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21 Biology

Nah, it's an interesting subject. I love studying about living creatures - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I love Biology! - GirlyAnimeLover

I like Biology. - DCfnaf

Biology is awesome! - MLPFan

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22 Public Speaking

It's especially a horrible course for children who are introverted, shy or actually have social phobias. I see no point in learning how to give a speech if I'm too shy to ever even put myself in the position in the real world.

Yeah, it's a good course, but after a while, you just stop caring about what the person has to say, if you even did to begin with. - Darrell

I agree tat I hate this. I am shy and introverted... I hate to be around people, and I could've gain Social Anxiety for this... - GirlyAnimeLover

Crap, I have it tomorrow - SoloPotato

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23 Politics

Snore...snore...I'm so sick of "TRUMP sucks HE IS RASIST" and "HILLARY SHULDVE WON". Politics suck. - DCfnaf


24 ELA

The only class I dislike in my new school. The first two days were good, but my teacher likes to round us up in these groups. For the record, I hate working in groups because I'm the shy, quiet type of person. And to make things worse, I prefer to be alone in my thoughts. So I tend to day dream about INTERESTING THINGS... So, I tend to think about questions a little harder. But, my teacher pulled a move that most teachers do occasionally, which I REALLY HATE. They asked me, specifically if I was doing my work. Remember how I said that I tend do to be quiet? Turns out, I have a quiet voice. That, my friends, is a recipe for disaster... I also get unintentional accidental additudes. So, they couldn't hear me after I said the same thing FIVE TIMES IN A ROW! That day, was the day that I learned, my eighth period is a living nightmare. Worst class. It replaced my other horrible class is used to have, which was speech and debate. Not only the worst class, but the worst elective I have. This ...more

I can relate to you so much with this. Group work is so pointless, and it's not for a person like me. And English class is when I do the most group work. - matty925

Its so boring nothing but work and reading boring books it happens in my school called Central Middle School. ITS LAME!

This subject brings me joy. I'm a writer. In fact, I'm OBSESSED with writing personal narratives and stories. - Untildawn8

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25 Statistics

Statistics is not proper maths. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. The game. You just lost the game. Come on computer!

It's just SO boring.

One of the better parts of math - MLPFan

26 Marketing
27 Business Studies

Horrendous. Spend so long filling in stupid budgets and damn balance sheets. And I have a slow, horrible teacher.

it is so boring...
As it contains more literature than english itself... - tayal5001

Why did I ever take this subject?

28 Civics

This subject is the most boring subject ever

29 Hindi

This is very boring subjects

Oh my god pagal

30 Sanskrit


Seems like there's allot of angry indians here (not trynna be racist, my best guess is that it's a subject there). - Wth

Very booring... And get cross over the head

Sanskrit subject is self too boring, it is then also made to be taught by extra-boring teachers. I dunno why we need Sanskrit? One 'great' thing is that most people all languages are born through Sanskrit, okay, good, but why do we need to learn this? Other languages are simplified.
And if I try to give my best, then the teacher kills me by giving me less marks X (

31 Language Arts

I don't like it because it wastes a lot of time, mine is 90 minutes long. So boring

Lucky we have language arts and ss FOR TWO HOURS! But the class is only kinda boring.

No. Language Arts is the greatest subject in my eyes. I love to write. If there is one thing I would make my school, it would be writing. I could write a ten page essay in a day. Sign me up! LA brings me so much joy. I will be an author one-day. No matter what stands in my way. 💘 - Untildawn8

32 Band

Who the heck put this on here1?!?

Chorus/ Choir is SO MUCH BETTER

33 Dance

It sucks because its not optional we're forced to do some homo dance

Believe me, the idea of prancing around like some ungraceful walrus trying to be a ballerina is NOT very appealing to me. - RaineSage

I need this class because I want to be a dancer. - GirlyAnimeLover

Who cares if we can dance? WHO?

34 Economics

It's just such a drag to do when you're doing an assignment and it has a dense amount of information which you may or may not apply in your assignments. Bloody waste of time

We just talk about why we shouldn't spend our money on crap basically : sometimes it's actually more sad than boring - Puppytart

This subject is the bane in my existence

I'm okay with government and all, but ask this: Who CARES about learning how economic systems are similar?

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35 Philosophy

It's just so annoying to study something that people thought thousands years ago. So many inventions... And so useless.

Um, I say the world is over-crowded we need to channel our inner peace and become one with nature. Bull!

Philosophy practically screams
"Be open minded! "
NOPE LOL. It actually screams
"Be open minded in this way, not that way, silly! "

why? - Ananya

36 Korean

I am from South Korea and this subject is boring. Sometimes they are fun because they read fun lectures. But most of time, they learn about stupid poetry and analyse things that you don't do in your real life.

Wait... you get to learn KOREAN at school? I want to learn Korean! - MLPFan

Korean is a language that gets taught in school?! o_o

37 German

I would love to learn German, French is horrible. in fact German is easier to learn than French

I would rather do maths then German and I hate maths

38 Latin

Actually, without Latin would we not have languages such as: Italian, French, Romania, Spanish and without Spanish itself then no different forms of it, of course, and what about the Mayo languages? Learning Latin at an early age can make it easier to understand a wide range of other languages. Do you guys even know why it became a frozen language? Other than that, or sort of at least: people such as myself, latintutorial and like most of his followers, Enya and her friend Roman, Andreas Nordin and MORE actually work with keeping it alive. Why? How would you feel if you woke up one day and your language got pretty much extinct? I understand the French and Icelandic ones on this. Also! Read Latin For Dummies.

Actually, Latin is supposedly a dead language until SOMEONE decided to make it show up again and now we have MODERN LATIN! Latin is supposed to be buried deep underground already! Why did it show up again?!

I love Latin, though... - RiverClanRocks


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39 Theater
40 Geography

Geography is the worst subject ever! I had to do two assignments that were exactly the same, and the assignment task didn't even make sense!

Geography is easy and fun because I can find the answers to the questions easily and I watched videos about documentaries and stories about a person. - art2400

Geography is stupid, you don't even learn anything!

Documentaries and Geography is fun! Well, only if it's about thing I didn't know and mindblowing... - GirlyAnimeLover

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