The thing that kills me the most is Shakespeare, especially Romeo and Juliet.

Now, we have to do EVERYTHING on computers, which makes it even more boring, because I hate technology (don't ...more

1. ) it doesn't take 12 years of English to learn to read a book. Completely useless subject after maybe 5th grade.
2. ) Oh of course I'm gonna need to know poetry for...
3. ) hmm something's I've 'learned' in this class should be common sense for most people.
Be disappointed, knowing you had to spend 12 years of learning how to write a letter, Only to Be an Engineer
America needs your help people. Protest against this communist subject.

-N. Tesla

I have fallen asleep in an English class before. That's how boring it is. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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5 Spelling

It's good and helpful, but how the English teachers teach it sucks.

Whenever I enter this class and my teacher says "Today we will spell toxic, phobia, mass, atmosphere, and why, now, anyone who isn't familiar with any of these words please raise your hand" and half the classes hand's shoot up! It's spelling! Once I almost asked, "is this how you get an A+ as a teacher, Mrs. Morris? Being above and beyond boring? " - Swiftdawn

It's boring especially if you wing it.

Teacher: Today guys we are taking a spelling test on 5 words!
Kids: Oh, what are they?
Teacher: It, Pen, Knee, Wise, Cock
Kid: THAT'S WAY TO EASY! - Datguyisweird666

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6 Spanish

Oh come on! I really hate learning this. I'm really am not trying to be offensive, at all. I would just rather take Italian or German. I'm sorry, but Spanish just doesn't make it for me.

Anyone who voted for math or science is confused because those 2 things are necessary for society to function. Think about something that is not made with science / math. Society is just fine without Spanish.

Who needs to learn another language when they are in their OWN country? Like seriously, English Americans need to learn Spanish aside from their own language? Boring and bad, repetitive and stupid!

Because my school is in the part of Los Angeles where all the Mexican people live, and all my friends at school are Hispanic, we don’t have to learn Spanish. Too bad that like 65% of our teachers are Asian, so some kids take advantage of how they can’t speak Spanish. One time one of my classmates said,”Besa mi cola! ”(Kiss my butt in Spanish) He’s disgusting, like really disgusting.

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7 Sex Education

Just because the name is VERY deceiving. - fireinside96

So true. My school's view is like "If you don't remain abstinent you will get pregnant and die. " Thanks a lot, PTA.

Its stuff that you likely have already talked about with your parents, or that they will insist on talking about later. Also, I don't know about you, but I feel awkward for the rest of the day when I have it.

In late 2009/2010, I had to learn about the male and the female body parts. That was just the beginning. And I thought that was disgusting.

Timeskip to 2011/2012, it got way worse. I had to see 3 videos. 3! And all of them left our minds destroyed. It was about puberty, how babies are made and seeing a woman give birth. It was disgusting. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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8 Science

Science is fun because you learn about how to investigate crimes it is very interesting. If science didn't exsist then we wouldn't know anything about weight and how life goes how to help our plants how to be a doctor that is science

It's unnecessarily hard. They teach us invaluable life skills which we won't even consider using in life. They should teach us more important stuff, and science maybe kids will be interested in. Rather than the study of tectonic plates, and cell membranes.

I totally agree with the person below me! I want to be a fashion designer, so I'll need home economics, math, and probably some foreign languages.

I don’t like science at all. Lots of people in my class love it but I have never liked it and have never Been good at it which sucks because I’m doing a 1.5 hour test of science today

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9 French

Nobody needs this, I wish I would have taken a German course...

I actually love French, the language itself, and I actually want to learn it. Other kids from my school hate it because of the teacher. It's a shame. If you really like something and you want to actually learn it you ignore everything that makes everyone else hate it. You even find it easier and make better grades in the subject.

Really? You'll have a very hard time speaking to people in French speaking countries without knowing French! Or if you Mali and France are the two I know, but there are a lot more. It's important to know two different languages, not to mention you could be a translator( important, in case you haven't noticed. )

I'm taking it for an A-Level r.i.p - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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10 American History

I hate the way people - especially teachers - perceive the quote, "Those who forget history are bound to repeat it." The quote is referring to a general understanding of history, not memorizing useless facts. I don't care about when the ALF was founded. I don't care what Rockefeller did in 1920. I care about the BIG PICTURE! History teachers almost never teach the big picture only the useless facts.

My philosophy is that history is like a set of science experiments. Different ideologies are tried out and tested. We try to find out how to create the best possible society. We can do that by both looking at what worked and didn't work in the past (study history) and using common sense and logic to determine what the best path would be. We need a combination of both to be successful. History classes tend to neglect the latter.

