I like some stuff in math. I like Roman numerals adding and subtracting fractions (preferably same denominator.) I like to add and subtract and multiple. I like to deal with money. The 2 things I especially dislike in math are long division and greater than less than. I am finally good at greater than less than but I never understood it for years. Oh and long division I could do it 10 times and still have it wrong. It is very hard and there is a lot of steps. (5 or 6 depending on if you re check your work)

I agree and disagree... well it's a 50/50 for me I guess. Well the reason it's boring because sometimes you literally have to do in the middle of Math some basic facts that you have done at Prep or Grade 1. I mean it's good for you to practice but it's kind of boring. The reason I don't think Math is boring is because you can learn different skills and get you very smart. Your logic thinking grows and more! You can learn new stuff every grade you go. Very Exciting. That's why I'm giving this a 50/50. by the way I am in grade 2. :/.

So lets get this started, I'm the class clown in my class and one of the most popular in school, I find most my subjects fun (oh and by class clown I mean as the entertainer, the funniest guy in the class because I like to entertain people, and get named funniest guy in my year by a lot), but whenever I go through the door of my maths class, it just feels like everything fades inside me for 1 hour (that's how long the class is) its like torture, I can barely hold how boring it is

It's 2015, Like we can't pull out a phone and ask Siri what the answer to some algebra equation is. Sure we might need our times tables, percentages and the basics but I have never said this 'Okay so if D=Debt and E=Earnings D*E=8657' Algebra is just useless. Same with those different multiplication grids. It's seriously just not needed nowadays...

I don't understand the point of advanced/ secondary school maths. What's the point of learning the rotation of a triangle? All you need to know is how to work with money and times tables up to 12x12, at most. Sometimes, we get 10+ homework pieces for a test which literally has no affect on anything in the future. Elementary school maths was ok, but then came rotations of shapes, algebra and factorials. Literally no point to them at all. Who thought it was a good idea to mix up the alphabet with maths? It's the same story for rotating shapes. Who cares about what a shape looks like when it's rotated? Doesn't help that my teacher doesn't have a clue about what to do either, she/he genuinely just goes on her/his iPad and goes on bootsale apps, whilst making us work in silence. In short, secondary school maths is just horrendous, and a complete waste of time

Math can really be torture and having to endure it, honestly, I'd rather go face my worst fear. It's so difficult to understand and do their work, because it's so full of things that we'll never use. Lots of it just goes into our brains and comes out super quickly, because there's no point in keeping so many things that we'll never use inside. It's better to use the space for something useful.

If you think math is useless, then sure. Go ahead. Get a manufacturing/labor job in life and have fun. I want to know how to calculate interest rates. I want to be able to use math in my job. Most of all, I want to learn about the how the world works. I want to understand the relationships between things. Math teaches the core principles that the universe was built on.

In Kindergarten, math was FUN! I,m in 5th grade now, and math is the daydream version of a nightmare! You have to divide fractions, find reciprocals, and other crap that you won't even need 20 years later. Math is boring and sometimes useless. I feel a dread when I walk into the room. And I also hate it because I'm the prodigy at LANGUAGE ARTS, not math. I am the dummy at math and the worst in the class at it. I can't wait until summer comes so it will go off my mind.

Oh my gosh in math class I always have that thought in my head saying 'I don't care, allI care about is leaving this class'. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I hate math so much. It is so boring and we will NEVER use the majority of it. My mom forgot a lot of that crap and yet she's perfectly fine now.

I would rather drown in my own blood than stay in a math class for more than an hour.

If you understand it (because you are very clever) then its fun. But for me and lots of others that despise maths, its because we struggle to understand it and also because a lot of it we won't need later on in life. For example, do we need to know surds to buy shopping? Nope.

Context is key in math classes, if even just the concept of problem solving/critical thinking was introduced as the purpose for learning math and explicitly explained how it can accomplish or even help accomplish those goals math may be less boring and give an real-world purpose.

Math is just absolutely boring. I hate word problems, I hate equations. I hate algebra. I hate everything Math. If rulers exist, use it! In math class we learn how to measure, who does not know how to do that! And we learn Area and Perimeter, its not like I'm gonna use it!

What lol. Math is awesome, because I actually DO ANYTHING in it. Everyone here down voting math probably doesn't know how to find the circumference of a circle without a calculator. It's useful for many careers. And surprisingly, even Algebra has it's place. People here are too stupid to understand math, and even worse, too stupid to understand it's purpose.

I hate maths because of all the pointless things you learn such as algebra ( WORST AND MOST POINTLESS THING EVER), when you should be learning important things like money and percentages that you actually use in real life!

The only numbers I pay attention to is the clock, telling me I've still got 59 minutes of the hour left.

One of the most soul crushing, brain frying, heart wrenching subjects I've ever been forced to study. Let's just say I will NEVER be a mathematician.

When I enter math class I say, OW KILL ME NOW! HELP! Then on the last day of school, Which is math class... I DIE OF Boredom! Plus humans should be smart enough to put a chip in yo brain and you are a math genius! I HATE MATH! IT SUCKS!

Mathematics is the most hated because it is the hardest and most of us can't be doing with it when it is so blatantly irrelevant to our lives if we choose a career besides maths. At the moment, maths for me is just horribly hard brain training.

I feel a sense of guilt when I step into the math classroom, something just isn't right. Why do I need to learn angles and measuring, math is being boastful, like what are measuring tapes and calculators? If we need math, we do not need all these

I don't think Math is the most boring. The logic behind everything is super interesting, and can be implemented into life... and won't be boring and confusing if you PAY ATTENTION peoples! It's behind nearly every situation, and you never know when parabolas, the Pythagorean Theorem, and other stuff will come in handy in lets say, Science. You always need Math to find the probability of something occurring, the percentage of something in matter... etc. Math is definitely not the worst.

It just sucks BIG time. Most of times I feel like I'm studying something I'll never need in my life and the fact that I have to study it until some point in my life bothers me because it's just not worth it. Oh and the teacher makes it WORSE.

It's actually quite sad because, I remember when I was 9 and I used to love math. Because the addition and subtraction and simple fractions and decimals, but one you hit Year 5 / 4th Grade it becomes hard and boring

I agree math is difficult to understand my favorite subject in school is history I don't know I'm just really good at it but when it comes to math I pretty much suck at it I'm only good at geometry that's it.

I don't know why, but the thought of math just makes me feel horrible and bored. Especially when I'm in school and I know math is my next class. Even though math is easy for me, it just seems really boring.