Most Boring Subjects in School


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41 Music Appreciation


42 Orchestra
43 Botany
44 Particle Physics
45 Earth Science

Too easy...

46 Filipino

Filipino sucks...

Filipino is like the translation of english it just confuses me like
Layon of blablbla

But the subject math still the WORSt

47 Ancient Greece

So boring and terrible. Not very fun.

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48 Technical Education
49 Cyrillic

Cyrillic isn't a language, it is a writing system. I taught myself the Cyrillic alphabet in 6th grade, and can write anything in it. - Kolobanov


50 Design and Technology

This is art! Why do you need to join this if you hate it! Do you know that the Vinci's painting worth a million?! - GirlyAnimeLover

Boring stuff always crafting and drawing

Oh so boring

51 Trigonometry

My old teacher sucked at explaining to us how the things in this worked. - Wth

It's for high school in my country. Yay. Can't wait (sarcasm) - MLPFan

what. - Catacorn

52 Sociology

So very dull and boring.

53 Information and Communications Technology

At my school we did it for a term for a choice of an elective and oh my god... I hate computers and technology in general but this was horrible. We had to make an animation and you had to draw your own characters and do all this ridiculous and extremely complicated programing! Drawing is supposed to be with a pen/pencil and paper, not a screen and mouse. I also ddon't see how this is goign to help me in the future seeing as I want to becoe an author. I know with this generation I'm going to need computer skills but I don't think it is necassary to learn how to make Frozen 3 for crying out loud!

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54 Modular Tech

Health is relevant because it teaches us about drugs, protected and unprotected sex, and it teaches us the danger of Aids.

We haven't even learned anything related to technology. This class sucks

55 Home Economics

Its boring but its necessary. You learn about things you need to do when you're older. Like cooking, jobs, sewing, laundry, etc. - Catacorn

I wish I had Home Ec at school because I don't receive any training for these stuff at home. My parents rather chose me to do well in school and develop my talents at various stuff, enroll me into various courses rather than teach me how to cook. Not that I'm against my parents but I just wished there was Home Ec at school as I hardly ever receive this kind of education at home - MLPFan

Eh. So-so.

56 Poetry

Why do they make us write poetry it is so boring and a kid in 4 th grade said to me I'm in. 6th grade they make us write with no I and then words and professionals use those words like 20 times what is up with school these days!


57 Chinese

Glad that my school doesn't have this subject because many Indonesian schools have Chinese (the Mandarin one) language as a n important subject to learn - MLPFan

Worst subject eveeerrr

58 Italian

I don't know

59 Typing
60 Geometry

The math I'm in right now that is painfully boring and uninteresting, not to mention USELESS. - DCfnaf

One of the better parts of math, along with statistics - MLPFan

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