The end goal of life is to create an environment in which (ideally) everyone is happy. Obviously, it's almost impossible to ensure universal ...more

This is by far one of the most boring and pointless classes ever. I get taking it in grade school, but once you get to high school, it becomes way too much. Even in world history classes, US history seeps through. US history is literally a repeat of itself every single time you take it. Every. Single. Time. Nothing changes. The Revolutionary War still happened when it did. George Washington still became the first president. There was still an attack on Pearl Harbor. 9/11 still happened on 9/11. You rarely ever learn anything new. It's horrible. And have you noticed teachers always spend the most time on the same thing? I swear, my high school teacher went over the Revolutionary War for about 3 know, like my grade school teachers did too. There comes a point when people gotta stop and think "haven't these kids already learned the ins and outs of US history? " Plus, every single history class starts out with a mini-essay on the quote "Those who forget history are doomed to ...more - ultralyssa

The single most torturous class I've ever had to sit through. There really isn't too much to learn, only about 200 years worth, so many pointless and useless details are thrown in. I would rather gorge out my eyes with a spoon than take American History.

History in general would’ve been enough. The only things they teach us in this class is wars when there’s so much more to it than that. Throw something else in for once. - 3DG20

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11 Health

It so boring to a lot of people but aim fine with it but what stinking is you have to take long tests about nothing

Oh, so you want to get sick all day? I haven't gotten any cold for 6 months because learning health and exercising is great. Sur math is more important, but don't you think we need a good health so bring can function perfectly? - GirlyAnimeLover

I'd love to have a health class. Why? It sounds really important as we would know more about health and illnesses. You can't just snap your fingers for health or for healing an illness since you wouldn't knew what illness are you getting - MLPFan

It is so boring

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12 Social Studies

My god. US history is so boring because it's all sanitized with all of the interesting parts taken out. Please, end this pain.

SS is so boring I can't even explain how boring it is

Ss teacher: the silver war is blah blah blah blah

When I'm at school, social studies is the lesson where the teacher drinks her mug of coffee, and everyone else does whatever they want leading to chaos.

Why do boring projects insted of playing

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13 U.S. Government

history I can do math I can stand, government put a bullet in my head - blaqksails92

I just hate the way the class is presented. They don't put recent news about the government. And its just words and words. Nothing entertaining.

While we learn about our government's past and how to learn from it, our present government is falling at break-neck speed, some of the causes having been issues 50 years ago...

Sounds like the dumbest subject, and I will also cringe if there's such a thing like Chinese Government subject in my school. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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14 Government

Oh dear. I couldn't even try to pay attention in this class. Good thing it was middle school. If I had to take this class in high school or college, I would not be able to bear it.

I don't understand a single thing about government

Its boring

it sucks

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15 Chemistry

I dropped Chemistry for Physics. I hated it! It's just so complicated and incredibly dull. I have no idea how anyone can find it interesting apart from the experiments which are admittedly quite fun but a pain in the ass to write about and study. - Ross115

Chemistry's Lecture is my sleeping time, I don't Get a word said from the weird symbols and bonds. - darknessmaster909

Chemical bonding makes it complicated as well as the memorization of the chemical symbols and numbers. Whew!

What? Chemistry is one of the least boring, in my opinion. So interesing, nothing bad here - darthvadern

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16 Algebra

Believe it or not but algebra is not math. Math is the simple 16x12, but algebra takes that, and demoralizes it. So complex it's hard, yet so simple it's boring the WORST SUBJECT EVER.

I'm taking Algebra as an eighth grader. I'm thinking about hurdling myself out of that window. It's so simple and boring. It's in no way difficult. I understand the help in learning Algebra, I just wish it was taught twice as fast.

I love algebra! It's not boring like trigonometry or physics!

Just when you think you dominate numbers, algebra smacks you in the face with letters

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17 Chorus

So boring, mandatory at my school. When are we ever going to even use this in life?

It is boring because the teacher is like do this and do that all at the time! And you have to sing a lot

What if we don't like singing?

This should not be even a subject. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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18 Music

Music sucks in my school because we do 1 musical concert which is a Christmas musical and if your school does the same I said just lip synch or if it's a concert just don't do any line because you have to miss recess in my school just to get a line memorized so not worth it and it's pure hell

Music sucks in my school because all our music teacher does is make us sing songs and do 1 or 2 concerts a school year and if you hate singing lip synch.

Music class SUCKS. I hate my music teacher, she's a total snob and she's always grumpy. She excepts us to know everything about music, and when somebody does something wrong, she gets pissed off. She makes us do all of these stupid tests on musical symbols and notes. I hate her, ugh.

