These are things that are pointless to learn in English:

1. Reading. Seriously? If you can't read you deserve to die

2. Poetry. You can be a singer or a poet if you are good at poetry. The chances of that happening are next to nothing.

3. Synonyms. Are you kidding me? Why is there more than one word for the same definition. The opposite is just as stupid.

4. "Big" words. They are the most pointless things to learn ever! Why? Just why? So you can sound smarter? You can't just use normal words? It's so DUMB!

5. Writing stories. I don't want to be an author when I grow up so why do we write stories? To amuse the teachers?

English is not pointless though. It is very important for communication and for a job. It is just SO BORING!

I used to love English in primary school, but that's only because we got to make our own stories, reviews, articles, etc. Then GCSE came... And pretty much the WHOLE COURSE was analysing stories from Shakespeare and 19th century authors, as well as receiving the horrible book that every student in England will get at some point: ANTHOLOGIES! Nothing exiting, useful or interesting in the slightest, all we do is analyse quotes! LUCKILY, creative writing is still part of the course (Something I like, but some may not like it), but we literally do about 0.5% of our English lessons doing it, the rest is literally analysing! There's no freedom to make your own stuff, just looking at other people's in an ancient type of our language! Terrible! Only physics surpasses this subject in awfulness, I would take maths over it ANY DAY.

I don't like reading for pleasure! Even if I did, what use would I have for analyzing plot, poetic meter, rhetorical elements, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! I actually enjoy things like math, where there is only one or two right answers, but as far as the "you can write infinitely many different answers, as long as you explain it correctly" category goes, no thank you.

Are you kidding me?! "please put personification, metaphors, similes, descriptive segments in your 1000 word essay, math is very interesting when you think about the number it involves

I understand learning to read is important... but having Shakespeare crammed down my throat every year... nobody needs that. Reading is boring... all the GOOD books get made into movies anyways. I hate English. - VADERtheIMPALER

Maybe I find it so unbearable because of my tedious teacher. Just imagine having 6 hours a week in which you overanalyze poems with the assumption that there is ALWAYS a deeper, hidden meaning. Sometimes it's just nice to decide that not everything is symbolical

I love English... But I take it as a foreign language... And it's not hard at all! And Shakespeare is hard in every language, but you have to learn about his work! And if you thing your official language is hard, I scared to ask you about foreign languages... Have you ever studied French grammar? It horrible!

I'm American and I find French grammar to be so easy! What country are you from?!

I ' hate English... It's not the teachers, it's the bloody work! You get stuff shoved in your ' face & you get told to do useless stuff you'd probably never even use in your lifetime!

English is the most useless subject after grade 5/6. I will not use novel studies in real life. AND I DO NOT CARE WHAT SOME DUDE WROTE OVER 500 YEARS AGO.

I've always hated this class. Honestly, I've liked and disliked most classes at the same time, but I ALWAYS hated English. I don't give a damn about literature, and in general everything I've done in this class is a complete waste of my time. - matty925

I feel as if it should be an option to take after 5th grade because by then you've pretty much learned what you need. I would be more useful if they taught us about resumes and speak to people without stuttering. It's just a dumb class.

Hate it so boring I constantly just sit in my English class stare into space and wait for the bell to ring

I'm good at it, but I don't have much interest in English, which lasts for like 2 hours - ethanmeinster

[Note: I live in Malaysia so I'm not sure how English subject is taught in other countries]

I honestly never understood why do we need to have an English subject up to college. I mean most of us speak English every day so I doubt anyone is ever bad in English (except for those who never spoke English in life but even then they're just the minority). Don't get me wrong here. I love the language but the subject itself is so boring. The only part I liked about this subject is essay writing. Considering how technology is a thing now compared to 50 years ago, anyone with half a brain should be able to speak fluently with 4 years of learning English. While I understand why the education ministry included literature components in the syllabus, I always thought of something to enjoy rather than to cram in my brain.

While my English isn't the best in the world, at least it's good enough to enable me to communicate with others. I keep getting above 80 marks (A) in an English exam ...more

Most of the stuff we do in Language, most of the stuff we do is either boring, stupid, or useless. Why do we have to write essays and why do we need thesis statements? In conclusion, This class is useless

12 years in school life and the only skills that will effect me is how to read and how to write and understand the language. THAT'S IT! We don't need to know how to analyse a poem or how to write an essay.

If there was 2 rooms, one of them is my English classroom and the other is an execution chamber and I had to go into one of them I would choose the execution chamber.

I hate this class so much it makes me want to just go to sleep in the classroom

Remembering loads of different poems, techniques etc and some don't have much imagination! So how can they do some of the activities included in it? - sryanbruen

Grammar to be more precise. It is the only subject that makes weep and cry.

How is analyzing poetry going to help in life. Math is way more useful than the rest.

I actually used to hate English, but then I started realising it's fun. However I would agree English Comprehension is boring! I love Creative writing

I have no problem in English. Because we need a fluent English! Why I you ate English subject if you hate it when others have bad English?! Human's logic! - GirlyAnimeLover

When it comes to creative writing stupid teachers actually deduct marks for whatever is good

I have fallen asleep in an English class before. That's how boring it is. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