Physics? Maths? Boring? Are You Actually Serious?

PositronWildhawk Physics and Maths, for some, may be a hard subject. I certainly understand that. But boring isn't the word.

I'm into the two of them as a subject, and I have to say, you can't be bored by them if you know the effect they have on the world. They're everywhere around you, and some of their effects are what you see everyday, their other effects are mind-blowing phenomena and astonishing patterns that are the underpinning of everything, and yes, everything. If you're bored by it, you just don't get it.

But I'm not saying that in arrogance. I'm sure that if you know what's involved, if you can apply an analysis to the subject like you learn to do with any subject, you will hit the ground running, and everything will piece together for you. Once you know how everything works, everything makes sense, and chances are you'll be motivated into continuing the subject, and may develop a passion for it that you never thought you'd have. And you'll find that there's a lot of amazing things in these amazing subjects that you had no idea were feasible. So, if you think you can, go for it.

I rest my case.


No, way! They rock, though I hate the practicals... - HezarioSeth

I think I could use the argument of "If you're bored by it, you just don't get it." to you in case you find sports boring and pointless - keyson

Yep, that's right! - HezarioSeth

I agree. The point when I really started getting into math was the moment I graphed two linear equations and saw that the x and y coordinates of the point of intersection were the solutions of the equations. It kinda blew my mind. - PetSounds

Math may be boring but... I don't know what to say - JaysTop10List

I love Physics and Maths! They are kind of common sense subjects! They're much better than geography urghhh - visitor

I liked Geography, but it wasn't exactly my comfort zone. I loved Geophysics, though. - visitor

Geography is my senpai. - purpleyoshi98

Yea Geography is useless. - AlphaQ

I enjoy English more than Physics and Maths but I like them as well. In my opinion Maths is the best school subject because there is only one correct answer to get marks for. The method can be different but at least you aren't marked on opinion. Physics might not be the most entertaining but it is very interesting and can make something of normal, boring life to something more pleasent and enjoyable. - visitor

I love P and M. - visitor

They just don't know (or don't wanna know? ) those subjects! Maths rules! - Magnolia


Geez calm down, TheTopTens visitor - EpicJake

Visitor it's just a subject - GrapeJuiceK

Math gets boring at times. But I got an 102 on one of my math sheets. That includes extra credit. (Not trying to brag) - EpicJake

Math is my best subject. I haven't done Physics yet, but it sounds fun. - Pony

Knowing you, Pony, you certainly have the potential! And I say, go for it! - PositronWildhawk

I'm going to upset you positron my friend but I think math can be boring. Physics however, is fun! - visitor

Funny, that. With Physics being the mathematical science that it is, aptitude for physics should consist of an aptitude for mechanical, statistical and pure mathematics. - PositronWildhawk

I know but it's different. You do more fun things I'm physics. - visitor

I do like Physics and Math...they are both one of the most important subjects, along with Chemistry and English. But in my opinion, they get pretty boring at times... - visitor

Well,math is REALLY BORING,but I haven't used done physics yet,but my estimations guess that physics will be fun,but PE will still be a lot funner in my opinion - Nateawesomeness

Math and Physics are very important things to learn. I don't see why anybody thinks it's boring :/ - visitor

I like Physics because it can get quite fun in my class. I hate Math but it's nowhere as bad as History. - 51im_Ro55_2002

How to piss Positron off:
Sup bruh Rap is much better than Math. - AlphaQ