My school has 2 concerts each year and my music teacher picks the worst songs. One time we were doing "Three Little Birds" and then she took it off the list because the concert was too long. My reaction to that was "REALLY! " as I walked out of the classroom

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19 Drama

Drama go to HELL, man! I mean, like, I once got part in a play, and my dialogue was, " Let's start the dance! " and I said, " let's start the s***! ". I was grounded, yes. - dusk_taker

Picked this over maths as an elective because I thought it was going to be easy. Couldn't have been more wrong. It doesn't really teach you anything apart from how to act in a play. If you're taking the subject just because you want to be an actor, then it's a good idea to rethink your choice because acting isn't easy!

Hell, so can movie exist without drama? Having no drama I like having no emotions at all. If drama doesn't exist, then crying I illegal, so if you're heartbroken, don't cry. I mean, I want to be an actress! So I need to learn drama! Too many action I going. - GirlyAnimeLover

I recommend not to be in field of Drama. It is useless and nothing to study. Only writing a script, reading a story, act a short drama. Actors earn lot of money but their minds are like empty vessels. They only think about their famousity and money they have.

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20 British History

I find everything about it amusing. If we had this as a subject in our school, I'm totally gonna die of bringing a 1000 page book everyday because we all know how British History ends; it never does!

Completely boring and useless, just about these stupid kings that beheaded people at the drop of a hat.

Why do we need to learn about another country's history in such useless depth... I live in America, not Britain.

Royals royals royals, Diana is the best female person. bla bla bla - Maddox121

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21 Biology

Nah, it's an interesting subject. I love studying about living creatures - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I love Biology! - GirlyAnimeLover

I like Biology. - DCfnaf

Biology is awesomne because you get to learn about living creatures all those intersting things, which I LOVE! - darthvadern

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22 Public Speaking

It's especially a horrible course for children who are introverted, shy or actually have social phobias. I see no point in learning how to give a speech if I'm too shy to ever even put myself in the position in the real world.

Yeah, it's a good course, but after a while, you just stop caring about what the person has to say, if you even did to begin with. - Darrell

I agree tat I hate this. I am shy and introverted... I hate to be around people, and I could've gain Social Anxiety for this... - GirlyAnimeLover

I'm introverted and have generally unliked opinions. That makes this class really bad.

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23 Politics

Bla bla let's talk about voting that your not even old enough to do yet and how to become the president. That's politics in my school.

Two comments below, those things people say are all true and I actually LIKE Politics. HATERS BACK OFF - Swiftdawn

I have to read boring leveled books I hate and I can't change them until Ela is over and I have to analyze the characters in a category that they don't show in the story

Snore...snore...I'm so sick of "TRUMP sucks HE IS RASIST" and "HILLARY SHULDVE WON". Politics suck. - DCfnaf

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24 Statistics

Statistics is not proper maths. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. You just lost the game. Come on computer!

It's just SO boring.

One of the better parts of math - MLPFan

Apparently Statistics is the easiest A* someone ever got. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

25 ELA

The only class I dislike in my new school. The first two days were good, but my teacher likes to round us up in these groups. For the record, I hate working in groups because I'm the shy, quiet type of person. And to make things worse, I prefer to be alone in my thoughts. So I tend to day dream about INTERESTING THINGS... So, I tend to think about questions a little harder. But, my teacher pulled a move that most teachers do occasionally, which I REALLY HATE. They asked me, specifically if I was doing my work. Remember how I said that I tend do to be quiet? Turns out, I have a quiet voice. That, my friends, is a recipe for disaster... I also get unintentional accidental additudes. So, they couldn't hear me after I said the same thing FIVE TIMES IN A ROW! That day, was the day that I learned, my eighth period is a living nightmare. Worst class. It replaced my other horrible class is used to have, which was speech and debate. Not only the worst class, but the worst elective I have. This ...more

I can relate to you so much with this. Group work is so pointless, and it's not for a person like me. And English class is when I do the most group work. - matty925

Its so boring nothing but work and reading boring books it happens in my school called Central Middle School. ITS LAME!

Is writing on a dead piece of wood make you dumb? Of course! It's fantastic! - HelloWhyImHere

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26 Marketing
27 Business Studies

Horrendous. Spend so long filling in stupid budgets and damn balance sheets. And I have a slow, horrible teacher.

it is so boring...
As it contains more literature than english itself... - tayal5001

Why did I ever take this subject?

I like it! - Swiftdawn

28 Civics

This subject is the most boring subject ever


29 Hindi

This is very boring subjects

Oh my god pagal


30 Sanskrit


What's Sanskrit? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Seems like there's allot of angry indians here (not trynna be racist, my best guess is that it's a subject there). - Wth

Sanskrit subject is self too boring, it is then also made to be taught by extra-boring teachers. I dunno why we need Sanskrit? One 'great' thing is that most people all languages are born through Sanskrit, okay, good, but why do we need to learn this? Other languages are simplified.
And if I try to give my best, then the teacher kills me by giving me less marks X (

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31 Band

To be honest I prefer Choir over band. And I'm male. Start swarm the hate on me for being girly. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Who the heck put this on here1?!?

Chorus/ Choir is SO MUCH BETTER

32 Language Arts

My LA teacher right now is making Language Arts one of the best subjects ever! Language Arts only sucks if you have a boring LA teacher!

I don't like it because it wastes a lot of time, mine is 90 minutes long. So boring

Lucky we have language arts and ss FOR TWO HOURS! But the class is only kinda boring.

No. Language Arts is the greatest subject in my eyes. I love to write. If there is one thing I would make my school, it would be writing. I could write a ten page essay in a day. Sign me up! LA brings me so much joy. I will be an author one-day. No matter what stands in my way. 💘 - Untildawn8

33 Dance

It sucks because its not optional we're forced to do some homo dance

Believe me, the idea of prancing around like some ungraceful walrus trying to be a ballerina is NOT very appealing to me. - RaineSage

I need this class because I want to be a dancer. - GirlyAnimeLover

Lovely subject! I love dance - Swiftdawn

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34 Economics

It's just such a drag to do when you're doing an assignment and it has a dense amount of information which you may or may not apply in your assignments. Bloody waste of time

We just talk about why we shouldn't spend our money on crap basically : sometimes it's actually more sad than boring - Puppytart

This subject is the bane in my existence

I'm okay with government and all, but ask this: Who CARES about learning how economic systems are similar?

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35 Philosophy

It's just so annoying to study something that people thought thousands years ago. So many inventions... And so useless.

Um, I say the world is over-crowded we need to channel our inner peace and become one with nature. Bull!

Philosophy practically screams
"Be open minded! "
NOPE LOL. It actually screams
"Be open minded in this way, not that way, silly! "

why? - Ananya

36 Typing

useless - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Typing is boring. It’s completely useless and computer class

37 Korean

I am from South Korea and this subject is boring. Sometimes they are fun because they read fun lectures. But most of time, they learn about stupid poetry and analyse things that you don't do in your real life.

Wait... you get to learn KOREAN at school? I want to learn Korean! - MLPFan

Korean is a language that gets taught in school?! o_o

38 German

I would love to learn German, French is horrible. in fact German is easier to learn than French

I would rather do maths then German and I hate maths

39 Latin

Actually, without Latin would we not have languages such as: Italian, French, Romania, Spanish and without Spanish itself then no different forms of it, of course, and what about the Mayo languages? Learning Latin at an early age can make it easier to understand a wide range of other languages. Do you guys even know why it became a frozen language? Other than that, or sort of at least: people such as myself, latintutorial and like most of his followers, Enya and her friend Roman, Andreas Nordin and MORE actually work with keeping it alive. Why? How would you feel if you woke up one day and your language got pretty much extinct? I understand the French and Icelandic ones on this. Also! Read Latin For Dummies.

Actually, Latin is supposedly a dead language until SOMEONE decided to make it show up again and now we have MODERN LATIN! Latin is supposed to be buried deep underground already! Why did it show up again?!

I love Latin, though... - RiverClanRocks


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40 Theater
41 Textiles
42 Geography

Geography is the worst subject ever! I had to do two assignments that were exactly the same, and the assignment task didn't even make sense!

Geography is easy and fun because I can find the answers to the questions easily and I watched videos about documentaries and stories about a person. - art2400

Geography is stupid, you don't even learn anything!

I hate this subject more than I hate history. - Hellohi

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43 Music Appreciation


44 Geometry

The math I'm in right now that is painfully boring and uninteresting, not to mention USELESS. - DCfnaf

One of the better parts of math, along with statistics - MLPFan

This should be higher. - Flamer310

45 Orchestra
46 Botany

Yay! plants. Just take biology! - Swiftdawn

47 Particle Physics
48 Ancient Greece

So boring and terrible. Not very fun.

Very horrible history EVER!

Why do people need to learn this, it’s useless. It wastes the schools money and the teachers+students time teaching and learning it.

49 Filipino

Filipino sucks...

Filipino is like the translation of english it just confuses me like
Layon of blablbla

But the subject math still the WORSt

50 Earth Science

Too easy...

I like itQ - Swiftdawn

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